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Why Are Thousands of People Disappearing From National Parks?

6 years, 3 months ago
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Thousands of unsolved missing person cases are occurring in National Parks and Forests in the US and around the world, and one researcher has been feverishly looking into the mystery. David Paulides, former law enforcement officer and current private investigator, has published four books detailing these disturbing disappearances, leaving others to speculate about the cause.

Thousands of Strange Missing Person Cases

Every year, thousands of people go missing. Many of these cases are solved, or at least the cause can be reasonably ascertained. Strangers kidnap kids for ransom or worse, estranged parents kidnap their own children from former spouses, and crimes lead to disappearances of a clearly criminal nature.

Then there are cases that are truly inexplicable, like the ones detailed in Paulides book Missing 411 and the three volumes published since. These cases differ in strange ways from other missing person cases. They are happening in remote areas of National Parks, monuments and forests, and federal agencies are not keeping track or sharing information.

Disturbing Similarities in Details of Cases

All of the cases that are meticulously documented in the books have happened in 52 clearly defined geographic clusters. The Rocky Mountains and Sierra Pacific range are two areas where cases are concentrated. Colorado, Michigan, Georgia and Arkansas are other hot spots. Other countries are also involved, with many cases documented in Canada and Europe.

High altitude locations, berry patches, swamps and boulder strewn landscapes are typical locations where people are going missing. Many of the victims are physically fit, well equipped with outdoor gear – and even hunting weapons – and are familiar with the area from which they disappear. A large number of cases involve people who vanish suddenly while hiking or camping with family and friends.

A large percentage of victims whose bodies are found are missing their shoes and socks, even though they went missing in cold weather where being shoeless could be a death sentence in itself. The shoes are seldom found. The majority of victims are male, mentally handicapped in some way or in the genius intellectual range.

Suicide forest 6

Bodies are also found at higher elevations than where they were last seen alive, defying explanation as to how they could have gotten to such an inaccessible place. In one case, a physician went hiking to a winter cabin with friends. They had all been there before and were in excellent physical condition and equipped with new snow gear.

The missing man vanished after going ahead on the trail a short distance and was then found two weeks later, miles away, hundreds of feet higher in elevation than when he was last seen, in a steep ravine with all his snow gear and emergency equipment and provisions unused and his shoes nowhere to be found.

In another case, a girl went on a horseback camping trip to a remote lake in Yosemite National Park with a large group of others, including her father. Shortly after arriving, the others watched as she walked a short distance away into a small patch of trees and then suddenly vanished. Search and rescue teams came in quickly to search for her, but even bloodhounds could not find a trace.

What Is Causing These Disappearances?

Paulides says he can rule out some causes. He believes it is not serial killers, and he carefully excludes any case that could have a simple explanation, like suicide or accidental drowning. Others are suggesting causes ranging from Bigfoot abductions to aliens to wild men living secretly in the forests, consuming human flesh.

Many people who have followed up on Paulides research suspect that a Bigfoot or similar cryptoid creature is abducting humans in the wilderness, perhaps as a food source. While the bodies that are recovered are not eaten or dismembered, the cause of death cannot usually be determined during an autopsy, leaving some wondering if these creatures live on fear itself.


Others think it is more likely that alien beings are involved, or that these unfortunate people are falling into some kind of time warp and entering another dimension. When the bodies of some of the disappeared are finally located, an astonishing number turn up in areas that have already been intensively searched for weeks before.

The Mystery Continues

Increasing numbers of private individuals and authors are taking an interest in these disturbing, vanishing person cases. Paulides and other retired law enforcement and search and rescue personnel have created a website where case reports, maps, and victims names are posted and regularly updated.

Even more disturbing than the many cases already documented is the fact that since publication of the Missing 411 book in 2012, there has been an increase in the numbers of these vanishing person cases. Some wonder if whoever or whatever is responsible for abducting these people is watching and responding as people get closer to solving the mystery.

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  • therailer

    This intrigues me to no end. I was so inspired and moved by the interview that Art did with Paulides, that I immediately wrote a song about it -thinking if I ever recorded it, it could bring some comfort to the victims’ loved ones.

    • Steve Widdicombe

      Are you serious? I’d like to hear that song. Put it on Youtube.I got the weird spooky monster took your baby blues, yeh, let me make you feel better baby yeeeeeh…..etc.

  • Jim Porter

    This is such a frightening phenomenon to me that I have asked my sons not to take their families into areas that are identified as areas where clusters of people have gone missing.

  • cult_of_skaro

    Vashta Nerada

  • zardac

    I think it is often easier to walk up than descend in untrammeled areas, plus I’d imagine some are seeking a better vantage point to orient themselves.

  • Mombasa69

    Some creepy scary stuff….

  • Andy Tunariu

    people dont ask the deep questions. such as why are national parks nature reserves? and almost always mountains. you must ask what is under the national parks, what is under those specific mountains..

    • Margaret Trasher

      That’s right! It’s probably the jew taking people for research – OR it’s not of this world – I think it’s the latter. But, if any “human” would jo this, it WOULD be the jew. THey are the SICKEST “people” of this world and there is no other entity who would do this to 2 year olds… The Queen (jew but uses a German name) – owns 1/6th of the land on this planet. 200,000 people go missing per year in the JU.S.A. – what does THAT tell you? These sickos are quoted as saying: “we won’t come up as long as you feed us!!!” Soooo, where do all the homeless go? Exactly. The cops are taking them @ gunpoint and letting the jew suck their blood – and I AM NOT ********** lying. FrankenSTEIN anyone??? The Bush’s are related to Dracula – that’s a fact. The JEW wants children’s blood – that’s why they allllllllll live past 90. (At least.) They probably live til they’re 800 like the people in the Bible. They replace their blood with young kids’ blood. Simple as that….. SOMEONE has to ask hardball questions. Even Paulides won’t go there! They are ALL scared to touch the question of it being of extraterrestrial nature!!! It’s one of 2 things. They are going UP. Or they are going down. Ask the jew. They would know.

  • Cindy Tootie Rickett

    I’ve been following David Paulides and his series of books for a while now. A very strange topic. I simply can not understand why our national news folks do not cover this more often. There is a cover-up most likely because for one thing, the state and national parks don’t want to lose all that yearly revenue by scaring people off. And if it turns out to be something “not of this world” well….the government has a long history of covering that up. I won’t even venture into the woods across the street anymore!

    • Edmund Burke

      Cindy, this stuff happens CONSTANTLY and is so timely. Look at what’s going on in the Grand Canyon National Park now and the body of Jackson Standefer being found. check out David Paulides 24 hrs of programs on YT. I have listened to almost ALL Paulides podcasts and interviews.Never read his books. Are they worth buying for more in depth?

      • Praque Forqsk

        Probably not. The radio shows are very detailed.

        • Andrew Kenesie

          this is spooky. I just stumbled upon it with the latest lady in the White Mountains vanishing. Can you please tell him how I can find the radio show?
          Thx. (I think…) 🙂

        • Patricia King Yatsyla

          I agree. The books get boring and the radio shows tell you more.

          • Steve

            Nonsense, not boring and very informative.

      • Margaret Trasher

        And, OMG – this old jew lady in the movie??? She is either a TOTALLY MORONIC jew-face or is worried about something else. She’s about 90 years old, ugly as a jew in a fake hollowhoax oven and has NO BALLS to admit that it is something NOT of this world. (It isn’t.) At night, there are things that humans and jew like herself are afraid to admit because of their lame ass jobs and such. All she does in the movie is per her dumb dog and she LITERALLY thinks it’s an ANIMAL taking these people!!!!!!!!! She doesn’t really believe that – she’s worried about her goddam PENSION. Makes me SICK for an older woman (if you can call a jew a woman) to LIE to the camera like that when they know DAMN WELL that it’s something humans can’t explain (unless it’s some jew company who has the tech but won’t admit it…) JPL or someone. Ewwwwwww she pissed me off in that movie. It is NOT a mountain lion. Google how many people died of “mountain lions” and then do DOGS and you will be shocked. Like THREE people died of mountain lion attacks in 100 years while like 50,000 people die of those f’ing mutt attacks.

  • Thomas Kop

    The answer is in the owls. The owls are not what they seem.

    • Liz Smissaert


    • Patricia King Yatsyla

      please explain, why owls?

      • Hollandoranje

        Watch Twin Peaks.

  • Jim

    I grew up in a rural area on the east coast back in the 1960s. An older family friend named John used to keep a bulldozer on our property. He was also fairly well off financially and traveled a lot. He visited a lot with my family and they had tea and talked for hours. He told us he spent a lot of time in the Rockies camping and hiking with his brother and nephews, and we had seem a few photos over the years (black and while and color shots). John told us one weekend his brother and nephews stayed at a friend’s cabin in a fairly remote part of the Rockies. Something started occasionally roaring and growing loudly in the woods at 11 PM on the second night they were there. They had no idea what it was, and the two kids wanted to leave. They though about leaving but it was a fair distance to walk to the truck they had parked down the hill from the cabin and worried about whatever it was attacking them. They did have a rifle and some shells and decided to stay the night. The growls and screams stopped before sunrise. John said they packed up and left. When they got to the truck they saw two large footprints in the dirt, but didn’t see anything else. Our friend said they never went back to that specific area again. John never mentioned Bigfoot or anything of that nature, but who knows?

  • faye dolan

    Ufo (demonic) and government venture. Many books are out there. There are bases all across the country, some under ground. People are hearing weird drilling at night and there seems to be no source for it. Underground. Something horrific is going on. Some whistle blowers claim that a deal was cut by our government in the 50s for alien technology in trade for some kidnappings of our people for use the aliens’ use of our bodily secretions to replace something they lack. Others say it is the secret government working for the elites ..who want to live forever and genetic manipulation is going on. Something really odd is going on at the North Pole and many politicians are going there…Newt Gingrich, John Kerry, many others. Think outside the box. The media, controlled, will never tell you. Think for yourself.

  • Ingeborg m

    What I find most chilling is the fact that even track-dogs used on many, many occasions fail to pick up any scent of the missing in country that has few people interfering.. I trust the noses of bloodhounds; they can even follow scent of persons abducted by car. What is the explanation by law enforcement when the last hiker by maybe 15 feet simply disappears without a sound and the tracking dogs find no scent! Basically we would have to say this is impossible, but too often that is just how people are gone never to be heard of again!