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Whistleblower Explains Mysterious Sounds Heard Across the World–and It’s More Disturbing Than Anything You Can Imagine

6 years, 7 months ago
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Starting in the second half of 2011 and accelerating into 2012, reports have flooded in from hundreds of cities around the world regarding the strange and powerful sounds and mysterious noises emanating from unknown sources. Varying from “midnight roars” and loud booms to industrial drones that seem to permeate the walls of the cities, these sounds have been reported by thousands of people and documented for all to hear. Perhaps the creepiest sound has been the oft-reported omnipresent trumpet horns played in eerie musical patterns.

Sounds made up, doesn’t it? But it’s actually one of the most empirically documented mysteries of the modern era. If this is the first you are hearing of it, buckle your seat belt because you’re in for a wild ride….

The Incomprehensible Scale and Frequency of the Mysterious Sounds

What’s most incredible has been the widespread nature of the sounds–they are heard simultaneously by thousands of people in completely different parts of the world in different time zones; the phenomenon’s geographic scale has encompassed up to 5 counties at once. In 2013, explosive bangs were heard in Buffalo, New York and London, England–cities separated by three thousand miles–at the same time, with thousands of people reporting to local police. Authorities in both locations confirmed that there were no jets in the area, no seismic activity, no fracking, etc–no explanation.

On March 16th, 2015, from North Carolina to New Jersey, a distance of 345 miles, roaring explosive sounds exactly 20 seconds in length were heard exactly two hours apart in sequential patterns.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you YouTube ‘mysterious sounds’ you can literally consume hours upon hours of different eye witness examples. The following are the ones we find to be most disturbing–keep reading after the last video, because we will propose the mind boggling possible explanation to this mysterious phenomenon.

The Terrifying Groaning Industrial Noise in the Sky Over Kiev, Ukraine

I’m sorry, but if that doesn’t give you chills from head to toe, you’re an alien. Is this a government operation of some kind, a sound check for Project Blue Beam, with trumpet sounds preparing for a false flag Rapture that will feature Archangel Gabriel from the Revelation?

Let’s move on to the next video, shall we?

Scraping Metallic Hum in Czech Republic

Seriously, what the hell is that? It sounds like the Earth is an industrial machine with some detached gears. Is a veil between dimensions and universes being lifted? Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves–perhaps it’s just HAARP related terrestrial black projects. In many cities, people have reported their dogs reacting to the noises before they started–could there be significance to this eerie detail?

Mysterious Non-Geologic Booms Right Before Earthquake in Colorado

This video has been corroborated by hundreds of witnesses. The creepy fact here is that these noises preceded an earthquake on the same day and yet geologists maintain there was absolutely no seismic activity prior to the earthquake when these booms were occurring. Should we consider government geoengineering projects as an explanation?

Creepiest Storm Sounds Ever in Finland

It might be a good idea to pack up the picnic and get out of the way of this thing. Perhaps now we should also consider weather modification technology in the mix here as well.

New York Prior to Hurricane Sandy

There were multiple reports of strange sounds in New York as Hurricane Sandy drew closer. Accusations of weather tampering and geoengineering conspiracies aside, perhaps this is gradual climate change playing mind games with the Earth’s storm fronts.

Possible Explanation from Government-Contracted Geologist Turned Whistleblower

So, is there a rational explanation to all these mysterious sounds heard across the world?

It turns out there may be, but the ramifications of it are more horrifying than any conspiracy or paranormal answer. According to a geologist who worked for the government, “Something is going on in the inner core of the Earth.” It has to do with the magnetic poles changing and involves minerals recycling in the mantle of the Earth. The sounds are being generated in the mantle as large static discharges of energy, pushed up through the Earth’s crust, broadcasting as infrasound through the ionosphere and then bouncing back at a lower frequency that we can hear and feel as vibrations.

The whistleblower says there has been a change in speed of mantle movement, which is affecting magnetic conductivity. Government scientists evidently don’t know if it’s long term or not but could involve a weakening and strengthening of magnetic field anomalies similar to the last major pole shift. Since the Earth is about a half million years overdue for a pole shift, this explanation is more disturbing than most people can fathom.

From what we know of studying sediment from 786,000 years ago, when the magnetic field that protects us breaks down, more solar radiation inundates the surface and can could cause instability in our ecosystems for thousands of years. It may cause major species die-offs, including humans.

And about that whistleblower? Yeah, well he evidently disappeared soon after making his disclosures to Linda Moulton Howe of EARTHFILES.

Even More Mind Blowing Explanation

While the trumpets and booms are probably not biblical in any kind of traditional religious sense–contrary to popular apocalyptic readings–could these sounds still be interpreted as a warning, signals from the universe itself and possibly other intelligences trying to wake up planet Earth and prepare us for the pole shift? Perhaps the 21st century will indeed be the experience of the apocalypse, but in many layers, a geophysical change that sets into motion magnetic field anomalies that go on for thousands of years. Perhaps other intelligences know how to use magnetic field shifts and want to use the energy from that polarity. Or maybe they are trying to help us. Or maybe this explanation is bogus and terrestrial government black ops are the cause. Whichever way your mind leans, we know that something very strange is going on that is not being reported on or acknowledged by mainstream news.

What do you think? Listen to a few more of these incredible mysterious sounds and tell us: are these the vibrations of a geomagnetic pole shift, the collateral audio of government black op projects, or something even more sinister….

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  • Government testing their new projects on the people.

    • Kira

      binaural beats, my head hurts after watching one of the videos.

  • andy deadhead

    if it’s pole shifts then it happened along time ago as well do you think that’s why the pyramids were built it has been proven that you get a magnetic fluctuation at the top of all of them around the world may be when they all were first built it was to stabilize the magnetic field around the earth and thus stop or stabilize the pole shifts?

  • Wm. Michael Mott
  • gilcarlson

    Get a better idea of why the aliens are here and how long they’ve
    been here and what their plans for humans are!

  • Ngl Pld

    perhaps it’s some unknown creature either here to help us or to destroy us. maybe it’s the creature’s time to wake up after from it’s deep sleep underground (the bad news is if it’s from hell (hope not). it’s like the situation in tinker bell and the wild beast(?)

  • NoUse4aName

    The author needs to get laid.

  • Brian Jeffs
  • Gil

    It’s Godzilla!!! lol!!!

  • Yode


  • Michael Alexander

    Anybody heard of HAARP? In Alaska? Google it please.

    • Liane Medwick

      exactly! notice that since the US gov’t claims to have closed down HAARP the sounds have stopped?

  • ScottW
  • Gillian McCombe

    Around 2 years ago I heard similar noises. I am from Paisley in Scotland which is next to Glasgow. It was around 1am in the morning and lasted hours. Until around 4am. It was eerie for me. I didn’t get a good video because it didn’t pick up the sound very well. I didn’t hear trumpets. It was like the industrial sounds.
    It was like the full sky was made of the sound. I am not sure if that will make sense to anyone reading this.
    Gillian x

    • You are not alone, many others have had this experience. There are many hoax’s and fakes on the internet, but these sounds are happening.

    • Jessica

      Same here. I heard sky noises approx 3 years ago, late at night but I was living in Glendale, CA at the time. The sounds could probably be mistaken by trumpets but not really. It was different but very loud. Till this day I wonder what it was.

    • mike

      Check 8:15 of this video. Remember to forget about the construction sounds like the trucks etc and listen for the humming type noise. Let me know.

    • mike

      Check 8:15 of this video. Remember to forget about the construction sounds like the trucks etc and listen for the humming type noise. Let me know. sorry forgot the link above. here

      • Stella

        I heard a very similar sound here in Orlando a few months ago.

    • Ryan

      Last night in Spokane, WA from 11PM to 6AM approx.

    • Your description makes perfect sense to me. I was trying just yesterday to articulate the sheer magnitude of the sounds when I heard them in Yorkshire in 2015. I don’t understand people happy to write this off as a normal phenomenon. If it’s normal, why did no-one hear it prior to a few years ago?

  • Glenda Badger

    Inner earth (hollow earth) is inhabited by other beings and dinosaurs -google admiral byrd

  • I’m from NC and I’ve heard the sounds myself, on more than one occasion. All my research leads me to believe that the anomalies are being generated by the Earth itself; not the Government, Aliens, etc. I believe we are in for a complete polar shift, something we know has happened multiple times in Earth’s history even if we don’t completely understand why. Changes in the magnetic field, and the hyperactivity of the Sun this last decade, are generating brilliant auroras further south each year, I believe this is an effect of that. I’m not a professional scientist so take this all with a grain of salt, all I can do is research history and put the information together and look for the most plausible explanation, I feel that an imminent polar shift is coming. Days, weeks, months, years, decades? I don’t know, the geological and galactic time scale is very different from our own perception of time, but I do believe it is coming and it has been jump-started by global climate change. Now that much of the sea based ice is out of the way, land based ice is melting and tunneling down through glaciers, forming moulins, and allowing the glaciers to begin to slide, with the warmer meltwater acting as a lubricant. The immense weight and volume of the ice sheets on Greenland, Antarctica, and the northern polar regions has caused an increase in the natural gyrations of the Earth. This, I believe, will eventually lead to a polar shift along with massive sea rise, unfortunately during a polar shift the magnetosphere protecting the Earth from solar and galactic radiation will be practically non-existent. Despite our best preparations this may lead to the loss of our orbital satellites and likely the International Space Station and Mir, causing them to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere, burn, and impact. I have no timetable or books to sell, this is just one man’s opinion from what he has researched, and quite frankly, I hope I am wrong.

    • FaceMaster420

      You are misinformed. There has been no “hyperactivity” in the sun the last decade. For at least the last 7 years the Sun has been quiet like Maunder Minimum quiet.

      • I thank you for that correction, I had been misinformed on solar activity. I do however maintain my position on a possible polar shift.

    • Dave Pitre

      I also believe the sounds are being generated by the Earth. I hope this isn’t a polar shift but if it is we might be in serious trouble.

      • SortingHat

        Shhhhhhhhhh Planet X.

    • MANA

      I believe you are very close to the mark …..but maybe its more like the slowing down of the central core of the earth (prior to the polar shift) which is overdue has weakened our magnetic field which has created an unstable planet with increased volcanic , earth quakes , tsunamis and the like and given the label global warming. … it is not the first time in history our planet has gotten hotter each year (on average) nor has there been only one ice age ….. our magnetic field is weaker and whales and birds whom use this for migration get lost/beached and lose their way …. The sun for memory has quiet solar flare activity before a year of increased activity ….Every 13yrs and every 5th lot 13yrs (65yr) is a biggie ….

    • David Huffman

      They were proven to be fake, look it up. The first one is even literally
      from the movie red state. It is a part in the movie where these people
      are playing a giant trumpet to fool a bunch of religious nuts that the
      trumpets are blaring for the apocalypse.

      • Liane Medwick

        well David…I live in Canada and I heard it first hand 1st year, loud and clear while on a day trip to the Rocky Mountains………

      • Monica Martin

        I live in Ottawa Canada and I just the shit outside right now. It is Wednesday May 25 at 3am. Scared the flying fuck outta me. I saw the videos years before and, like yourself, assumed it was probably a hoax. My own ears made a believer out of me. I don’t just make a call to the police in the middle of the night for the fun of it. I’m literally puking with fear because that is not a normal sound I’ve ever heard before. And I doubt the “earth shift” stories unless the earth shifts with perfect trumpet melodies at different intervals and times.

        • Samantha Levenson

          I’m actually starting to believe a polar shift is going to happen. Lately, tons of bees have been dying out. And in the article it does say that species will start dying and eventually, possibly humans dying out too. And i’m sure the bees dying isn’t a coincidence but a result of our climate changing and the earth getting ready for a global shift

          • SortingHat

            Here in the valley of Oregon we usually have meat bees being very annoying in the summertime which we had 2 years of constant heatwaves.

            (More like one giant heatwave that never really exits with large upward swings in temp anomalies)

            The bee’s have been very absent. In the spring we only had ONE lone meat bee all by himself and he wasn’t a threat. He just landed on our patio and looked kinda sick actually.

            He just stayed there not moving and we were doing our first BBQ of the year in April due to unusual warm weather. We thought for sure he was going to call his buddies.

          • Annette Williams

            No bees, mosquito and I saw only one butterfly this year… made manipulation.

        • SortingHat

          This could be why they are SO desperate for control of the web because they don’t want us to talk about the global polar shift without their narrative to lull people to sleep.

          • Annette Williams


          • ta2025

            who’s controlling the web? Its 2 years later and I have no problem looking this material up. If someone’s controlling, they are not doing a very good job.

      • DERP

        seriously, FAKE AS FUCK. THese sounds are actually taken from movies.

        • StardustLu

          DERP, I’m not sure I get your point, and I certainly wouldn’t put it this way. However, are you suggesting the sounds are real. Such as some organization (say, the goverment) playing these sounds really loud? Because if this is your take on it, I believe it is the correct take. Which means the sounds are real, but may be intended to mislead people into thinking they are caused by the earth. If this is your suggestion, I agree with you.

          • ta2025

            If you are correct then humans beings would not be able to be anywhere near the source of the sound. For it to be so loud over such a diverse area (worldwide), the source would require more energy than a nuke, which is very detectable.

        • ta2025

          Wrong Amswer

      • Ryan

        Bullshit. This exact same thing happened in Spokane, Washington last night. I heard it. A friend recorded it. Considering all you can find are these “tin foil wearing” websites are the only ones you can find when researching it’s no wonder most belive it isn’t real. I wouldn’t have until last night. EXACT same sounds as what was listed in the KIEV video above. All night. From 11PM to 6AM

      • Annette Williams

        No they are real……………

      • ta2025

        You are fake!

      • Coup

        Oh look some little twat who looks like Justin beiber figures it all out for us! Whew. Thank got for little twats!

    • searchfortruth

      I hope you’re wrong too, but that makes sense. Another theory I heard was a possible comet entering the atmosphere at super sonic speed. With a comet being mostly chunks of ice, we may not be able to see them, but can hear them entering as a boom. The tail of the comet could take months or even a couple of years to trail off, possibly leaving eerie sounds in its wake. Some scientists and historians believe this has happened before and explains any strange sightings in the skies throughout history. I’m not a scientist, but this made sense. Any thoughts?

      • ta2025

        night after night for 7 years now??

    • DERP

      you are full of shit, lying, and retarded.

      • ta2025

        Just as you are…

    • Mihael Barnjak

      And a third of the Stars, will fall down from Heaven, and the Sun and the Moon, will not give their Light.

    • Lee Ray Tincher

      The earth is doing now what has happened many, many times. At one time most of North America was covered by ice and probably before then it was a desert . Scientists do their best to explain what’s going on, but there again its an educated guess. The least change within our earths rotation can bring devastating changes in our atmosphere. We just had a loud unexplainable explosion sound in southern WV and everyone is grappling for an answer, but no one knows where it came from or what made it happen. Of course everyone has a theory.

  • Brian T. Johnston

    Work your way down through this and you will have a logical explanation:

  • Lisa B

    It’s just my opinion but we’ve been told about underground bases and tunnel systems that have been put into place so that when some major catastrophe hits…natural or man made, that the elite and wealthy have a place to go to get out of harms way while the rest of us must fend for ourselves. According to maps an entire tunnel system criss crosses the US, and if that’s true than reason would stand that it’s happening in other countries as well. If they are digging tunnels and bases you can be sure that a lot of noise would be made, especially the ones that sound industrial, it would also explain some of the earthquakes that have occurred in regions that normally don’t experience such things…or are they really earthquakes and not just a ruse…an easy cover up story for the vibrations that are felt They don’t want the public to know that they’re planning and preparing for themselves, otherwise the majority of the population would also demand safety from a cataclysmic disaster and they can’t have that…so they have left it up to us to figure out just what and where are these noises coming from…and we have a whole range of ideas that have been conveniently thrown out there.

  • Rob Ramcharan

    I’m not so sure about the apocalyptic explanations. The trumpets of the Revelation aren’t heard until after the giant sucking sound of all the saints being taken up to meet Jesus in the air. I seem to recall a story line in Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D back in the 1970s about the “Overkill Horn” that seems to fit.
    Probably just coincidence, though.

    • PithHelmut

      The prophesies are stories fed to the public to swallow and since mind creates our reality, believing the prophesies is feeding the beast and making them manifest. Now if we put our minds to getting off fossil fuels, we’d manifest that. Ever notice that the prophesies said nothing about television or the internet or anything good really? That’s a clue that the very devious people who designed money and a hierarchical system, are filling our minds with what they want to see manifest.

  • Scott J Bonadonna

    I dont discount DUMBs or things in the sky but these videos are hoax. The guy in Denver hears the sound but makes no comment of the “meteor” he films crashing in the background? In the one from Kiev not one person seen casually walking around is paying any attention to it. The one from the Czech, is a reverse note from a heavily distorted guitar amp. The storm in Finland is an overdub, the original does not have the sounds. The whistle in NYC was proven to be the wind from the unfinished Freedom Tower. We need to seek the truth, not propagate misinformation simply to validate what we want to believe is the truth. These hoax videos just muddy up the waters.

    • kat

      always a cynic somewhere…I live in CA and about (3) years ago my neighbors and I heard a loud sound in the sky that went on for at least 4 minutes…so I do believe these videos…just because you did not personally hear the noise does not make them a hoax..

      • David Huffman

        They were proven to be fake, look it up. The first one is even literally from the movie red state. It is a part in the movie where these people are playing a giant trumpet to fool a bunch of religious nuts that the trumpets are blaring for the apocalypse

        • Monica Martin

          You are so so wrong my friend. All due respect, I was you until it happened to me in my city Ottawa Canada on May 25 2016 at 3am and also earlier in the evening which I did not hear but my daughter who lives away from home called to ask if I was hearing it in my end of town because she was scared.

    • NYyankeeboi

      You right…I hate to break it ..but..

    • silent ninja

      What “meteor”? i see a snow covered rooftop being filmed from an angle, which makes it look like a comet or “meteor”… but i dont see anything like a crashing meteor at all…

    • Tina

      Yes and also a couple of them the music is on top of the video, not in it lol

      • Tina

        Or “sound” I should say

    • Monica Martin

      Scott , sorry to tell you this but you are wrong on this one. I too was skeptical at best……until it happened in my town of Ottawa Canada May 25 2016. I am 47 and have never heard anything like it in my life…..except maybe at a football game from those vevusela trumpet things. It came from the entire sky, not just some guy making some sounds in a field somewhere.

    • Ryan

      I would have said the same till I heard nearly the exact same sound last night in Spokane, Washington from 11PM to 6AM on 12/13/2016


    • Maddie Moss

      They get boring. If you hear them every day, or usually night here in SC, you’re not going to freak out every time you hear them. Besides, they’ve been happening for hundreds of years. Hardly a hoax. Seems dumb to say. Maybe some of these people don’t know what they’re doing and are making hoax videos. It definitely doesn’t change the fact that the sounds are effing real. So annoying.

  • Lapu-lapu Dagohoy

    THAT IS VERY SIMPLY to investigate by someone who has wide range of thinking like me. I let you know where that sound came from, ….here is my explanation,, if we are above clouds there is no other sound to be heard except the Engine Sound of the Craft where we are boarding.
    Therefore, that sounds were absolutely came from the clouds

  • Funkmaster5000

    That’s just Pink Floyd rehearsing in a warehouse down the street.

  • Rodney Johnson

    Noise comes the methane gun under the ocean floors leaking up or moving through old piping systems from the PGRE them playing with those new radar dishes casting out over the ocean playing with that Tesla shit, trying to play with the clouds, whats up also goes down into the oceans floor bed rock too late tho once that gun fired already too late. Like fission or fusion continuous motion of methane being release, greenhouse gases worst than CO2 moving up through the piping systems under ground causing fracturing. chile got a piece of that action boom see the cloud over chile afterwards USA too filling up full of the stuff going to blow the heartland right out of america leave a bigg ass hole Earth will go dark, end as we know it, why america is sink in the middle and buckling all over the place getting ripped apart from miles beneath them coming up from really ancient volcanic systems causing sink holes roads are seperating from bridges and train derailments things are moving from way down deep

  • Jeroenske

    Just very recently in the Netherlands, Gouda, 6 Jan 2016 07:45

  • Xogroroth

    Project Blue Beam?
    If you give something a name, please make it either original, or impressive.

    To me, it’s a frikken hoax.

    Oh, and we’ve had enough of imbeciles making up new conspiracy theories, and scaring the fuck out of the weakminded.
    Get a job, and FFS: grow up.

    Why notmake a new thing out of Nibiru?
    Haven’t had enough of those, really.

    • Xogroroth

      How about this one: alien micro-biological entities that communicate their next step into eradicating all earth life before they will terraform it for their brethren.
      Or: a huge subterranean dino having a frikken stomach issue.

  • agadofive.leti

    I’m not sure if there’s any connection, but something huge is supposed to happen in the next several months:

  • Antony

    Hi I’m Antony from Shropshire England I hear the sound most mornings it starts about 6:18 am it go’s on for about a hour I will really like to know what it is it wakes me up most mornings

  • David Huffman

    It’s odd how many of you guys are posting elaborate theories, when all you have to do is a little digging to find out that these are hoaxes. They were proven to be fake, look it up. The first one is even literally from the movie red state. It is a part in the movie where these people
    are playing a giant trumpet to fool a bunch of religious nuts that the
    trumpets are blaring for the apocalypse

    • silent ninja

      Right….. because allllllll of us are just hearing to a GIANT movie theater playing red state over a GIANT loudspeaker…. smh. Hmmmmm, not likely. So then, mister “debunk super genius”, please explain to me what me and thre of my friends heard a few years ago over the Puget Sound in the Pacific Ocean in Washington. Because that shit was not a freakin movie….

      • David Huffman

        As for the videos on this site, yes, they are all fake. What you hear in person is explainable if you just do a little digging like I said. I instantly found out tons of info that makes sense. I also live in the same area (I’m in Kent, WA) never heard of any sounds around here.. But we do live next to boat yards and train yards, the two most common things that cause weird sounds

        • silent ninja

          Everything is explanable, David. The question is about what the truth is. Until someone proves what it is, it could be anything. It may have been a train or a boat, though unlikely due to the volume ane tonal qualities of the sound. And as graduate student of the audio production program at the art institue of seattle, i know a bit about sound…. you said yoirself that we live by train and boatyards… im sure you are familiar with their sounds just as any other seattleite might be. I was with a few local friends, one of which actually works at the shipping yards, and that sound literally shook us all, and left us confused as to what could have made such an amazing noise. It was not the sound you would expect from anything around here. And ive live here my whole life and know the local noises quite well. These noises are real, nevermind the videos… experience and witnesses tell me all i need to know… that i heard something real and indescribable. ..

        • Monica Martin

          I beseech you to alter your opinion. I did not believe the videos either…..then it happened above my city and scared the living daylights out of me. It was like construction but also like the trumpets at a ball game. In 47 years I have never heard anything on earth make that sound before,

    • Ryan

      Nah. I would have said the same. Last night in Spokane, WA. If I hadn’t been there I would have said the same thing…

  • Henk Ert

    Also in Zoetermeer! (The Netherlands)

  • The Fool

    Few hours ago I was watching a doc on Discovery science about finding earth like planets. The lady was explaining also that each planet, star and sun has its own sound and that it can be recorded as well. So the ‘lab’stereo got turned on and I just stood there.
    Personally I haven’t heard it (yet?), but happens that last night I did actually looked up few clips on utube.
    The star and sun’s sounds are very very very similar to some of those recorded around the planet. One, sounds like a continuous voosh and the second one, like a slow metallic friction.
    Perhaps would be worth it for a witness to look into it?
    … … Interesting conundrum … ..

  • Bette Schultz

    I think it’s the earth screaming because we are killing her.

    • SortingHat

      More like the world governments are killing her with all their secret test projects.

      • MetaKnight964

        Take off that tinfoil hat.

    • MetaKnight964

      You might have mental problems.

  • Rix

    The sounds has been debunked as being the sound of a skatepark in the making… a bulldozer scraping the top layer cement causing a noise. It is then slowed down and voila… you fooled the world 😉

    • Monica Martin

      Construction around the world for four years. ummm okay. When you hear it, you will be a believer. I became one on May 25 2016 in Ottawa Canada at 3 am. It was very real and very terrifying.

  • War Tortoise

    Another explanation (seems legit) was they were tied to solar flares, and the bursts of energy waves traveling through the upper atmosphere was causing it through those same mechanisms, but I suppose it could also be Earthbound as well, though there is no “preparing for a shift”. It will be quite the disaster.

  • yLordy

    What a load of bollocks!
    It is the mating calls of the Haggii population, they can get very noisy if there are large congregations at the mating grounds. Around the world their calls vary to such a degree they are not recognised by one another. They have, throughout the millennia, chosen spots where their calls are amplified by the natural surroundings causing the calls to appear supernatural.

    • Monica Martin

      Wish it was. I heard it hear in Ottawa Canada on May 25 at 3am. I was stone cold sober and am not mental. It was like a metal crane toppling over or those trumpets you hear at the football game. It was other worldly..never heard anything like it in all my 47 years on this planet. I was with you for the last four years…I thought it was bollocks, or magnetic shifts or animals or the government or some kind of hoax. I don’t know what it is but the shit is real. And real scary.

      • yLordy

        Yup definitely Haggii

  • Rodii

    I remember this sound years ago somewhere in belgium

  • sick o’ dis godforsaken planet

    Here in Oregon, about 25 miles south of the city of Bend, there’s a widespread noise in my neighborhood, I haven’t fully investigated yet, but so far I know the sound covers an area of at least 100 homes & at least 5 square miles. It’s a low frequency stuccato / grinding noise, much like a noisy heat pump compressor or a noisy refrigerator compressor. It’s not loud enough to notice right away, but if there’s no traffic or you’re inside a house, you can hear it very clearly. It sometimes takes a day off, but usually runs 24/7. Sometimes it’s louder than other times. It’s a relatively rural area so there’s no factories / machine shops / etc nearby. It’s loud enough to be unable to sleep without earplugs or a fan on for white noise. Sometimes it sounds continuous, as if a truck is idling nearby, but most of the time it pulses on & off. It’s driving me crazy & very annoying. I just bought a house in this neighborhood and I want to move already. I’m being tortured in my own home. Whoever is responsible for this noise is surely going to burn in hell for a long time, as well as be tormented in hell by horrible noises too, because that’s what they deserve. This is a very evil planet with very wicked beings inflicting alot of suffering upon others. Disgusting stupid idiots that they are.

    • Michael Semiatin

      You are right, “someone” did this. It’s not natural, it’s not the Earth or space, and I agree they must be sick or evil people.

  • Nim

    Sounds like solar winds although in space the noise wouldn’t be audible, though you also wouldn’t expect solar winds to just bounce off the Earth.

  • mike

    I have a feeling that these are in fact construction in all these countries. Let me explain. I believe that all these countries including the U.S have been drilling tunnels under the Walmarts and creating underground cities and roads connecting all of them. How can all these Walmarts close and then many say its because of plumbing. No way they would close, and if work needed to be done they would do it when its closed at night or close for a couple days here and there. You know how much money they are losing? They dont care about share holders all of a sudden? They would have hid this from share holders if it was construction. I found this video that shows such tunneling and if this was occurring underground the noise would echo in the tunnels thus creating this trumpet sound. I found a video with this noise and if you go to 8:15 of the video and remember, the construction sounds of the trucks or other are not heard because they are too far from to hear. There are many reports of explosion sounds sometimes and booms very loud before the trumpet sounds. Listen carefully, you can hear its exactly the same type of sound all over youtube. I bet that the sounds heard are all from countries that have Walmarts which are 28 different countries. Even if there are some that are not they could still be drilling tunnels to connect to other countries underground. Heres the video at 8:15 you will hear it.

  • searchfortruth

    I have never heard the trumpet or industrial noises, but I did hear the ‘sonic’ boom. I live in S.W. Florida where there are virtually no earthquakes, but there is a Naval Base in Tampa about two hours away. The boom lasted for about 15 seconds (not normal for aircraft) and shook the whole house. All the neighbors came out and began looking around. I contacted the news, and they said that the base in Tampa was conducting exercises offshore, so it could be them, but no confirmation. I didn’t think anything more on it until I saw a story on the internet with thousands across the country hearing the same thing at the same time. I heard it on January 20, at around 12 pm. I am sure of the date and time because we had just returned from a doctor’s appointment, and I was reading the paper from the visit when I heard it. January 20 of 2016 seems to have been a very active day across the world.

  • Balloon Knot

    Walmart playing trumpets @8:30 8:30….trumpets

  • FiveZero Ytv

    That’s pretty creepy. I’ve recently found another couple of interesting and unexplained sounds here:

  • Michael Semiatin

    I’ve heard the the sound in 2014 Norfolk, VA. USA. Horrifying. So, first I thought it was the Earth’s inner core moving violently but it seemed unnatural and I began my research. In the examples you can hear an element of electrical reproduction like on a CD played on a stereo really loud (I’m a guitar player with a good ear). So, I ran into some YouTube videos about the phenomena and it all lead to a project in Alaska called HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This research facility was designed by NIT, Cambridge, and Carnegie Melon university students used by the US Air Force and Navy to study the affects of radio waves emitted into the ionosphere for some scientific use that’s damn near “top secret”. Rev. Michelle Hopkins Mann looks after this subject a lot and pointed out that a “waterphone megabass” instrument (used in horror film sound effects) was recorded and transmitted via a Tesla Tech Array on a satellite orbiting the Earth. First, I thought this was nuts, so I googled it all and found that the HAARP program uses high powered radio frequency transmitters… shot upwards into the ionosphere… HF (high frequency) band… 3.6 MW signal, 2.8-10MHz HF… generating very low frequency radio waves with low distortion levels (clearity @ high volume), powered by 5 – 2500 kilowatt generators driven by diesel locomotive engines (lot’s of power). 5.1 Gigawatts up to 97.1dBW max. output with low antenna gain exhibited.
    All that means they can play something EXTREMELY loud without distortion! I believe they use it for research, but someone with a lot of power used it to scare the crap out of the world. Perhaps to gain leverage in pushing towards the new world order? But, it’s definitely not natural, or from space, or Wal-Mart drilling holes, or the rapture. If in fact it was used for the purpose of reseach,
    why then would they choose scary sounds?

    • Michael Semiatin

      Maybe next time they could pick some U2 or Motley Crue instead of scaring the hell out of us!

    • ta2025

      HAARP has not been used by the Government since 2104. Its own by the University of Alaska now.

  • Commonsense

    We’re gonna die, Nature is our enemy now and we’re not gonna win, we get what we deserve for mistreating our mother

  • Number

    ocean flows under the mantle
    everything is connected

    Those sounds can come from caves with narrow holes on land when tectonic plates move or water streams and on…..

  • Pamela Beurman

    Sorry, I’m going to need more than an unnamed geologist who suddenly and conveniently disappears to convince me of anything.

  • DERP

    lol fake as fuck. Sorry suckers, this isn’t actually happening.

  • Mihael Barnjak

    You have been warned, it´s near 6000 Years, read your Bible. Ask YHWH for forgiveness, in his Christs Name. Turn from your evil Ways, they are hard Times coming. You don´t have to believe nothing, you also don´t have to believe that there are Stars on the Firmament, but they are there. It´s easy to believe, what you see with your Eyes, blessed is he ho believes, what he do not see. Gruss Mihael

    • ta2025

      Wrong Answer again

  • Carl

    If you consider how fast the earth rotates itself, who’s to say that the emence force gravity can’t keep the core locked/moving slower? being fluid, the outer most portion could rotate around faster than the center -creating friction, additional heat becoming trapped and ultimately stretching of the earths tectonic plates – resulting behavior almost that of the sun. These stretches and strains could be that noise, bouncing off the ionosphere. If that’s the case, our magnetic field could start dancing around/and or weakening.
    The unimaginable force of pressure would ultimately win against gravity eventually causing massive explosions, earth quakes, and super volcanoes. So another pressure released earth, ice age? All assumptions though, who’s to really know….

    • ta2025

      Gravity always wins….

  • SortingHat

    It’s called the end times folks. That’s why we are stuck with either Trump or Hillary as both are in on it and want to tear down the USA which is a thorn on the side of the globalists.

    The internet is almost a walled garden now with Google abandoning whatever it produces.

  • SortingHat

    What if UFO’s are part of earth’s magnetic activity making us think something is up there?

  • Gene Sky

    Water Phone , easy to find on youtube

  • Gr3yf0x

    Human, prey for the aurora lights don’t reach the south pole, well this would lead to your global warning to a scale that your skin, composed of 83.6% of water inside, will burn with the heatwaves provoked by your mother star…

  • Rosanna

    Hi, I have heard humming noises maybe once or coupletimes a year; most of the time at night; at some nights they could continue for about 2-4 hours;
    I would wake up and could not go to sleep any more; it was a scary experience; my grandmother told me it just the water humming from underneath, trying to come out; she could not answer why it’s trying to come out; but when I heard the humming I always knew another landslide, another small earthquake;
    I asked them what if one day our farmhouse end up in landslide; we had cracks around house
    The answer was that the house was build in stable ground on the stone 100 or so years ago; it is unlikely for house to end up in landslide but everything is possible
    I thought that most of the people will hear and know about humming;I was young, I could not wait to leave home and area altogether;
    One of the videos before the earthquake it was very similar to what I have heared

  • Ryan

    This happened in Spokane, Washington on 12/13/2016 from 11PM to 6AM.
    Friend recorded it.

  • bloochoo

    Im sorry to but this bubble….But these sounds are made by a waterphone…and have been debunked

    • ta2025

      Wrong Answer

  • Trisha Anderson

    I live in Salina, Kansas and we have had two loud booming sounds go off today. One was around 930 am and the other took place around 1130am. They sounded like a bombing range going off, but its been confirmed that no one is at the bombing range. also been disproved to be a sonic boom. it has been heard all over town, and even a couple of towns away as well. Very creepy and scary not knowing what is going on. Almost sounds like a house blowing up, or the town being bombed, but its not.

  • Margaret

    1:20am here in SoCal (HB)… the rumbling noise, in the sky, has been going on since midnight. It’s actually appears to be louder in my house than when I go outside. Sounds like a plane is hovering overhead. I can’t sleep for the noise. It vibrated my house when it first started!!

  • Outlaw

    Sign of the end times. I’m ready, Lord!

  • michael dropuljic

    “the powers of the heaven shall be shaken” Jesus said

  • michael dropuljic

    “the powers of the heavens shall be shaken” Jesus said

  • Jay Orion

    In 2015, I was living on low rise mountains and rolling hills in South Korea. I was with someone at the time, he heard it too, the sound was coming from under the ground, it wasn’t localized and it sounded deep, sometimes like huge machines, I mentioned to the person I was with,” it sounds like a city from under the ground.” The sounds weren’t simple sounds, they were complex sounds like different machinery working all at once, some of the sounds were deep, others were more metalic, like gears working. We heard these sounds in broad daylight more than once, I never really knew that other people from around the world have heard them as well. Let me tell you something, it sounded like it wasn’t natural, more like man-made or unatural in origin. Someone else was talking about magnetic fields reversing or whatever, I think it’s much simpler, there’s Someone behind these sounds and in my opinion its not a good thing.

  • Claudia Mendes Avila Mendonca

    Yesterday in the Azores islands at 4 am. Several times. An enormous thunder storm happened about 20 min later.

  • Janice Barket

    I also believe they are coming from the earth under us as it moves and changes. Not so sure it is all good since we cannot change it or have no control to stop changes.

  • The Hundredth Monkey

    The collapse of the “FIRMAMENT”. Armageddon is soon.

  • lgdsanderson

    Hearing low groaning metallic sounds in Norwalk Ohio right now….June 22, 2018 7PM….eerie….sounds like heavy metal objects being dragged across the ground…..they occur every 3 or 4 minutes…..never heard them prior to this…..birds do not seem disturbed by the sounds….I have bird feeders and the birds are calmly eating from the feeders…..very low frequency sound….lasting 4 or 5 seconds at a time….7:09PM …..another one just sounded…..birds did not move….there is no feeling from the frequency, just the sound… smell associated with the sounds….just low groans….not human sounding….more natural…..almost like a person dragging furniture across a wood floor, but much lower in frequency……trying to get some video sound….will post on youtube….

    • Fascinating account, fascinating phenomenon. I heard it a few years ago but it sounded more like a brass band tuning up. Huge waves of metallic scraping/grinding with multiple layers, like harmonies, coming from the sky. Please could you direct me to your YouTube video? Thanks.

      • lgdsanderson

        Sure….the sounds didn’t last long and I sat poised with camera ready to record what I heard…..still don’t have a clue what is was, and I have NOT heard those type sounds since…..give a listen….

        • Thank you. I don’t do FB so I can’t listen but I’m glad you’re sharing it, putting it out there. It’s the only way we’ll find out what it is. To those telling themselves this is all faked: that may be preferable for you but it’s nonsense. Doubtless some videos have been faked by fools but this *is* happening for real. In my lifetime, I’ve never heard anything remotely like it before or since.

  • John

    Absolute cobblers of an explanation, this is deliberate, the worst is the Hum comprised of very low frequency (or ‘VLF’, in the range of 3 kHz to 30 kHz and wavelengths from 10 to 100 kilometers) or extremely low frequency (or ‘ELF’, in the range of 3 to 30 Hz, and corresponding wavelengths from 100,000 to 10,000 kilometers) radio waves, which can penetrate buildings and travel over tremendous distances, and is nothing short of pure Evil !

  • Mind

    This was reported, way back in the 1st century BC, according to Plutarch, one of the most respected source historians from the 1st century AD. In ‘Life of Sulla’, he reports:

    ” But most important of all, out of a cloudless and clear air there rang out the voice of a trumpet, prolonging a shrill and dismal note, so that all were amazed and terrified at its loudness. The Tuscan wise men declared that the prodigy foretokened a change of conditions and the advent of a new age. For according to them there are eight ages in all, differing from one another in the lives and customs of men, and to each of these God has appointed a definite number of times and seasons, which is completed by the circuit of a great year. And whenever this circuit has run out, and another begins, some wonderful sign is sent from earth or heaven, so that it is at once clear to those who have studied such subjects and are versed in them, that men of other habits and modes of life have come into the world, who are either more or less of concern to the gods than their predecessors were. All things, they say, undergo great changes, as one again succeeds another, and especially the art of divination; at one period it rises in esteem and is successful in its predictions, because manifest and genuine signs are sent forth from the Deity; and again, in another age, it is in small repute, being off-hand, for the most part, and seeking to grasp the future by means of faint and blind senses. Such, at any rate, was the tale told by the wisest of the Tuscans, who were thought to know much more about it than the rest.”

  • GRGilmore

    Sitting in my smoking room, I heard a sound like a jet aircraft coming. The sound was like it was just outside my pouch. The sound went by faster than any missile I have ever known. Note: I was aboard the Mississippi that developed the Sparrow Missile, This sound was faster by 10 plus, no breaking of sound barrier, Sparrow did’t either. Ask NASA about it, no reply.

  • Lynn Sabbaghi

    I heard this noise over Sandwich in Kent a couple of weeks ago – it was in the evening and I kept going outside to see if it was aircraft of some sort. Others must surely have heard it too but nothing has appeared in the local press.

  • Russell Barton

    So the noise is coming from volcanos