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Weird and Tragic Stories of Lotto Winners

1 year, 1 month ago
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When you think of scooping that big lotto jackpot then you only imagine the good times rolling. From buying a luxury mansion to having a fleet of sports cars and numerous holidays each year, you will never think that it could be anything but amazing. For many lottery winners, the story is as standard as that with nothing beyond winning huge amounts of cash to arouse anyone’s curiosity. However, the stories behind some lottery wins are sometimes downright bizarre.

Donna Campbell – the shunned wife

In 2007, a news story broke in the Florida area that amazed everyone. Donna Campbell was married to husband Arnim Ramdass who worked as an airline mechanic. Over time, his behavior became erratic and she Googled him to check out his actions. Amazingly, Ramdass had won a share of a $10.2 million lottery jackpot as part of his works syndicate. He had never told his wife about it though and instead disappeared after the win before she could claim her share or divorce him!

Derek Ladner – lack of memory nets big win

Moving to the UK national lottery, we have the tale of Derek Ladner who was a normal 57-year-old man. What was special about him was how his poor memory actually scooped him twice the winnings! Ladner had put his usual numbers on the midweek lottery in 2007 and was amazed to find he had matched all 6 to win over £400,000. He had even more of a shock later when he realized he had actually brought two tickets with the same numbers that week which meant he had won again.

William ‘Bud’ Post – a cautionary tale for future winners

When it comes to the saddest lottery winner’s story, this is number one. Scooping over $16 million in 1988 on the Pennsylvania lottery, the win brought Bud nothing but misery. A former girlfriend tried to sue him for part of his winnings and one of his brother’s tried to have him killed to inherit the money.

This was on top of constant pestering for money from family members which eventually left him broke
and $1 million in debt.

Timothy O’Brien – a tragic mistake

In 1995, the national lottery in Britain had not been running for long. It was also the year that saw Timothy O’Brien kill himself over what he thought was a mistake that cost him millions. O’Brien had realized that his share of a five-week ticket had just run out the week before the numbers were drawn.

Thinking this meant he had just lost out on over £3 million in winnings, he shot himself in the head. The tragic thing was that O’Brien was wrong – only 4 of the 6 numbers that he needed had in fact
come up and his winnings would have been just short of £50.00 instead.

Billie Bob Harrell Jr – money trouble proved too much

In 1997, Texas resident Billie Bob Harrell Jr won an enormous $31 million on the lottery. To begin with, everything seemed fine with Harrell Jr buying the usual cars and houses. Before long though his spending had gotten way out of control. He had soon spent all the winnings and was flat broke. The stress this caused him led to him committing suicide. That just goes to show that you have to enjoy your winnings sensibly to get the best from them.

Although the above may be shocking stories, don’t let them put you off playing the lottery. You must remember that they are the exception and any lottery win can be positive as long as you are smart about it.

But what should future winners do to stay safe after a big win? Most previous winners will advise limiting the number of people who know about it and not to allow publicity. It is also wise to not go crazy with your spending habits. It is fine to enjoy the new money a little but try not to waste it all and end up with nothing. If you find you still want to play the lottery then why not choose a free lottery site, so you don’t spend any winnings? FreeLotto is a great choice and even gives you chance to give part of any winnings to charity – find out more about FreeLotto online today.

Lottery winners make for great stories. As the above shows, there is nothing like a lottery win to produce a great story. The ones we have looked at certainly show that anything is possible when money and people are involved. Many winners continue to live fabulous lives though and it can still be one of the most positive things that can happen to you.

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