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Was Stanley Kubrick Killed By The Illuminati?

8 years, 9 months ago
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One of the more outlandish conspiracy theories holds that Stanley Kubrick was killed by the Illuminati for revealing too much about the secret society in his final film Eyes Wide Shut. While the official cause of death was listed as cardiac arrest (certainly not shocking for a 70 year-old man), some conspiracists point to the preponderance of Illuminati symbolism in his films, his clean bill of health prior to dying, and the strange editorial takeover of the film before its release as evidence there was more going on here than meets the eye.

Believers of this theory, many of whom also believe that Kubrick was enlisted by the US government to produce the faked moon landings, view the prevalence of Illuminati symbols in his films as more than just the result of unconscious archetypes. There is anecdotal evidence that Kubrick himself was a part of the Illuminati, and was using his films as a vehicle for communication with outsiders, as a way to reveal the existence of a globalist synarchy. Indeed, many if not all of his films–including The Shining, 2001, and A Clockwork Orange–are full of Illuminati symbols, most notably the one eye symbol.
The Shining, Kubrick, and the Illuminati
The ubiquitous one eye symbol and the pyramid shape are often pointed to in popular culture as evidence that the world’s major celebrities are puppets of the Illuminati.
Lady Gaga Illuminati

But if Kubrick’s body of work is rife with Illuminati symbolism, his final film Eyes Wide Shut is the climax. Not only is this film about a mysterious, perhaps murderous, secret society, it is drenched in allusions to the New World Order cabal. Occult symbols like the pentagram can be found throughout the film, as well as multiple references to rainbows and looking glasses, which are notoriously used to evoke The Wizard of Oz and the cultural brainwashing of MKULTRA and other CIA operations.

In another anecdotal connection, the film’s costume store called the Rainbow is actually across the street from a Masonic lodge. The secret society in the film is often compared to the Masons, as they have both been associated with ritualized sex magic orgies in which human blood is sacrificed. This association is also frequently tied to Satanism and pedophilia, both of which are alluded to in the film. There is even a character named after the creator of the Church of Satan, Anton Sandor LaVey; and the Rainbow store owner’s underage daughter is depicted as a prostitute to rich men.
Eyes Wide Shut Illuminati
Eyes Wide Shut, the phrase itself, is a calling card among secret societies, meaning ‘my eyes are shut to your misdeeds, brother.’ This anonymity is required of the participants, otherwise the society’s moneyed elite would be revealed. For as one character in the film says, “If I told you their names I don’t think you’d sleep so well.”

Perhaps the most eyebrow-raising evidence for Kubrick being murdered by the Illuminati is the events surrounding his death. Kubrick had no history of heart disease in his family and was very healthy prior to his passing. More importantly, he died only days after submitting the first cut of the film to Warner Brothers. At this point, the film was commandeered by Warner Brothers and heavily edited. At the time, the editing was attributed to the need to mask out the hardcore sex shots in the orgy sequence. Yet edits to the film regarding sexuality were very minor. It’s hard to believe that so much energy would be invested into editing images that displayed sexual deviance no more lascivious than the vast majority of Hollywood films.

Is it possible that this scene and others originally contained images and/or dialogue that illuminated the New World Order in a way that was dangerous to their privacy? Was Kubrick trying to out the secret society, or at least toy with their heads?

Regardless, it is worth noting that Stanley Kubrick’s wife has gone on record at least once claiming she doesn’t believe Kubrick died from a heart attack. So perhaps it is no coincidence that Kubrick passed exactly 666 days before January 1, 2001 — the first day of the year in which his most famous film takes place.

Was Kubrick killed for attempting to blow the whistle on the Illuminati? We’ll probably never know for sure, just as we’ll never know the events surrounding the death of Bill Hicks…but that’s for another post.

The Illuminati symbol in pop culture…

kanye illuminati
beyonce illuminati
tom cruise illuminati
Bono illuminati
rihanna illuminati
tyra banks illuminati
justin bieber illuminati

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  • Geoff Cocks

    If you check Eyes Wide Shut carefully, Rainbow Fashions is actually right across the street from the Sonata Cafe. Bill keeps coming back to the same street over and over when he takes a taxi from the Cafe to the costume shop. This represents an obsession that takes the place of thought in Bill’s dreamlike odyssey through his day (and night).

  • …because they might KILL him??

    • Haha, you people arent the most intelligent community, if the Illuminati cared, YOU’D be dead by now. The whole point is that you’re supposed to know about them, thats how, you know, people influence things.

      • Jauffre

        realize that the truth community has grown quite. IF what they were claiming is true and they killed all that spread the information, that would cause more attention to go to the topic along with suspicion. The truth of the matter is, if you want something hidden, you just have to make sure it doesn’t go mainstream, or if it does, find any conclusion, real or conjured to ridicule it as fake. Like I said, this is under the condition that the information is true, which I can’t make a final decision on yet.

  • Killer

    If anyone is the moron mate, it’s you. Clueless mind controlled slave.

    • chaphoofd

      lol dude … that is exactly what went though my mind !!! i swear

      • Marla

        And so are you too.

    • Marla

      And you’re a pathetic old cunt, who believes this shit because you have no life. Sad.

  • Nix

    Roc A Fella

    Named after Rockefeller, the famous family who are suspected to be some of the most powerful, highest-ranking members of various secret societies.


    • factsmatter

      No it Isnt

  • zorbot

    Count the number of days from that of his death to 2001 and you receive a big clue

    • oyster

      i just shat kubricks.

    • Mario Hernandez

      What’s the answer too lazy to do math

      • eltiberon

        Seriously, it is 666.

        • Melquiades

          Moron. It’s 548. Died on march 7, 1999. That’s 548 days to Jan 1st, 2001.

          • eltiberon

            I will introduce you all to the calendar calculator site “https://planetcalc com/274/” . It is easy enough for even an ass like Melquiades to use. Calculate the number for yourself then post who the moron is.

          • Melquiades

            HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Honestly I had used another site to calculate it and it returned 548. But I was in my spa, smoking a bigass joint, and I don’t know waddafuck I entered. But I’ll own my mistake: I publicly apologize to the Internet as a whole and especially to eltiberon. You can burn me at the stake. You can pour burning oil on my dick. You can insult 666 times and more. GO AHEAD I DESERVE IT.

          • eltiberon

            Next time; “measure twice, insult once” .

          • John Arun

            Lol you’re getting 548 because your dumbass is switching the month and the date. In USA month comes first. Enter 3/7/1999 instead of 7/3/1999 you damn ape. God you are so stupid

          • Melquiades

            So John Arun, in his dementia, wasn’t content with my public apology filled with self-derision and hara-kiri. As a typical aggressive maniac found in so many of these boards, he felt compelled to bash and maim and spill more blood. John Arun likes blood. His virility, acquired from a direct line of troglodyte DNA, still compels him to use an axe when a gentle tap on the should would have sufficed. John Arun likes witnessing others fall and kicks them in the balls when that happens, before actually munching on those balls – he also likes the taste. It makes him squirt. That squirt, concentrated from years of frustration, is more potent and ejaculates more rapidly than what comes out of hordes of professionally gang-banged whores selling their performance on-screen to the cheapest bidder. John Arun’s violence is not contained to words. It’s a result of years of frustration posting on forums from his mum’s basement, on a 1995 CRT monitor, using a mouse made of wood that his ex-con father gave him when he last visited him, just before he committed suicide because John spit at his face when he was apologizing for years of elbow greasing John’s interiors with the help of his prison mates.

          • alainazzam more

  • Illuminati

    Ok. So that guy wanted to reveal about the illuminati so he used illuminati symbolism in his moves. As a result he was murdered. What if he was manipulated and was used? And what if it was part of the Illuminati plan. Where is the best place to hide? The answer is: the plain sight. If Kubrick was murdered by the illuminati due to his deliberate use of symbolism in his film, why is it in Hollywood and the music industry, lots of symoblism are still being used…? Are the actors or the film markers trying to warn us about the Illuminati..? I’m sure all films would be rewived before released to the public. And one a final note, maybe thats how the Illuminati works. If you believe in the Illuminati, then you hear of the alien invasions taking place. If we are to know about a ‘secret organisation’ then we are able to pereive that there is nothing for us to do/ or attempt to stop it.

  • goe

    Symbolism is harmless and secret society loves when they can put their shit in cartoons and movies, but Stanley exposed too much of their secret sex rituals. Symbolism is everywhere it can be, but he showed stuff that supposed to be hidden.

    • Melquiades

      He showed nothing. The film is artistic and beautiful. What a bunch of stupid conspiracy shitheads you all are.

      • Hitgrim

        artistic and beautiful sounds so vague

      • Laura Woodside

        You couldn’t be more wrong. Look whats coming out now. They are being exposed.

  • David Douglas

    Alex jones has film of the occultic rituals at bohemian grove in Northern California where the wealthy and connected politicians meet each summer sexual deviance, and celebration of their power and corruption. Planning sessions also occur there for continued world dominance and manipulation

    • factsmatter

      He is a frsud

      • jonbsails

        Fraud…or uh or …NAZI! yeah that’s it!…or KKK, like the rest of the Democrats who CREATED the KKK…or…or…. yeah FASCIST….and ….RACIST!!! Oh yeah!! all of us who disagree with you are …..well … anyway, Alex Jones may be a lot of things you don’t like. I myself, am no big fan. I even find his voice gets on my nerves….but the fact remains…he DID film the rituals of these weirdos at the Bohemian Grove. That death of Care thing made my skin crawl.

  • David Douglas

    The fed reserve was planned and formed on Jekyll island in the same secretive manner

  • Jeanie

    Don’t be an ostrich, that’s what they want.

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    • Laura Woodside

      Sick bastards

  • Pleiades

    Zionism does not equal Judaism and hello!? The Freemasons are all around the world for some 400 years.
    Even Hitler was inside the inner circle of dark occultism and following the Global Agenda according to what to do to the Jewish people Protocols of Zion and the creation of the State of Israel

    (of course they had to shrunk Jewish the population in a hurry in order to fit in Israel aferwards)
    That is the late 19th century up to now. (Perhaps this agenda extends further into history, perhaps even before the Egyptian civilization when underground caving was a trend because of natural catastrophes).
    But then again, this remains just as a grain of sand…

    • factsmatter

      protocols of zion were created by russia

  • Andy

    But we did go to the moon…Mythbusters proved it. http://mythbustersresults.com/nasa-moon-landing

  • Mj

    Cos they might, uhm, I dunno, KILL YOU

  • Mj

    Yes, JFK signed a bill into law weeks before he died that was to force the US military to share secrets with the Russian military because both nations almost sent NUKES towards each other for too high ufo activity around their nuclear silos. Both realized it wasn’t each other and had to work together to deal with the alien threat. They, the ones who are profiting from the technology of the Roswell ufo crash, don’t want this secret revealed.

    Reagan constantly mentioned aliens in his speeches and alien presense…they tried to kill him but he lived…so they drugged him into the dopey state he ended up in. Poor guy.

    Why do you think they want to kill Snowden, he has proof on his files of aliens in our government and military. Same with Gary Mckinnon, hacked the Pentagon and found proof of “non terrestrial” officers.
    World history is NOT what add been told.
    Truth is out there, journey well seekers.

    • The Ghost Diaries
    • Melquiades

      Are you seriously pitying Ronald Reagan, that goddamned mass-murderer who, besides his numerous criminal actions against entire freaking countries, happened to have destroyed the middle class with the whore-in-chief Thatcher through neo-liberalism? DUDE.

      • factsmatter


        • Melquiades

          Delusional muhahahahahaha. The USA lost in the International Court of Justice when sued by Nicaragua for killing 300,000 farmers through covert operations performed by the CIA while Reagan was president. Look it up, it’s documented. Awaken to reality. Inform yourself. Read. Learn. Smell the coffee. Stop picking your butt. It’s all free.

          • factsmatter

            they have no jurisdiction over ameica

          • Melquiades

            How is that a fucking argument you half-brained troglodyte? We don’t give a damn that the International Court of Justice is not respected by the USA. Of course they spit in it, as the terrorist nation they are. It doesn’t change the fact that they were found GUILTY by a court representing hundreds of nations. GUILTY of killing 300,000 farmers through covert CIA operations. Think about it – it’s free.

          • factsmatter

            do you know what jurisdiction means?????/ your stupidity is astounding… guilty without the USA representing themselves in a court.. sounds fair

          • Melquiades

            You fucking imbecile. The USA didn’t represent itself because it knows pretty damn well it’s GUILTY. You fucktwat, do you even care that 300K farmers were assassinated? Did you even lookup for one minute what happened there? NO you didn’t because you don’t give a shit that your country assassinates people by the hundreds of thousands just to coerce and control them to do as they dictate.

          • Melquiades

            And besides, the documents are all declassified. We didn’t need the International Court to indict the USA. Their own documents suffice and do a goddamned good job:


          • Melquiades


            “In a 16-point ruling on a complaint lodged by Nicaragua , the judges rejected American claims of collective self-defence and found the US guilty of breaches of international law and the 1956 treaty of friendship between the two countries.”

            “Three judges submitted dissenting opinions: Judge Oda (Japan), Judge Schwebel (US) and Sir Robert Jennings (Britain).”

            You FUCKTWAT, there was a US appointed judge in that decision.

            “The court argued that the two parties should negotiate on the level and type of reparations, but that if agreement could not be reached, the court would determine compensation at a later date.

            The US benches were empty when the court announced its decision. Among the Nicaraguan delegates was the Foreign Minister, Father Miguel d’Escoto, who said he hoped that the verdict would help the Americans to re-evaluate their position and stop defying the law and the court.

            Dutch legal experts argue that the decision is legally binding on the US, despite the American refusal to recognise the court’s jurisdiction. One said: ‘The USA has always recognised the ICJ. It should have changed its position earlier if it wanted to duck the court in this case.”

            So here you can learn that the US has always recognized the ICJ, up until it was fucking found guilty by its panel of judges.

            Cowards. Assassins. Liars. Great country of fucking state terrorists.

          • SeomenSnowlocke

            Blah blah blah. I can put a “terd” in quotes, and that does not make it accurate or true. It jsut makes it a “terd” in quotes. Your facts are not substantiated, and thus you are noise…

            Listen, Strident Sally, let me break it down for you:

            The USA is not full of cowards. It’s citizens fight its wars, and it has lost exactly one war in almost 250 years (those Vietnamese are tough sons of guns, man, I tell you). People always think our rich democracy will cave in, and then we proceed to put our boot you-know-where. If we were cowards, we wouldn’t be so prone to kicking *ss.

            We are not terrorists. Terrorists use irregular means of killing to strike fear in their political opponent’s general population to achieve political aims. The USA does not do that. Instead, the USA will stand up in front of you, state to state, nation to nation, toe to toe, and beat..your…nation…down…within an inch of its existence if it wants to tangle with us (unless you’re Vietnamese). Then a few of your people will be pissed that your nation got beaten oh so very very very very very very very badly in a pride-stripping humiliating, manhood-depriving way. A few of those folks will strike back in the only way they could possibly hope to do so, by attacking unarmed tourists, children, women, and old folks at public venues. They will then be labelled as terrorists because they will use irregular means of killing, etc. But it will be, as it has been, useless, ineffective, and eventually self-defeating.

            While you are stewing over your inability to defeat the US, we will continue living our lives without a care in the world, and have our best jobs report in 50 years…

          • christina aurea

            This post is pure cockweed and you sound like an imbecile. Your ignorance is not tempered by your patriotism.

          • christina aurea

            Melquiades ~ you are my spirit animal. Fucktwat has never really supported anyone’s point, but I appreciate your style. Stay well ~ Harmony Rock

          • Melkiades

            Agreed, but his insults ignited my vehemence. Not an excuse, I know. In the face of such ignominy on the part of the assassins and such ignorance (willful or not) in the part of this Oc Homer, my insult seems somewhat inoffensive. I always try to refrain from it, but then images of mountains of dead people haunt me, and when I think about it, I know that many must be yelling far worse insults, to this day, in an endless muted supplication for justice. Cheers.

          • SeomenSnowlocke

            Nobody indicts the USA, bro, unless we WANT to be indicted.

            Understand this….there is no nation on earth that can take the USA to task for ANYTHING. To do so would be the end or marginalization of that nation.

            All other nations are paper plates to us. Easily used, easily shredded and easily thrown away.

            At least, that is what our adversaries would tell you….

            But in reality:

            USA citizens contribute the most to private international disaster relief.

            USA citizens give more money to charity than anyone else in the world as a percentage of income, and in raw dollars.

            The USA provides the most international aid to other nations, but this is less than 10% of what private US citizens.

            You can hate us, fellow travelers on Spaceship Earth, but we will continue to help you out…because you need it, because we can, but most importantly, because that is the right thing to do…

          • factsmatter

            wow you far left radicalism blinds your rational thought…. when you go in front of a court, both sides need to give their side to be fair.. you fpos

          • SeomenSnowlocke

            Wow, you equated an obvious internet troll dumbass from another country to a fellow citizen who is “left” of you.

            No wonder the Russians are laughing at us…

          • Oc homer

            Debate like a man

          • SeomenSnowlocke

            What possible motive could anyone have to assasinate … farmers…Farmers?…Farmers, dude…

            I get governament officials, I get spies…but farmers? Whay would USS do that in Nicaragua? Nicaragua…like…Nicaragua…

            Isn’t that smaller than West Virginia? Why would we bother? Motive? Why would that happen? Why would the US, a country with 325,000,000, and the largest economy in the world by 40%…need anything bad to happen in Nicaragua, of all places? Where is that on the map?

            Oh…never mind. The U.S.A wouldn’t need that to happen, Mr. Ludicrous Jones, because Nicaragua is very very very small on the world stage…

            BTW- When I searched Google to look for 300,000 assasinated by America, it went… “WTF”.

            “Obvi, bro. Google’s owned by America. Total conspiracy, man…!”

            “Or I am too stoned to function, man! ‘Cause there’ s like 300,000 people somewhere, man….


            I’m so drunk….”

            C’mon, Lushy…..

          • SeomenSnowlocke

            The last time the US caused 300,000 deaths was its OWN citizen’s death when it helped the world fight off HITLER!

            Listen, Netfreak, if you can produce one document showing that the US was PROVEN to cause 300,000 deaths, I will give you something more than passing amusement. Until then, enjoy living under the umbrella of freedom that we provide, and enjoy the fact that every f-ing American will defend to the death your right to express your…unique perspective…

          • Janet Noll

            I looked couldn’t find anything about these so called deaths unless you are talking about Monsanto seeds? If so why is that on Reagan? Most of the research on this dreadful company came after Reagan.

          • SeomenSnowlocke

            Really. You know what happened when the US lost your unimportant case in a court that has no actual power?


          • Melkiades

            You’re a bunch of pathetic brainwashed subhuman farts. Even when presented with FACTS, a goddamned International Court of Justice ruling, you’re denying reality. Have you even tried to lookup the case and the story and how the CIA assassinated these innocent people through covert ops? Nah. That would mean risking the fragile construction you’ve built around your filthy patriotism, boasting like a primitive “We’re the best, we’re so good”. Have you even recognized ever that the Iraqi war was based on a disgusting lie, something any person with a IQ of 45+ knows and something most citizends around the world knew when you annihilated that country with your disgusting state terrorism, killing 1.5M innocent Iraqis in the process. You couldn’t even name one historical Iraqi figure. You couldn’t even place it on a goddamned map. At least the Barbarians knew where Rome was. Your coward army of pigs remote control the bombing of a nation. How many children and women do you need to murder before you start stabbing yourself, asking for redemption? And you use your invisible God to justify all these murders, showing that you’re just as extremist as the countries you attack. You’re far worse since Iraq didn’t do anything against the USA before you spent 30 years making sure it would go back to the stone age.

            Fuckoff, minuscule assemblage of erroneous DNA. The matter that was used to create you would be more useful in a dumpster. I’ve rarely read such cretinism. You’ve won the Internet Contest of the Year for the Most Inane Thread. Congratulations, dimwitted gamete chunky cum. Your mothers should have swallowed you that night in the alley.

            And I am American BTW, born and bred, vomit-inducing pestilence. Here’s a suggestion for today: do a hold-up in a hick’s gun store in your area. Take your F150, drive up there, yell “Y’all gonna gimme you guns and munitions mothafackas” and let me know how it turns out, ok? I’ll go pour a gallon or two of skunk piss on your tomb once it’s done.

          • Melkiades

            “Really. You know what happened when the US lost your unimportant case in a court that has no actual power?”

            You know what happened when 300,000 innocent Nicaraguans got killed by the US? Tragedies. Entire families destroyed. A nation devastated and amputated. Do you know what happened when Iraq was destroyed based on a fucking lie that YOU supported, you criminal fucker? The same thing. Children died. Women died. Scientists and people that wanted to live vanished. They had no Weapons of Mass Destruction. It was a lie that you still believe, proving that you’re an imbecile of the highest ranks.

            And your reply also shows how much of a psychopath you are, showing neglect for the loss of human life, for people that did NOTHING to you, you fucking lame excuse for a living turd.

      • Steven Strawn

        I want you to know I’m an American I did not know of this situation but we all dont feel or relate the other responses you recieved. There are so many good people in this country and i know thats hard to believe but its true . I do not support my goverment or their actions and we have no power or opinions that matter to them. Like hostages an evil has corrupted our country and the world. I know we are 2nd most evil country on earth right behind Israel as number 1. I do not support war or violence on any human as I am a man of God Jesus is our Lord and savior . I’m sorry for the evil my country does but I am powerless against them. Voting is rigged and does not matter. I try to wake my people up to the truth and evil and will never stop. That’s all I can do. But please my friend , don’t think we are all greedy insensitive heartless assassins. Most the citizens are good people with good hearts that follow Jesus and although some or a lot are eyes wide shut, that shouldn’t reflect there reputation or their hearts. I’m trying my best to wake them and tell and show Jesus is real . I pray for all I love everyone . May God in heaven bless you and everyone. All praise the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

        • Milan Avramovic

          Of course you’re good people, you just care about having enough petrol for your pickups and having enough money for upkeep and groceries and vacations, right? The fact that you enslave and suck blood from the rest of the world to achieve that doesn’t phase you, because you don’t know about it. Ignorance is bliss and all that.
          Enjoy it while you can, because every well dries up and then you’ll be butchering each other for food, petrol and water. When I think of it, it’s fitting.

          • Steven Strawn

            Enslave? Really? I enslave noone. I am the enslaved. Judge not, lest ye be judged. I wrk to be able to help others along w myself. I take no vacations. Guilty of driving a truck that uses petrol. Guilty of buying groceries to feed myself. Your blind hatred for others clouds your unqualified judgement. Seek Jesus friend.

          • SeomenSnowlocke

            You been watching too many movies, bro. You will be dead waiting for the apocalypse you fortell. And so will your great great grandchildren. Meanwhile, the USA will be chuging along without us, and your claims of rapine, murder, etc. will be long forgotten as unsubstatiated (as they should be).

        • SeomenSnowlocke

          Second most evil?

          You don’t like the administration?

          Neither do I!

          That’s why I cannot WAIT to vote in Nov.

      • SeomenSnowlocke

        Reagan was a stud.

        You… are a dud

        or plumb cra cra

      • christina aurea

        I don’t pity Reagan but also don’t disagree with the statement above regarding the threats on his life or his late life lag. There is more overlap to the Venn Diagrams humans bicker over than most are aware of. Presidents are the paltry public faces being pawned by circles of dictatorship both on and off world. Collaboration for survival over competition for resources is the only answer worth entertaining in my opinion. #letsgetpolitical Stay in the game or don’t, is my adage to most folk about most things. Aliens or not, we still have 8B beings (counted) to share a sphere with. Keep tearing down the curtains and kicking down the doors until human trafficking stops and animals aren’t in cages. I’m all for anything that leads us into full transparency and no boundaries.

    • factsmatter

      We are watching

    • SeomenSnowlocke

      This is the start of the most amusing…and stupid…discussion thread I ever saw online.

      Alieeeeens…holla back!

      Did you ever see “Bolt”

    • Koor Barakam


  • layton orient

    I know enough and I found out that what u know u keep to yourselves as it’s more complex and powerful so advice is stay out of this cos nobody knows and alleged means nothing so don’t get involved trust this ok good genuine advice and never talk of someone or something u don’t know bad karma

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    “conspiracy theory” there is no such thing, only searchers of the truth

    • Steven Strawn


  • Chris Houston

    No he was one of them.
    A creepy Jew who faked the moon landings, then made a video to expose it and blame it on Nixon.

    • John Khan Harrison

      he wanted to cast Woody Allen as the high priest
      the man in red

  • John Khan Harrison

    The cut scene as described by the firsthand source:

    The original cut of Eyes Wide shut contained a scene which was cut
    out prior to public release. The existence of this scene is only known
    among a select few people who signed strict secrecy contracts with
    Kubrick/Warner Bros. The length of this scene was approximately 22

    At 1:19:27 Cruise finds himself separated from the masked
    woman. He walks down a hallway distantly following a couple. He turns to
    see an empty room with a pentagram-like circle in the center. The
    reaction in his eyes can be seen in a close up. Acting as if he did not
    see the ceremonial room he continues to walk down the hallway which can
    be seen at 1:19:30.

    This scene would have been the climax of the entire movie

    • Dagfinn Klausen

      No likes, no replies. What a surprice…
      You present the facts.
      The majority doesn´t have a clue.

      • John Khan Harrison

        eyes wide shut toy store scene = madeline mccann

      • Captain Trashman

        Little by little they are catching on. Imagine if the Preachers had gotten more involved with exposing it All. Some still are clueless about Bohemein Grove and the annual worship of Molock, Moleck er whoever.

  • abc

    Stanley is director in Wag the Dog. Insider who was punished for exposing too much of the hidden reality. Evidence points to having faked some moon footage to hide what they were really doing on the moon (exploring ruins, gathering technology). Tried to expose the cover up through clues in his work. Eyes Wide Shut was the last straw for the powers that be.

    • factsmatter

      Moon landings were real

      • Koor Barakam

        Only an idiot says that (or the rich in the know with a smirk)

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  • Abigail Willard

    Where the hell is Left Eye Lopez in the evidence??

  • Baby Gigi

    the 666 thing is just soooo farfetched. there is no connection whatsoever.

  • From a certain point of view, it’s much more of a stretch to assert that Stanley Kubrick died of natural causes.

  • eht-%/%–eht

    Hollywood –is– INTEL.

    ALLLL directors and performers, certainly at this level, are SPOOKs working a project.

    Since RED CHINA set up and handover kicked off in 1950, that project here
    has been ‘Men are Pigs’.

    ‘Men are Pigs’ runs thru virtually ALL of Kubrick’s work – -even his early photography.




    — — –and BEHOLD !

  • eht-%

    KUBRICK was –clearly— linked to the bloodlines of USURY–INTEL.

    Even from the early work, Kubrick is on board with the ‘men are pigs’ project.

    And, even in the photography, we detect the tranny hive subtexting.

    The flicks are compulsive watching and engineered to be addictive.

    In 2019, we see them ALL as inside jokes and send ups.

    Even ‘SHINING’ is just showing us, in modernist allegory, how
    AMERICA and ENGLAND were infiltrated, subverted and inducted
    by –creation inverting– inter–generational USURY.

    Rob AGAR’s work comes about as close as any to outing the inside joke,


    And –further– also BE AWARE of the ‘under the radar’ – – FTM factor.

    Cannot be over–estimated within the structure of subversion and inversion.