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Was Roswell a Soviet Experiment Gone Wrong?

8 years, 11 months ago
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Area 51 UFOs used as a cover

Ever since the incidents at Roswell, New Mexico, Area 51 has gone by many names in popular culture – Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Watertown, Groom Lake – and has been a part of our collective consciousness for decades. It is a melting pot of conspiracy theories, science fiction fodder, and intense government secrecy. According to some investigators, this nebulous military base nestled in the Mojave Desert is home to the truth about UFOs and alien visitations, the belief that extraterrestrials have visited the Earth. Central to that belief is that aliens crashed in Roswell in 1947 and their ship and bodies were taken to Area 51 to be studied and reverse engineered.

There are also assertions that inside Area 51 the US government experiments with teleportation, time travel, weather control, and exotic energy weapons.

Roswell: What Was Recovered?

Now there’s a new assertion, made by journalist Annie Jacobsen in her book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, that Area 51 was actually home court for the space race with the Soviets. Jacobsen claims that according to her sources, some of whom worked at Area 51, the ‘alien’ bodies recovered from Roswell were actually 13 year-old Soviet pilots who had been the victims of eugenics experiments overseen by none other than Stalin himself. The ships they were flying, actually reconnaissance vessels, were deliberately designed to look like flying saucers, so that in the case of a crash a War of the Worlds-like hysteria would be unleashed in the United States, overloading our air defense systems.

Flying Saucers Circa Stalin

Elsewhere in the book, Jacobsen discusses Operation Plumbbob, which is the name given to a series of 29 atmospheric nuclear tests conducted in 1957. During these tests, the US military also experimented with the crash of a plutonium-loaded airplane–you know, just to see what would happen. Apparently, it’s not good.

Other experiments include:

-The conceptual development of a nuclear-powered space-based missile launch system just above the Earth’s atmosphere

-The Oxcart, a stealthy dirigible designed by the CIA to fly three times the speed of sound at 90,000 feet and used to run surveillance missions over the Soviet Union, Cuba and, later, North Vietnam and North Korea

Stalin and His Flying Saucer Propaganda

Jacobsen’s research culminates in some pretty intense speculation about the reason Area 51 is actually classified. According to her sources, a flying saucer did indeed crash in New Mexico in 1947 and the bodies recovered from it were child-sized aviators who had been made to look like aliens as the result of human experimentation. At this time, Stalin did not yet have nuclear weapons, so the thought is that he wanted to fight President Truman with black propaganda. It is speculated that Stalin was working with sinister scientist/war criminal Joseph Mengele, the ‘Angel of Death’, fresh off his departure from Nazi Germany.

Stalin human experimentation

Annie Jacobsen interviewed 74 people for her book. Thirty two of them actually lived and worked at Area 51.

UFO Conspiracy Used As A Cover–For what?

While it certainly ignites the imagination, as well as invoke deep sympathy for the Soviet children who were possibly the victims of human experimentation, what I’m left wondering from these assertions is what the US government learned from all this. Perhaps they gleaned a clever little trick from their Cold War nemesis, that UFOs, and the conspiracy theory hysteria that surround them, are a great cover for nefarious military projects, both foreign and domestic.

Check out the NPR interview with Annie Jacobsen, as well as the Democracy Now interview….

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  • ” We’ll probably never know the truth about Area 51, at least not in our lifteime. You know what? I’m fine with that.” I’m not fine with that, we are all the same, no one is more than you nor me, who gives the right to such agencies to keep the truth from us? We did, and until we leave it to them we will always be controlled, very small percentage of them compare to us. God bless us all. One day humanity will finally find that money is truly the evil of the earth, yet only few control the invented monetary wealth of our system. Eventually it will happen and they know the time is getting closer. Let’s hope we use these times for real change for humanity. Peace!

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      ya your right

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    That is federal stuff

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    I believe in aliens. The government is covering all this up. Contact me please.