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UFO Mysteries – the Legendary Marconi Systems Alien

6 years, 9 months ago
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One of the more mysterious UFO cases out there stems from the British defense contractor Marconi Systems, now known as BAE Systems. There is very little known about this case, which is one of the reasons we wanted to write about it. Technically, this is more of an alien sighting than a UFO case, but it falls within the purview of our investigation.

Marconi Systems made the headlines in the 1980s as being one of the major players in the Star Wars military project (United States Strategic Defense Initiative). The company also made tabloid news over the course of many years when no less than 25 of their high ranking scientists either committed suicide or died in extremely violent and mysterious circumstances. The families of several of these ‘accidents’ maintain to this day that foul play was involved. One such accident involved a Marconi employee tying a nylon rope around his neck, attaching it to a tree and then driving off quickly so that he was decapitated. You can find the full list of these deaths online, some with more detail than others.

Marconi Systems UFO

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It bears repeating that during the 1980s Marconi Systems was one of the premiere defense contracting firms in the world and was working on Top Secret military projects. Highly, highly classified documents were inside the building. Our case supposedly involves a security guard–we don’t know his name, again details are scarce–who in 1976 worked the night duty shift. Some accounts claim he had his German Shepard security dog with him.

In any event, the story goes (recounted by Hilary Porter who actually worked there in the 70s) that the security guard saw a blueish light emanating from under the door of a classified documents office. Upon entering the room, the security guard observed a humanoid alien perched over a drawer of files wearing a headlight type of device. The security guard told friends that the alien waved his hand and disappeared into a cloud of light.

Afterwards, the man was understandably freaked out and ran to tell the other security guards on duty. These are the men who are supposedly the source of our only information, as the next day the security guard in question was taken away by military psychiatrists. We can’t find anything about this man online, nor anything about the other security guards to whom he reported his story and who supposedly never saw him again after the psychiatrists took him away.

marconi systems

This story could very well be an extravagant urban legend arising out of a highly controversial defense company. At the very least, it underscores the need for a proper investigation of the deaths that occurred in the 80s. But perhaps there is something more to the incredible string of suicides and deaths. Hilary Porter, who worked at Marconi, claims she overheard one of the Director’s conversations in which he said, “If these beings can come and go in an establishment like this, with all of the security we have, what the hell can we do?”

This post is more of a plea for information. Does anyone out there have more info related to the security guard who supposedly saw the alien? Keep your ear to the ground. This is a relatively old case but, considering the bizarre circumstances of the company, worth exploring….

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