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UFO and ET Disclosure at Burning Man 2013

8 years, 4 months ago
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The theme of Burning Man this year was Cargo Cult, which encompasses a variety of millennial beliefs, including the ritualistic ‘myth-dreams’ of John Frum, the synthesis of commercial value with colonization, and, yes, UFOlogy. We were as surprised as anyone to discover that the cargo cult metaphor involves a kind of underground First Contact ethos when it comes to the idea of extraterrestrials. Indeed, this year’s Black Rock City metropolis showcased its titular Man atop a giant flying saucer.

There were numerous other alien and UFO inspired art projects, supporting the general idea that the entire human race is a cargo cult.

UFO Burning Man

What surprised us most this year was emerging from the flaming hot playa to discover a curious bounded document inside Center Camp. The cover read: 2013 Burning Nerds Edition of The Proceedings of the Citizen Hearing on UFO/ET Disclosure. The document contained the transcript of a hearing that took place from April 29th to May 3rd of 2013 regarding UFO disclosure.

During this hearing, six former members of US Congress listened to the testimony of 40 military, scientific, and governmental UFO witnesses. Representing 10 nations, they are considered to be some of the most credible witnesses to ever testify in public about UFOs and ET.

citizens ufo hearing

Though we missed Dr. Joseph G. Buchman (author of the transcript) and his Census Lab and Burning Nerds Spark Talks, we are here to relay to you the provocative statements and theories issued during this hearing.

“[Roswell] would scare the heck out of [aliens] because we are such a primitive society”

-Stanton Friedman

The Roswell case remains a focus of UFOlogists because during the late 40s it contained three things that would likely alarm an alien species: atomic weapons, powerful rockets, and powerful radar.

“Artificial intelligence is an extremely valid hypothesis”

-Richard Dolan

Because of the distances involved in intersolar travel, UFOs of an extraterrestrial nature would almost certainly be Artificial Intelligence.

“Secrecy becomes profitable”

-Richard Dolan

UFO disclosure and technology has been largely removed from government channels and monetized in the private sector.

“Nationalism is the only game in town”

-Stanton Friedman

UFO coverups result from nationalist governments fearing the global allegiance that would occur from the revelation of alien intelligence.

“They can literally bend space and time and move point to point in the Universe”

-Moulton Howe

According to Howe, a physicist working on ring lasers at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base said he had first hand knowledge of incomprehensibly advanced alien technologies.

“There is a 95 percent probability that there are from two to ten highly technologically developed ET civilizations within our own galaxy”

-Daniel Sheehan

According to a Congressional Research Service report commissioned by President Jimmy Carter, it will become clear during our lifetime that there are multiple alien empires occupying the Milky Way galaxy alone.

“[Humans] are not in a harmonious, balanced relationship with the rest of reality”

-Daniel Sheehan

The human race, or at least many human cultures, are closed off from knowledge of other dimensions and vibrational frequencies because of our individuated nature. Our scientific knowledge of quantum physics should now allow us to understand what the Native American cultures of the past understood with regard to UFOs and the existence of other realities.

“The day before 9-11 then Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld stated that there’s 2.3 trillion dollars unaccounted for in the Department of Defense budget”

-Steven M. Greer

This money was supposedly spent on a top secret ‘special access project’. There is no paper trail whatsoever and the people who were involved were ordered not to speak of it under threat of death.

“[Laurance S. Rockefeller invested millions into] his UFO, paranormal, new-age, and consciousness-oriented interests”

-Antonio Huneeus

Both Rockefeller and Bill Clinton were extremely interested in UFOs. In fact, Cameron states that most of the Clinton administration believed there was an alien recovered at Roswell. Clinton was also very interested in who killed JFK, and delegated people to research the answer.

“[Alien intelligence] in the human abduction syndrome appears to be 100 percent telepathic”

-Moulton Howe

Aliens may be able to manipulate reality–placing impressions within the human mind as well 3-dimensional holograms.

“It turns out thought is the best way to travel”

– Steven M. Greer

ET communicates and travels through the vastness of space using thought-actuated events called “Technology-Assisted Consciousness and Thought”. It is part of a new physics that allows teleportation across vast distances.

More coming on the odd presence of UFO and ET iconography at this year’s Burning Man…

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  • Joe Buchman

    I love that you found my gift. That was an early draft transcript of only the first day, however. For more info, contact me by email