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Top Unanswered Questions From The Walking Dead

7 years, 3 months ago
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Full disclosure: The Ghost Diaries is not familiar with The Walking Dead comic series. But we are voracious lovers of the TV series. Now that Season 3 has concluded, it’s time for us to seek some answers. We’ve compiled a working list of the biggest unanswered questions from The Walking Dead TV series and even spent a creepy night making a list of our favorite scenes. We know there are more…

Please help us. God help us all!

How many zombies are there?

Since this is a fictional world, there’s no truth to this except what the authors tell us. To our knowledge an official number is not in circulation, but rumors have put the population of walkers inhabiting the Earth at anywhere from a million to one to 5 million to one. You’d have to imagine there are an awful lot of them to have overwhelmed all national governments and local law enforcement agencies.
the walking dead swarm of zombies

Is there any government anywhere in the world?

It’s hard to believe that there’s not some sort of small armed faction or military junta more expansive than Woodbury somewhere in the world. But where? China? In the 28 Days Later zombie world there is some semblance–however incompetent–of a military order fighting back. Will our Walking Dead protagonists be so lucky (or unlucky)!

Where did the Governor go?

The Governor’s true colors have been known for a while, but after abruptly mowing down a dozen or more of his own people in the season finale it’s pretty well established that the Governor is batshit crazy. The question now is: where did he abscond to with his second and third in command? Since it’s been confirmed he will be a regular in Season 4, one has to imagine he will come back for Rick and the prison gang with a mighty vengeance.

One Ghost Diary writer speculates that Rick’s discontented and soon-to-be pubescent son Carl will run away and end up being manipulated by the Governor and turned (no pun intended) against his father. How about that for speculation!
The Walking Dead the Governor

What does ‘clear’ mean?

Upon the discovery of Morgan, we learned of the tragic demise of his son. Morgan, now completely untethered from sanity, rambles on and on about ‘going clear’. Despite sounding ominously close to a Scientology concept, we have no idea what ‘going clear’ means. Is it his way of referring to dying and turning?

The actor who plays Morgan, Lennie James, interprets it as ‘clearing’ all the zombies away: that doing so is Morgan’s only remaining mission. But since when we last left the Morgan character he was still alive, perhaps we have not seen the last of him, and maybe there’s more to the word ‘clear’ than he thinks. Perhaps it even has something to do with a way to die that will not result in turning…mere angst-ridden speculation.
the walking dead going clear

What’s up with the pet walkers?

Yes, the de-jawed/armless walkers being led around the neighborhood like pit bulls on Xanax…why do they not turn around and attack the person at the other of the leash? Moreover, why does their mere presence block the smell of humans from wafting out and attracting more walkers?

And speaking of pets, can animals turn? Imagine a cool Pet Sematery episode in Season 4.

How much body has to remain for a corpse to reanimate?

This is somewhat of a trivial question, but it seems like there should be some cohesive logic to the process of turning. Again, since death is the catalyst that activates the latent virus–whether from bite or after a natural death–is there any way to calculate when or if a corpse will turn? We know that a head alone can turn–is that all that is required, a head-full of dead brain?
the walking dead zombie reanimation

How easy is it for the disease to spread through fluids?

This is an ongoing question that is relevant with all zombie narratives. The living fear the evil bite of the undead, but at the same time they flip around with open cuts stabbing them in the eye and splattering their guts everywhere, completely unworried about the risk of infection. All it would take is one drop of zombie juice getting into a paper cut, right?

Or is there something about the saliva that makes the bite the primary method of transmission. Either way, at some point it would be nice if anyone could explain why no character in any zombie ever seems worried about running around slaughtering zombies with open cuts.

Or you could just not worry about it and slaughter the hell out of every zombie you see, as depicted in the video below, which artfully compiles every zombie kill from the entire series!

Sub-question: If everyone is infected, is it possible to turn while still alive? This is an elusive, creepy theory that they touched upon with a feather when Milton began to die in the finale. His final words were “You need to hurry” and his voice shifted into an almost zombie cadence for a moment.

Sub-question B: Death triggers the virus to reactivate portions of the brain…what is it about death that does this?? An almost existential concept!

how do walkers keep eating?

Unless they poop or have some kind of digestive system, their incessant corpse-munching seems like it should result in some rather bloated zombie bellies. That is, unless all that walking keeps up a good caloric burn.
the walking dead zombie ate lori

What caused the virus?

This is the big one and there’s probably no answer, even a fictional one. Metrics have been worked out regarding how long the zombie virus has roamed the Earth (most place it at around 2+ years once Wildfire is calculated in), but we still don’t know if there was a Patient Zero. While, again, we admit to having no knowledge of the comic series we find it unlikely that a cause will ever be described in the TV series. After all, it’s hard to trace the origin of real diseases, much less a global zombie flu.
the walking dead

Is there any hope of a cure?

At some point, the show will have to broach this question again. It seemed Dr. Jenner was on to something at the CDC before his samples were destroyed. It will be interesting to see what new scientist characters pop up who have grand ideas on how to create an antidote. And even if there were an antidote, would it cure only the living of their latent turn, or, conversely, would it keep the rabid symptoms of zombieism at bay while leaving humans forever doomed to turn?
The Walking Dead the zombie cure

The Walking Dead unanswered questions list is sure to grow….happy hunting!

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  • lotus

    i too keep thinking about “going clear”
    especially after finding the 2013 book “Going Clear” an expose on Scientology
    and looking up “clear” in Scientology terms… interesting!!

  • Alfred McWilliams Sr.

    Will the zombies or walking dead ever show signs of evolving or learning??