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Top Conspiracy Theories of 2013

6 years, 9 months ago
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At the start, let us say that the Ghost Diaries neither believes nor disbelieves any of these theories. Some of them are pretty outlandish. Others feel slightly more plausible. We are reporting them, not endorsing them.

Some people take offense at conspiracy theories, especially ones pertaining to tragic events. Certainly, there are offensive, repulsive ways in which some people present their arguments. But the mere proposition of a conspiracy should not be viewed as offensive. Skeptics should not be mistaken in believing that conspiracy theorists are necessarily trying to trivialize human suffering or the loss of life. Such a belief would be…silly.

Tragic events create strong emotions, but it’s important to remember that asking questions and being suspicious of mainstream narratives are healthy byproducts of a functioning citizenry. In the same way that questioning the government shouldn’t be viewed as unpatriotic, questioning the official ‘version’ of an event shouldn’t be viewed as condoning the act or disparaging the victims.

Just remember: conspiracy theories and false flags have turned out to be true years, even decades after the fact…and this will continue to be the case in the future. Also, as always, do your own research–don’t just take someone else’s word for it.

Phew! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get right into it…the top conspiracy theories of 2013:

The Death of Michael Hastings

On June 18th, 2013, intrepid investigative journalist Michael Hastings was seen speeding through a red light in Los Angeles and then crashing in a blaze of rubble. Anytime a whistleblower disappears or dies in a strange way, it’s inevitable that a conspiracy theory will arise from it. And this case is no exception.

Directly prior to his death, Hastings had told friends and family that he was onto a huge new story (rumored to involve fresh NSA leaks) and was laying low because he suspected the FBI was following him. Though his family does not believe Michael was assassinated and, yes, there were drugs found in his system (though they were not deemed to have been responsible for the crash), it is worth noting that counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke has gone on record saying that the crash is “consistent with a car cyber attack.”

The Boston Marathon Bombings

The graphic photos and video of this tragedy made it a particularly gruesome, heart wrenching story. This was augmented by the ensuing chase and martial law-style lockdown of Boston. The major conspiracy theory regarding these bombings involves the idea that the attacks were orchestrated–a false flag attack–in order to run a martial law military drill and test the extent to which the federal government can scare us into our houses.

There are a lot of strange facts to this case, but three in particular stand out as eerie. One is of course the fact that, yet again, a major domestic assault occurs on the same day, almost the same hour, as a police drill. This co-occurrence of a government drill was also seen during 9/11, the London bombings, Sandy Hook and a gaggle of other tragedies–it is beginning to look like a signature of false flag attacks.

false flag conspiracy theory

On the day of the bombing, April 15, the Boston Globe tweeted: “There will be a controlled demolition opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.” Shortly after, the real bombs, supposedly stored in backpacks, detonated. The idea behind this co-occurrence is that it gives the operatives an excuse for being there in case they are photographed.

Which brings us to our second weird fact: the presence of the CRAFT International private military force prior to the bombings. Are they acting as security? Why would there be a private military force on hand for the Boston marathon? More importantly, why would they be seen running just prior to the explosions? Did something else happen virtually simultaneous to the bombings that would have required them to run and communicate urgently with their walkies? Or, were they being informed of the countdown…?


The third strange fact is the mysterious murder of the man who was the initial suspect in the case. Was 27-year-old Chechen immigrant, Ibragim Todashev, the first patsy set up for the crime? Was he killed by FBI agents as a way to contain the narrative?

The Chelyabinsk meteor

On February 16th, an asteroid allegedly entered the Earth’s atmosphere and became a superbolide meteor that erupted over and Chelyabinsk, Russia and sent out a shock wave that broke the glass of buildings. A conspiracy community, largely based out of Russia, claims that the meteor wasn’t actually a meteor at all. It was either:

1) A Russian missile or a new United States weapon (claimed by Russian ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky).

2) An alien invasion, believed by players of the X-Com: Enemy Unknown video game and the Russian people themselves (or 51% of them initially).

3) A meteor that was shot down by a UFO that was protecting us (since if the full meteor had hit it would have had 20 times the force of the Hiroshima atomic bomb).

Aaron Alexis and the Navy yard shooting

We wrote on this recently and it bears repeating. On September 16th, Aaron Alexis opened fired in the Washington Naval Yard, killing 12 people. Afterwards, it was disclosed that Alexis had been very vocal in the months leading up to the attack, claiming he was the target of ELF (extra low frequency) radio waves that made him think voices were talking to him through the walls. Alexis was so convinced of these ELF signals that on his shotgun–the one he used to kill 12 people–he wrote: “My ELF weapon.”

Was Aaron Alexis the newest target of a refurbished MK-ULTRA program? Did a subconscious trigger, activated by the ELF waves, awaken a murderous instinct within him? Obviously, the most likely scenario is that he just went good old-fashioned crazy, but in light of the government’s disclosure that the MKULTRA program was real, it is worth considering what psy ops they’re up to now.

The recent case of Miriam Carey, the unarmed woman gunned down by police in Washington D.C, bears striking resemblance. Though there is not yet a suggestion of ELF frequencies, Miriam had told friends and family that she believed that President Obama was stalking her and calling to her. Again, probably just crazy–still didn’t deserve to be murdered for driving erratically.

Aaron Alexis brainwashed

Sandy Hook Newtown

December 13, 2012 was the date of the tragic murders at Sandy Hook elementary school, close enough to count as this year. The sheer magnitude of horror and national anguish this event caused gives it historical resonance. In case you’re fuzzy on the details, 20-year old shooter Adam Lanza allegedly gunned down twenty children and six faculty members before turning the gun on himself. The incident added fresh fire to the already contentious gun control issue. Unsurprisingly, many of the subsequent conspiracy theories came from gun rights activists and 2nd amendment extremists.

Conspiracy theory: Gunman Lanza was brainwashed by the CIA or some other NWO shadow group to commit the murders and pave the way for heavy gun control legislation. Most of the proponents of this theory also believe these gun control efforts are part of an overarching strategy of disarming the public so that we are powerless to stop the tyranny of the police state. A variation of the theory posits a second shooter, and the wild suggestion that Lanza wasn’t even there, that the entire event was fabricated with crisis actors. What about the poor children who were killed? We don’t know. Conspiracists might believe these children died in other ways and the families were enlisted to help manufacture the narrative.

Then, in what could be the absolute weirdest coincidence (or hint of predictive programming) ever, it was revealed that the name Sandy Hook appeared in the Dark Knight Rises–the same movie that was playing during James Holmes’ Aurora, Colorado theater shooting.


Beyond the AR-15 that was or wasn’t used, here are the prevailing pieces of ‘evidence’:

~Sandy Hook parents were not allowed to see the bodies of their children.
~Memorial pages were dated by Google before the shooting (not unheard of).
~Some of the crisis actors look remarkably similar to the crisis actors from the Aurora theater shooting.
~There were two other men in the woods during and after the shooting (one has turned out to be a father of a schoolchild who heard gunfire and RAN; the other was an off duty tactical officer, God knows what he was doing).
~Parents were too happy and laughed during interviews (this, of course, can be explained by psychologists as a defense mechanism–during times of extreme grief, the mind simply can’t handle reality, so it produces moments of levity).
~Adam Lanza’s name supposedly comes up in declassified CIA documents as having received CIA mind control treatment (no hard evidence of this).
~ONCE AGAIN, a drill was being run at the same time as, and near to, the school: a simultaneous “active-shooter drill” conducted at the St. Rose Pre School school 1.4 miles away.

Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner was an ex-police officer/Navy Reserve who claimed the LAPD was full of corruption (no arguments there) and had sabotaged and framed him. On February 3rd, he went on a murder spree and killed four people (three of them police officers), sparking the largest manhunt in LAPD history. One of the salient features of this manhunt was the manifesto Dorner left behind, part of which read: “Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name. The department has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days. It has gotten worse.”

Conspiracy theories contend that although police claim they did not intend to set fire to the Big Bear cabin in which Dorner died, that this is precisely what happened. Police killed him to silence him. Reports of fire preparation prior to the tear gas that caught fire, as well as snooped police radio bytes, point to this. Though, realistically, does one really need evidence to claim the LAPD is lying?

The other side of the Dorner conspiracy is that perhaps he’s not really dead. The cabin event was a fabrication, suggested by the odd fact that though the body was burned beyond identification, his wallet–now known as the ‘Magic Wallet’–turned up unscathed inside the burned down cabin.

If you stick with it, the video below actually shows a pretty interesting example of CNN reporting false information, or perhaps reporting true information but before they should know about it (unless the fire was planned and they were tipped off):

Are there better conspiracies out there from the last year that we missed? Do you hate us and want to yell at us? Do you have evidence to support or debunk any of these conspiracy theories? Leave a comment below…

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