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Top 5 Most Haunted Universities in America

3 years, 7 months ago
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Universities and college campuses are among the most haunted buildings in the entire country. Perhaps it is something about the spirit of striking out on one’s own and finding a unique identity coupled with tragedy. Or maybe it has something to do with how old many of these buildings are. Maybe it is because of where they are built — sometimes on Indian burial grounds are other cursed lands.

Whatever the reason, it seems like almost every college campus or university has a creepy ghost story to tell. Below are five of the more disturbing stories associated with different campuses across the country. Keep reading to improve your paranormal GPA…

1) University of Notre Dame


A lot of students are comforted by the idea that football star George Gipp is thought to be a protective presence around the university. They probably need that protection because Columbus Hall is believed to be built on the burial grounds of Potawatomi Indians. In fact, a number of students have reported seeing them riding in the area on horseback. Worse yet, many of them have made it clear that these individuals are not very happy about having a college campus built on top of their sacred ground.

2) University of Georgia at Athens


This university has some truly frightening things going on there. It seems like the sorority houses there have a way of bearing witness to unspeakable acts. Supposedly, a girl that was distraught over a lost love hung herself in the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house. A young woman in the Phi Mu sorority house reportedly saw her boyfriend murdered there as well. Today, it is said that he is buried under the steps that lead to the front of the building and that the young woman roams throughout the building, still distraught over being forced to witness such a heinous act.

3) University of Illinois


Of all the stories about haunted universities, this is one of the scariest. For decades, a man without a face has been seen roaming all over campus. It seems like there are no limits to where he can go. Worse yet, he is often seen going into the dorm room closets of students. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that a number of students have been found hanging inside their closets and no killer has ever been found.

4) Montclair State University, New Jersey


This is another campus that is at least partially built on Indian burial grounds. Specifically, the area in question involves the Clove Road Apartments that are associated with the university. It seems like practically everything paranormal happens there. Doors and windows slam shut on their own, lights go on and off and people wake up to find a shadowy man leaning over their bed. The apartment building is built next to a wooded area and everyone gets a feeling of dread when they go anywhere near it. In fact, a number of dark shadows have been seen in those woods and even the bravest of students refuse to go out there after dark.

5) University of Oklahoma


There are stories of hauntings in practically every part of this university. The ones that are most well known involve Cate Center, where a student went into the basement and then got stuck in a dumbwaiter. No one is really certain about the details of his death, but he did in fact die there and today, many people report seeing a ghost without a head roaming around in the basement. As if that were not enough, Ellison Hall is also said to be haunted. It served as the original campus hospital and is said to be inhabited by many spirits of the people that died there, especially a little boy who died after a skateboarding accident. It is also said that an exorcism took place in a building across the street, which was also part of the university. No wonder people still report numerous hauntings all over campus.

Most people enjoy a good scare now and then, but many students have found that they have gotten more than they bargained for when attending these universities. Whatever the reason may be, it does not appear that the hauntings will stop any time soon. As a result, students either have to come to grips with the idea of going to school on a haunted campus or they have to find another university to attend. The problem is, they just might be trading one group of ghosts for another.

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