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Top 5 Classic Horror Movies Every Student Should See

4 years, 10 months ago
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Every year appear more and more horror movies. The number of these movies overwhelms the quality of them. The reason why people watch them is to experience the feeling of fear. They try to escape from boredom and get exciting feelings from films. The feelings vary in the way they affect us and the way how we can make ourselves experience it. A really good movie can call intense feelings, but there are a few of them.

So, Nowadays there is a problem: many horrors are produced, but they do not cause desired frightening feelings of the spectator. And especially students suffer from new experiences deficiency. They are eager to learn and feel more and modern products turn to be trivial for them. At the moment when you find a movie trivial,  ask yourself a question: have you seen the classics?

Yes, classics. Usually, people associate this word with something old and 100% not able to impress. But, in fact, experts refer to classics art pieces that are a genuine example of the certain genre. Most popular horror movies refer to classics in particular. When you watch classic movies you see the standard of how it must be done. Coming back to horror movies, the problem of modern films of this genre is that director cannot repeat the success of their precursors. Because they were perfect according to requirements of the genre and movie-making techniques.

That is why if you want

to watch something that will make you close your eyes during terrifying scenes
to be scared, but too intrigued to turn off the movie
to challenge your nerves like never before

watch the next films that are perfect examples of student horror movies. Their success is proved through generations. The heaps of home assignments is not an excuse for not watching because you can type “do my paper” a get free from homework.

1. Psycho, 1960

It is hard to find the person that haven’t ever hear about this film. When the conversation is about horrors, it is a disrespect to omit to mention Hitchcock legendary creation. “Psycho” is considered to be the best horror movie of all the times according to film critics and users of IMDb. It is an example for horror directors of the present generation.

“Psycho” is a story about the woman escaped with a solid sum of money and arrived at the motel with a very strange man, Adam Baits. His behavior was a sign that there is something weird with him. What is weird you will discover after watching.

Why is “Psycho” so special? It is black and white. It has a diligently written plot that holds in suspense the spectator till the last second of the picture. The director used classic techniques to awake the feeling of fear from the viewers: jump scares, thrilling music, suspicious-looking characters. However, there are absent disgusting shots with liters of blood or psychopathic ways or murders. Hitchcock reached his breath-taking success due to the balanced combination of horror movie techniques and awesome acting.

2. The Exorcist, 1973

This movie was called one of the scariest movies of the XX century. Perhaps, in the year it was released, you were not even born or your parents have not even met.

It is the first horror movie that gathered more than 100 million at box offices. As you see, the desire of people to get frightened was very itching!

The exorcist is an adapted screenplay of the novel Peter Blatty`s novel. By the way, the plot of  “Psycho” was also taken from the popular book of another famous writer, Robert Bloch. I guess, it is not the coincidence that XX-th century cinema masterpieces had a literary background. 

This horror is about a girl who suffered from unusual attacks. And the origin of this attacks was supernatural, so no doctor could explain what was happening to her and find the cure. Even city priest hardly believed that she w as possessed by the devil. To what consequences lead this Satan possession you must see on your own.

3. Birds 1963

Horrors are not only about people and mystics. In fact, you can get scared of everything in your environment. Why not get frightened by birds?

If you underestimate the power of the feathered tribe, after this Hitchcock’s movie you will beware of them more than from neighbors pit bull terrier and a wolf from the forest.

Every horror director takes as a foundation different shades of fear that must experience the spectator. Hitchcock took the inherent human fear of the unknown. “Birds” is a variation on theme “what will happen if birds rise not to fly but to exterminate”. I guess that the fact that living creatures that live under the supervision of humans on the Earth wait patiently to strike back against humanity with violent force for no reason is very frightening. And no words can describe what actually birds did with the humans, so watch!

4. Halloween, 1978

This masterpiece is obligatory to watch for everyone who celebrates Halloween. It creates the right gloomy atmosphere of 31st of October. The director of this movie is John Carpenter that is considered to be a classic horror creator. In “Halloween” he borrowed some techniques from Italian and Canadian cinematography. The director faced with many rebukes, but viewers did not care, they just sat and scared.

Despite the budget of the film was so limited that actors acted in their own clothes, cast dared to create something epic. The story in “Haloween” is about Micheal Mayers who killed his own sister on 31st October when he was a kid. 15 years past, on the same day, he came back to terrorize a small town. Bear in mind that It will be very impolite to put on Mayers Mask on the Halloween party without watching the original movie. You have time to mend your way!

5. Carrie, 1976

The last in our horror movie classics top is “Carrie”. This movie was a trigger for Stephen King`s popularity. Yes, it is next in turn horror literature adaptation, at it is one of the best one. There are at least 3 “Carrie” movies, but only watching of this variant will fill you with frightening feelings. By the way, it is the first starring of John Travolta, I guess rare person remembers him in the age of high school graduate.

“Carrie” is a name of a shy and deceivable girl that was treated badly and offended at school. Moreover, at home, she had no rest from offenses too. Even her mother did her best to make Carrie reserved and willing to take vengeance. And one day she discovers an unusual power that let her expose hidden pain and revenge.

You may not imagine how severe and merciless the vengeance of a teenager may be. Will she leave a chance for survival to anybody? College horror movies like “Carrie” will give you the answer.

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