Top 4 Most Outlandish Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories

6 years, 4 months ago
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We’ve held off posting about the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 out of respect for the family members who still have loved ones out there. We can’t even imagine the terror of the predicament, nor the agony of perpetually harboring false hope when the likelihood is that all the passengers have already died. What makes this case so incredibly baffling is that in the two weeks since this plane went missing, virtually no concrete facts are known.

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that the voracious attention this case has gotten on news media feels fishy. Clearly, the mysteriousness of the circumstances warrants speculation. But the length at which news media networks have gone to wade into conspiracy theory is beyond belief. It almost feels as if Flight 370 is being used as an international distraction. Maybe in a future post we can look at what significant legislation or secret global affairs transpired while CNN and the others hosted 10-hour conspiracy marathons.

What we do know is this: at some point the plane’s transponder was manually turned off, at which point the flight changed paths sharply; during this time, no cell phone calls were placed by scared passengers or crew, no distress signals were sent out by the pilots, and not a shred of wreckage has been found.


The standard theories at this time are 1) a fire or technical problem on board caused the pilots to lose track of where they were and crash. But then why was there no distress signal or passenger texts or phone calls? 2) The plane was hijacked and taken to a high elevation in order to render the passengers and crew unconscious while the plane was diverted. But then how did the plane avert the myriad of international radar systems across such a vast expanse of land and sea. 3) The plane was thrown off course due to an onboard problem and then crashed off-radar into the Indian Ocean, where it quickly sank. But, again, why were there no distress calls, and why was the transponder turned off?

Another mysterious factoid is the fact that the black box flight recorder has not alerted authorities. Usually, these ‘indestructible’ recorders will continue to ping information for 30 days after a crash or explosion. The fact that this plane’s box is completely missing is yet another anomaly.

Since aviation experts, newscasters and officials have let loose a litany of theories, none of which have panned out so far, we decided to list our four theories of what could have happened. But, fair warning, these are as fringe as you can get.

Plane was ‘kidnapped’ by American or Chinese authorities

Why? The passenger manifest shows that the American IBM Technical Storage Executive for Malaysia was on this flight. This is the man in charge of mass storage aggregation for one of the companies implicated by the Snowden papers as helping the NSA spy on China. Additionally, 20 employees of the Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor were on board. This company is a global leader in embedded smart phone tech and defense contracting.

One possibility is that the Chinese hijacked this plane and flew it at a low altitude to avoid radar detection. Another is that American officials, realizing that China was targeting the plane, took Flight 370 out of commission as a matter of national intelligence. America actually has a logistics base in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia, and this base has a runway.


Flight 370 is a Psyop intended to condition us for unsolved anomalies

Yes, now we have an international dialogue in the works regarding the fact that planes can disappear entirely from existence. Our entire nation, and indeed other nations, are engaged in a completely speculative guessing game as to what could have happened. This psyop could be accomplishing one or more of the following: conditioning us to accept the impossible; keeping us in a state of fear; and/or distracting us from an even more insidious international scheme.

Evidence for this? None really. Except for the curious fact that many family members say they are still able to call their loved one’s phones without it going to voicemail and that their IM chat accounts have remained active online. Then there’s the weird report that passenger Paul Weeks left instructions with his wife that if something should happen to him he wanted his wedding ring to be given to their first son and his watch to their second.

Are the passengers still alive? And, if so, how is it that no one has managed a phone call?


Plane was hijacked using remote cyberterrorism

It’s inevitable that a terrorist group is going to wreak havoc via a remote cyber-attack. There are experts out there who readily admit that computer systems can be hacked into and repurposed. Perhaps terrorists hacked into Flight 370’s on-board computer systems, redirected the plane and either crashed it or forced it to land somewhere private.

Just last year, technology consultant Hugo Teso, claimed he could theoretically disable an aircraft with his cellphone.


Plane was subject to extraterrestrial tampering or a timeslip

It’s not being reported much in the news, but in the past few months there were actually a multitude of UFO sightings very near where the plane took off from. Writer Mike Adams has said: “If we never find the debris, it means some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence.”

Other fringe conspiracy theorists have floated the idea that the plane experienced a timeslip or was teleported to another dimension.

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