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Top 15 Found Footage Horror Movies of All Time Pt. 2

7 years, 2 months ago
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It’s time to finish what we began in PART ONE. Few things are harder for film critics than to list the very best movies of a particular genre. Fortunately, we’re not film critics here at the Ghost Diaries–just dudes who like to be scared and then talk about it afterwards. So without further ado, here are the remaining top 6 found footage horror movies of all time:

6 – V/H/S

This was another one of our selections for best horror movies of 2012. V/H/S essentially a found footage anthology featuring vignettes by some very great horror movie directors. The glue is the story of a gaggle of hoodlums who jump at the chance to make a few bucks by breaking into a house and stealing a tape. Once they get inside they discover a dead man and a box full of tapes, each one more horrifying than the last. Actually, that’s not true, because the first one they watch is far and away the best one of the bunch. “Amateur Night” steals the show and is hands down the greatest found footage short of all time. The sequel, V/H/S 2, which premiered at this year’s Sundance, was recently released and is spectacularly good–read our review HERE!

5 – The Last Exorcism

The Ghost Diaries’ head writers saw this movie together in the theater. Thirty minutes in, we looked at each other and nodded, sly smiles on our faces; we knew we were observing a special horror movie specimen. Films that can hold a candle to the original supernatural masterpiece The Exorcist deserve credit in their own right. To be sure, there aren’t many of them. But to tell a great demon possession story within the found footage genre is something else entirely. The Last Exorcism follows charlatan evangelical minister Cotton Marcus on his final exorcism. Though Reverend Marcus is accustomed to faking his exorcisms, he is about to discover that absolute evil is absolutely real and has taken the form of a possessed farmer’s daughter.

4 – Trollhunter

When we first heard of the dark fantasy Norwegian film Trollhunter we thought it was a joke. Even after watching the tantalizing teaser trailer that preceded its release, we still thought the movie was a mockumentary. It takes actually watching this film to realize that not only is it not a joke–albeit, it features several Norwegian comedians and contains some brilliant satirical moments–it’s one of the greatest monster movies ever made. No joke. The script is replete with detailed troll lore and mythology, including priceless tidbits about their ability to smell a Christian man’s blood. The movie also features a classic character, the grizzly government-commissioned trollhunter Hans, who begrudgingly agrees to let a few young filmmakers accompany him on his latest hunt. See this movie, or forever renounce allegiance to the found footage genre.

3 – Quarantine (or Rec)

Yes, the first half of Quarantine is basically a shot by shot remake of Rec, we know. So go ahead and lump in the Rec series. In fact, go ahead and lump in all the sequels too (except Quarantine 2, which isn’t found footage). They’re the scariest zombie movies since 28 Days Later and the Dawn of the Dead remake. The buildup to the zombie singularity in Quarantine is soul-shatteringly scary and slightly more effective than Rec. However, when it comes to the sequels we have to give the nod to Rec 2, which ingeniously incorporates a satanic plotline into the fray. Rec 3 has some amazing moments too, not the least of which is the concept of zombie love, which somehow doesn’t even come across as campy. To recap, the number 3 slot is filled by Quarantine, a genre barn-burner that also makes the short list for scariest zombie movie ever made.

2 – Home Movie

This movie is so good it’s baffling how under the radar it is. Almost no one’s seen it. One possible reason for this is how disturbing it is. For parents, it may be a little too close to home. Home Movie purports to show the private tapes of the Poe family, who have recently moved to the remote woods of upstate New York. What initially appears to be the perfect family slowly spirals out of control as we realize something is very, very wrong with the two children, Jack and Emily. Creepy whispering escalates to animal mutilation and from there it’s a freefall culminating in a shocking glimpse of the darkest depths of every parents’ worst nightmare. No amount of spoilers or hype can prepare you for how deranged this movie is, and with very little on-screen violence.

1 – The Blair Witch Project

Still the one. No matter what anyone says, this is the movie that put the found footage genre on the map and haunted many of us for years with screams of “Joshua!” and refusals to go camping. A snotty nose has never been more despondent, a lost map never more fatalistic, the sounds of children giggling in the night never more blood-curdling, and a man standing in a basement corner with his back to us never more incomprehensible and horrifying. This film did so much with so little it’s almost incredible. You never see anything of the witch save remnants and artifacts, yet the presence of some larger than life evil becomes so palpable.

For years we racked our brains trying to imagine the true nature of the Blair Witch, but ultimately it’s a riddle never to be solved. And it’s better that way. The scariest horror movies are the ones that never reveal to you the face of your own nightmares, which is why The Blair Witch Project is the undisputed greatest found footage horror film of all time.

2013 is shaping up to be a great year for horror movies and there are a couple found footage sparks. Check out our primer for Must-See Horror Movies of 2013!

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  • Richard Henson

    Quarantine and REC aren’t zombie movies, quarantine their infected with super rabies and REC their possessed…. You have actually watched these films right? Oh and FYI 28 days later….. Still just viral people not zombies

    • So would you consider them ‘outbreak’ movies? Then you have REC lumped in with Contagion. Perhaps you want to delineate a new genre, Virus Murder Horror. Have fun spearheading that movement.

    • The modern zombie horror movie genre has changed, bro.

    • Hahaha, well said!

    • dukpoki

      Yes they are. They can be Voodoo reanimated (a type of zombie), Reanimated by a virus like Resident Evil (a type of zombie), Infected like 28 days (a type of zombie), Demon Possessed undead like REC (a type of zombie), etc. Zombies is just a broad title and all of those other things are subcategories.

    • Dude

      Hahaha, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Richard Henson the moron.

  • Satty

    This is actually a pretty good list, theres very few other films in this genre that are as good or better than the ones mentioned, like “The Poughkeepsie Tapes” and “The Last Broadcast”, but thats just my opinion, though the list itself and some of the comments gave me some new viewing material, I love scary movies and most found footage movies though a bit cheesy and badly acted give me my “horror” fix, thanks!

    • Poughkeepsie Tapes is good. We particularly loved the opening credits. But does it not feel a little forced and hammy? Admittedly, we have not seen The Last Broadcast, though this was on our research hit list. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Tom

      Poughkeepsie Tapes is maybe the worst movie I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly forced, and so poorly acted I wanted to turn it off after 10 minutes.

  • No retractions–Home Movie is a masterpiece!

    • Yea, Lake Mungo is incredible. Honestly, if it were just a shade scarier it would be one of our favorites of all time. Even still, amazingly original film. Still think about the ending from time to time. Skew was on our short list, another good one. Couldn’t get into the Tunnel, felt a little tedious.

      • Jeremy Maddux

        Tunnel is way more interesting than that redundant, mediocre Home Movie drivel.

  • john

    Too bad grave encounters 1 isnt in this list. It is a really underrated horror movie, with a pretty neat storyline. u should deffenitly see it, because it scares the shit out of you!

  • Sam

    Great list. Considering I’ve only seen about 75% of these listed here, I’d still say this is quite accurate. This list has also aided in my discovery of other found footage horror movies that I, of course, ended up really enjoying. I’ll eventually watch them all.

  • A.j. Klassen

    You forgot THE GHOST FOOTAGE 🙂

  • Great collection of found footage horror movies. I only missed “The Poughkeepsie Tapes”, “Megan Is Missing” and “The Den” from your list.They are rough and really disturbing found footage horrors.

  • ryan

    I was actually considering watching some of these movies until I saw the blair witch project as number 1….I’m sorry but putting that movie on this list, especially at 1, makes you lose all credibility

    • over the moon

      I take it you didn’t like that movie.

    • The Ghost Diaries

      Out of curiosity, what would you have put as #1? And what are your reasons for disliking Blair Witch so much?

      • Ryan

        the first vhs was very good, both grave encounters were surprisingly scary, and the first two quarantines (mostly the first) were also very good. These types of movies are meant to frighten and entertain. The Blair Witch did none of these. There was not a witch, demon, ghost, etc to be seen throughout the entire movie. At most a pile of rocks were moved to signify the presence of the witch. It was essentially people walking through the forest with a camera, occasionally talking into it. And while a story can be developed in a way that makes the movie scarier (Grave encounters for ex. how it was so dark and disturbing) the Blair Witch was just the story and nothing else added. And I do apologize for saying you have no credibility. It was a mistake on my part.

        • The Ghost Diaries

          If you didn’t like Blair Witch you would absolutely hate Willow Creek. It was directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and it may have been a satire–but it comes across as a sincere horror movie and LITERALLY nothing happens.

          • dude

            Blair Witch is a masterpiece. It was a good choice for #1.

        • jamezdeanz@gmail.com

          I don’t think you understand anything horror and suspense, buddy.

  • The Ghost Diaries

    Skew is a good one. That could have easily been on this list. The Tunnel was mediocre, as have been a lot of the found footage horror movies of recent. The Conspiracy is incredible and will probably be knocking something off this list.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    seriously? REC is way better than quarintine and the secuels sucked, and the blair witch project sucks as well