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Top 10 Scenes From The Walking Dead Pt. 1

9 years, 1 month ago
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As avid fans of the zombie genre, The Ghost Diaries unabashedly declares AMC’s The Walking Dead the ‘gift that keeps on giving.’ It’s a creepy-as-hell, never-ending zombie saga featuring richly drawn characters that we actually care about, and incredibly violent carnage to boot. Now that the show’s intense third season is on hiatus until February, we felt this was a perfect time to pledge our undying love to TV’s undead.

The Ghost Diaries has put together a list of the top 10 scenes from the first 2 and ½ seasons. Enjoy!

Rick and Shane Fistfight – Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10

The love triangle with Lori compounded by their festering disagreement over how to best protect the group was bound to come to this. But we certainly didn’t expect it to happen while they also happened to be fighting zombies. The scene also pulls on our heartstrings a bit when at first it looks as though Rick is going to abandon Shane to a grisly death; then sees two dead cops side by side (an ‘awwww’ moment) and goes back to rescue him.

Dale’s Death – Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11

Dale, who has spent the entirety of the episode pleading with Rick and Shane to spare the life of a potentially dangerous prisoner, wanders out into the meadow at night and is caught off guard by–what else–a zombie. Yeah Dale, you idiot, spend a little less time worrying about the sketchy prisoner no one cares about and a little more time remembering to look over your shoulder during the zombie apocalypse.

It’s always unnerving when a popular character dies, especially when he or she is the show’s voice of reason and moral compass. But when that character suddenly has his stomach ripped out during the last two minutes of an otherwise non-violent episode…that takes, well, guts.

Zombie Camouflage – Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2

walking dead
Rick and Glenn hatch a plan to deceive the zombies’ sense of smell by smearing themselves with zombie guts so they can breach an entire city block of walkers. First we get to see them deliriously hacking up bodies and making viscera coats (complete with an intestine necklace for Glenn). Then we’re treated to the bizarre and nerve-wrecking spectacle of them walking among the dead. When in Rome…

The plan works until the most poorly timed rainstorm in history washes away their stank.

Waiting Out The Swarm – Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1

walking dead
Season 2 starts off with the group being marooned on a wrecked highway while hundreds of zombies migrate their way. Rick orders them all to hide under cars. Some TV critics claim this broke the ‘smell rule’ established in the Zombie Camo scene, but creator Robert Kirkman sees it differently: “They’re not bloodhounds, you don’t see them walking around and sniffing, following their nose or something. So hiding under a car is going to work.”

Frankly, GD just likes the idea of zombies traversing abandoned cities in groaning herds.

They Finally Find Sophia – Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7

This was arguably the most shocking moment of the entire series and brilliantly paced. An entire season arc climaxes in brutal irony when the lost Sophia reappears…as a zombie stumbling out of Hershel’s barn full of family walkers. Even Shane, who has just spent the last few minutes furiously slaughtering every zombie he sees, is unable to finish her off. Rick does the honors, right in front of Carol, the girl’s mother.

For Part 2, CLICK HERE!

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  • Dale’s death and Sophia stumbling out of the barn as a zombie were the two moments that really shocked us. But there’s more coming. Just for you, I’m going to hurry up part 2 of that post!

    Yea Lori was getting obnoxious but it still surprised me when she died. Was she eaten by that one zombie? I feel like that was just to throw us off before she comes back as a zombie.

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