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Top 10 Scenes From The Walking Dead Part 2

7 years, 6 months ago
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It’s been a couple weeks now and the withdrawal is starting to kick in. After consuming 2 and 1/2 nail-biting seasons of The Walking Dead, The Ghost Diaries now finds itself jonesing for new episodes, much as a walker might fiend for human flesh. If you were able to check out our Top 10 Scenes From the Walking Dead Part One, you might have seen a few of your favorite zombie moments. Now, the conclusion of our Best of Walking Dead list:

Carl Gets Shot – The Walking Dead S2 EP2

This was definitely one of the most shocking scenes in the series so far. During a tense search for the missing Sophia, Rick sees what might be the sign from God for which he had prayed: a beautiful deer, trotting through a pastoral grove of trees. Carl approaches the deer in awe, a moment so touching that even the hardened Shane pauses for a smile.

All this is shattered as a hunter’s bullet goes straight through the deer’s torso and knocks Carl off his feet. His chances for survival are grim. After multiple near-death experiences at the hands of zombies, a freak hunting accident is what just about does Carl in!

The Governor vs. Michonne – S3 EP8

The Governor The Walking Dead
This showdown was inevitable, and it didn’t disappoint. The sadistic Governor, infuriated that Michonne has killed his zombified daughter, which he has been pathologically fathering in the privacy of a severed head-strewn private chamber, is out for blood. Michonne, wielding her trademark samurai sword, is able to get the upper hand and stabs the Governor in the eyeball with a shard of glass from the broken aquariums.

Lori’s Gruesome Death- The Walking Dead S3 EP4

walking dead lori dies
It wasn’t terribly surprising that Lori died. What was surprising was the manner in which she died and the circumstances. Cornered by zombies and going into labor, Lori demanded that Maggie perform an impromptu C-section. Sans pain killers, she has her belly cut open, which one can only imagine would add considerably to what is already the atrocious pain of giving birth. Lori dies from this, and Carl must shoot her in the head to prevent her from reanimating. Pretty hardcore for AMC.

Glenn Goes Into Beast Mode – The Walking Dead S3 EP7

Glenn The Walking Dead
First, Merle beats the everlasting hell out of Glenn. Then, after ‘interrogating’ him, he lets loose a zombie to devour the tied up prisoner. Glenn, tied to a chair, is somehow able to not only shield himself from the walker, he kills him with the leg of the chair. Then, he cracks off the walker’s arm, rips open the flesh, and breaks free one of his bones for Maggie to use as a weapon. “Here, my love.”

Daryl Hallucinates, Dominates – The Walking Dead S2 EP5

Daryl, our favorite crossbow-wielding zombie slayer, has an awesome arc on the show, transforming from a volatile redneck into one of the most loyal, reliable, and caring characters on the show. In this scene, he falls down a cliff while searching for Sophia and passes out. He hallucinates seeing his brother, and then wakes up to a zombie trying to chew his foot off. He smashes in this zombie’s face, pulls an arrow out of his own torso and uses to kill another zombie.

One of the great anticipations of the second half of The Walking Dead season three is, of course, seeing what will happen between the Dixon brothers, who when we last left them, were being forced to fight to the death at the behest of the Governor.

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