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This Old Mental Ward In Highland Is So Scary That You May Go Insane

4 years, 1 month ago
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(BACKPACKERVERSE) There is no worse hell than being trapped in a void for all eternity. The ghosts of the Bethany House in East Highland know it all too well.

What you say, what you do; it doesn’t matter. Trapped between the world of the living and the dead, your thoughts are only concerned with that of one thing:

Disturbing the peace of the living.

Unwanted Souls


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Such is the case in the unwanted souls that gather and haunt from inside the Bethany House in East Highland. Tortured, robbed of humanity, and then forced to inflict their pain on the mortal world. The ghosts that lie inside are hostile and extremely dangerous.

The pain inflicted dates back decades ago when the Bethany House was used as a hospital for the mentally insane.

What we know now and what we knew then about mental well-being differs drastically, and as such patients were abused and mistreated by the orderlies guided under a false method.

Dangerous Ghosts


Photo credit: user: dissonance42

Locals in the area tell the tale that one of the patients who had suffered extensive shock treatment had finally buckled under the abusive conditions. One evening the patient was able to steal a knife from an orderly.

Consumed with rage, he supposedly slashed the orderly and was also able to kill a guard before taking his own life.

Unable to cope with the heinous acts committed, or the possible desire to do them again, the patient’s soul is said to have latched onto the Bethany House, waiting for a chance to strike again.

This ghost is just one of two frightening entities. The second belongs to a nurse when the House was converted into a halfway home for abused pregnant women.


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Urban legend tells of a nurse during this time that tortured the women, often causing the poor patients to lose their babies under the physical abuse. Finally, one of the women struck back, and killed the abusive nurse right there in one of the rooms.

Some say that to this day, the two hostile ghosts roam the building looking for another victim to take.

According to some visitors who dare venture into the ruins, they have reported seeing either a middle-aged woman, the nurse; or a crazed man in a hospital gown, the mental institution patient.

The woman is said to be heinously laughing, her hair fried and her eyes a pitch black. The man is said to howl within the night and uses a broken piece of glass as his weapon of choice.

Superstition or Something More?


Photo credit: user: dissonance42

A few urban explorers who entered the ruins of Bethany House stated that bruises and cuts suddenly appeared on their body.

There’s an old wives tale that says a young boy who didn’t believe in superstition entered the Bethany House to prove there was no ghosts. He was reported entering the building, but never came back out the next day.

Those who believe in such things say that his soul now belongs to the Bethany House.

Irony doesn’t begin to describe the fact the ill-intentioned ghosts inhabit a building that was at one time designed to help people either through the hospital or the halfway house for abused women.

It’s despairing, but sometimes evil can be found in the most hopeful of places.

Directions to the Bethany House Ruins

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  • Paul C Jelley

    Just so you know Bethany House is an actual House not some kind of factory . The pictures that you have are of the old Lockeed rocket plant that use to be on the boarder of east highland mentone and redlands. Backpakerverse rarely gets the story right. Thought you should know