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The Universe Is A Simulation, say German Physicists

9 years, 1 month ago
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The Ghost Diaries focuses on the unexplained – paranormal happenings that fall outside our standard categories for what constitutes reality. Usually this entails an analysis of a ghost sighting, a UFO, or a juicy conspiracy theory. But sometimes we come across something so bizarre, so utterly mind-boggling, that although it doesn’t meet our usual definition of paranormal—it is certainly beyond normal, and deserving of scrutiny. In this case, we’re talking about the possibility that our universe is a simulation.

The simulation theory has been around for a while, championed by philosopher Nick Bostrom who posited that since the probability of significantly advanced civilizations would entail the creation of simulated universes, it stands to reason this would mean there are more simulated realities in the universe than actual ones—thus, the idea that our own reality and universe could be a simulation being run by some advanced alien or posthuman society. Bostrom puts the chances of this at 20%.

Here’s a link to Bostrom’s theory and the mathematical equation he worked out.
Nick Bostrom simulation theory

Now it appears there may be actual evidence that our universe is a simulation. In a paper entitled “Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation,” a team of German physicists argues they have come up with a thought experiment that shows that the limitations ‘people’ living in a simulation would face are very similar, if not identical, to the limitations we face—namely, the Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin energy-cut off.

Confused? Yeah, us too.

But maybe this is precisely the reason why we’re having such trouble understanding reality, why 96% of the universe is comprised of an unknown force, why the nature of existence seems to break down at the quantum level.

Maybe it’s because we’re living in a simulation from which we can never escape, which is far worse than the Matrix. Because at least Neo could fight back, and acquire cool new powers. And wear black leather without being made fun of.

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  • Garrett

    The chances of it spitting out a perfectly ordered error correcting chunk of code are just as astronomical, no that I believe in that sort of thing.

  • Dafirestar

    Let’s take a couple of the greatest minds to exist in the past 100 years or so, John Lennon and Albert Einstein. Lennon tells us through song, Einstein just leaves a clue. Imagine,the song, maybe John new something he .was trying to let us in on. Read the lyrics if you haven’t already, kind of plays into the simple fact that nothing is real. Quantum physics is an anomaly, the clue to the fact we are living a simulation. Why did Einstein find it “spooky”? It didn’t make sense, if it doesn’t make sense to the greatest mind among humans, than I’m sorry but we’ve got a problem. Check out entanglement, and what happens to particles when they become entangled. They don’t hold up to our understanding of reality. As though, physics explains most everything in the world we see, why wouldn’t it also explain really tiny things? The simulation didn’t bother letting things we take for granted in our everyday lives, follow the same pattern on a micro level. Could it be that we were being given a clue about our true reality? I for one really hope not, it would seem like we’ve been living, laboring, loving for what? someone else’s entertainment.

  • James

    But what if we are a simulation running inside another simulation?