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The Strange Sounds Heard All Across the World

7 years, 4 months ago
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Starting in the second half of 2011 and accelerating into 2012, reports have continued to flood in from around the world regarding the strange sounds and mysterious noises emanating from cities both big and small. Varying from “midnight roars” to loud booms to industrial drones that seem to permeate the walls of the cities, these sounds have been reported by thousands of people and documented for all to hear.

Whether you believe the videos can be explained by natural causes, hoax activity, HAARP experimentation, or perhaps even some paranormal anomaly, it’s certainly worth noting that scientists from around the world have not been able to definitively explain the source of these sounds.

Asteroid Connection in Russia

There have been several instances of strange industrial type noises that defy conventional explanation in Russia. The city of Chelyabinsk was one of the first on the map as far as the strange sound phenomenon at issue. If the name Chelyabinsk sounds familiar to you that’s because this is also the same city that a meteorite recently exploded over, injuring thousands. Coincidence?

Earthquake Causation in Colorado

This video has been corroborated by hundreds of witnesses. The creepy fact here is that these noises preceded an earthquake on the same day.

And then there’s this one, recorded in Denver.

Creepiest Storm Ever in Finland

It might be a good idea to pack up the picnic and get out of the way of this thing.

Deep in the Heart of Houston, Texas

New York Prior to Hurricane Sandy

There were multiple reports of strange sounds in New York as Hurricane Sandy drew closer. Accusations of weather tampering and geo-engineering conspiracies aside, perhaps this is gradual climate change playing mind games with the Earth’s storm fronts.

Panic At Stonehenge

Camera audio is horrible but you can clearly see people scattering from the monuments as the noises intensify. Hard to imagine someone taking the time to stage all of those fleeing tourists.

Of course, Internet pranksters didn’t wait long to jump into the fray, posting videos with audio from War of the Worlds dubbed over. But as of today, no one has offered a comprehensive explanation to these sounds. Since many of them are varied, it’s unlikely that a single answer will do. Interestingly, the town of Clintonville, Wisconsin has actually hired an engineering firm to investigate the phenomenon.

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