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The Mysterious Moving Mannequins of the John Lawson House

4 years, 9 months ago
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by The Occult Museum

The John Lawson House, New York is rapidly becoming known as one of Americas most creepy destinations. No one lives in the house… apart from a collection of mannequins which are said to change their position of their own accord. The porch at the house is occupied by life-sized female dolls dressed in different trends from the twentieth century, whose number, position, and theme vary from day to day, regardless of whether anyone is there to see their display.

Some believe that the dolls are trying to convey a message, gesturing or pointing towards an unsolved riddle. What that riddle is remains a mystery. However, there are those who think the key to understanding the mannequins strange and unexplainable appearance is linked to a local tragedy that claimed the lives of 22 people.


During a two-week cold wave in the winter of 1871, a train crashed two-hundred feet from the house located in the vicinity of the New Hamburg train station, killing 22 people on impact. The mannequins its claimed are often found to be looking towards the area of the crash site. On other days, they’re discovered with their heads looking towards the only other historical house left of the street, which has sat abandoned for many years.

The house itself was built in 1845 and was one of the only surviving buildings left after a massive fire destroyed nearly all the property on the block. Curiously, the dolls are regularly found holding strange objects which change places as frequently as they do. Books, empty birdcages, towels, brushes and overflowing cups of potpourri have all been photographed by curious passers-by, tucked into plastic hands or perched in laps.


Though the dolls have been known to disappear from the porch on rainy days, there’s no sign that they will be disappearing for good anytime soon. Neighbors have reported that on certain nights a faint light can be seen in the kitchen, shining through the dark drapes that conceal the inside of the house from curious eyes. They have no idea who lives there or who the current owners are. Does someone actually live in the house? Or is there a supernatural force behind the mannequin’s eerie movements? For now, the answers to these questions remain a mystery.

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  • ahmed jwini

    This is entirely stolen from road tripperscom

    • over the moon

      It was re-published from The Occult Museum with permission.