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The Most Mysterious Satellite Images Ever Captured

9 years, 3 days ago
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High resolution satellite imagery allows us to do amazing things–see into the farthest reaches of deep space, map our own Earth, and learn more about our place in the universe. But between NASA and Google Earth there have been some images captured that cannot be explained. Here they are, the most mysterious satellite images ever captured:

Google Earth Reveals Odd Temple Near Area 51

area 51
Google Earth captured this stunning crop circle-like formation around the vicinity close to where Area 51 is supposed to exist in the Nevada desert near Nellis ARB. Is it the Star of David? The Mark of the Beast? A Masonic pentagram? One explanation claimed it was a compass rose, yet it doesn’t point east or west. And what’s with the temple in the middle?

*Update: the “temple” could be a surface to air missile site with the tracking and guidance radar in the middle.

NASA Shows Giant UFO Near The Sun

On March 11, 2012 NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) discovered what appears to be a planet-sized object connected to the sun via a plasma vortex. Because of the proximity, and because the object appears to be a void, scientists are extremely puzzled by this spacebound UFO. Is this an alien Death Star absorbing solar energy from our very own sun? The mystery endures…

Evidence of Atlantis?

lost city of atlantis

Did Google Earth capture the legendary underwater city of Atlantis? Though a recent update made this grid-like pattern less prominent, it still appears that there is some kind city-like structure buried under miles of water off the coast of Greece.

Starships in Deep Space Headed to Earth?

ufo starship NASA

This is one of three very large objects that are, by all estimates, actually headed toward the Earth. Discovered by SETI Astrophysicist Craig Kasnov, they are tens of kilometers in length. Scientists literally have no idea what these objects are–they could be asteroids, starships, or something else entirely.

Strange Chinese Grid

China google earth

This Google Earth image features a grid of 3,000 feet wide white lines in the Chinese desert. Each one is over a mile long. While no one can say with certainty the true nature of this grid there are two competing theories: one, this is a undisclosed military zone (closer up images show what may be destroyed buildings); two, the grid was specifically created for space observation, and is a way for the Chinese to calibrate their satellites.

Organic UFO Floating Through Space

zenoid ufo space

This NASA satellite image from deep space shows a massive anomalous object that currently has not been identified. The extremely peculiar shape, which doesn’t seem to be an explosion of any sort, could be a spacecraft or, as some have suggested, a zenoid, an extreme bioform not affected by the vacuum of space. In other words, this could be a free-floating organic compound capable of intelligence.

If these aren’t enough to get your imagination racing, we don’t what will. Between NASA and Google Earth, these mysterious satellite images reveal just how much we still don’t know about the universe and our own Earth. Incredibly, it doesn’t take a fancy degree or an observatory to get in on these kinds of discoveries. Amateur star-gazers and astronomers use high-powered prosumer telescopes like the Orion StarBlast to observe anomalies regarding the moon and other nearby celestial bodies.

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  • The “temple” by area 51 is a surface to air missile site, the tracking and guidance radar is in the middle.

  • Garrett

    The objects heading towards earth is a hoax. No one by that name works at SETI and they have denied all reports.

    • Of course they deny it.

      • Quentin W. Buetow

        Of course you’d say that …

  • jackie

    The theory “sphere” hovering over the sun has been debunked. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon.­giant-black-sphere-hovering-ne­ar-the-sun.469/

  • Mystick

    That’s a SAM site… or a simulated one for pilot training. That particular arrangement is Soviet. You’ll see a lot of those around airbases in the middle east, especially countries supplied by the Soviets.