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The Most Intriguing Unsolved Mysteries of 2015

4 years, 26 days ago
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by Taylor Leonard

The world of unexplained events and phenomenon saw a number of new entries and updates in 2015. Ranging from never before seen apparitions to cold case revelations, answers remain as to their source and/or authenticity. With the year now behind us it’s an appropriate time to recap its most intriguing mysteries:

Ghost Plane Reported Over England


On August 3rd multiple motorists and pedestrians in Lancaster, England reported seeing a World War II-era bomber fly overhead – without any noise coming from the aircraft. Furthermore authorities confirmed no air shows or demonstrations were scheduled in the area for the day. Was it an unreported antique airplane out for an undocumented flight, a well-crafted drone designed to deceive, or possibly a phantom bomber on an eternal sky mission?

Ghost Ships Discovered Along Japan’s Coast

ghost ship

Starting in October a series of ships began to appear drifting off the coast of Japan with all onboard dead. Authorities are still trying to figure out where they originated and what led to the deaths. In all, 12 of these so-called ghost ships have been discovered as of December 2015 without an explanation or even a theory offered by investigators or analysts.

Location(s) of the Nazi Gold Trains


According to legend up to three trains, each consisting of cars packed with treasures looted by the Nazis during WWII, are hidden away in abandoned tunnels across Europe. In August a pair of amateur treasure hunters made headlines by proclaiming to have discovered the location of at least one of the infamous “Nazi gold trains.” Authorities were quick to dismiss the claim, but no attempt has yet been made to explore the site and confirm if a train is there or not.

Anonymous Terrorizer Forces Family to Flee Their Home

creepy house

Over the summer a New Jersey family filed a lawsuit against the previous owners of their newly bought home after allegedly being driven away by an unknown entity claiming to have been in contact with the prior inhabitants. In letters written to the new owners, the self-proclaimed “Watcher” spoke of commanding the former owners to “bring him young blood.” The new owners never spent a night in the home out of fear for their lives. Despite exhaustive efforts by law enforcement the identity of the Watcher remains a mystery.

Alleged Photos of Alcatraz Escapees Released


One of the all-time great unsolved mysteries is the ultimate fate of Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers – the three perpetrators of the 1962 escape from Alcatraz. No bodies were ever found and a worldwide manhunt turned up no trace of the trio. However in late summer of 2015 an old photo surfaced depicting two men, taken in Brazil in 1975, bearing uncanny resemblances to John and Clarence Anglin. US Marshal Art Roderick, who took part in the original manhunt, believes the photo is of the two brothers, and a preliminary forensic analysis backs him up. Further investigation into the photograph’s authenticity is ongoing, but Roderick believes it’s enough to reopen the case.

Possible Alien Megastructure Detected

Imaginations were ignited across the globe this year after astronomers mentioned aliens as a possible source for unexplained phenomena observed light years away. Although stressing that the chances of highly sophisticated E.T. being responsible for the event are remote, scientists say no existing theories fill-in the gaps of their observations successfully, whereas pinning it on aliens does. Conclusive findings hinge on the ability to observe the phenomenon again, something astronomers anticipate achieving sometime in 2016.

2015 saw the induction of new cases into the annals of unsolved mysteries as well as the updating of old ones. The new year offers plenty of time to try and get to the bottom of these bizarre events, but if the past is any indicator it’s safe to say new entries and updates to the catalog of the unknown and unexplained will continue to pile up.

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