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The Most Convincing Ghosts on Video Ever

8 years, 5 months ago
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The web is saturated with sites featuring amateur ghost videos. After all, capturing a ghost on video is the holy grail of a paranormal investigation. On YouTube, most of the ghost videos are fabricated. Unfortunately these hoaxes are mixed in with a gold mine of video that homeowners have shot featuring authentic paranormal phenomena.

Remember: just because a ghost video is authentic doesn’t mean it’s real. Sometimes digital cameras can deceive our eyes. On other occasions they really do capture strange unexplained phenomena that cannot be accounted for by digital artifacts or tricks of light.

These videos below rank high as being possibly authentic and truly mysterious. Either that, or they are incredibly well done hoaxes. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best ghost videos ever captured:

Ghost caught on security tape at a gas station

Ghost Recorded at Blockbuster Video in Mexico

Ghost filmed in Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Ghost Caught on Video at Disneyland

Levitating Girl Caught on Film In Russian Forest

We’re always on the lookout for great ghost videos. If you have one please leave a link to one in the comments section. And, if you’re a ghost hunter or looking to become one, check out the equipment below:

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  • All these are great ghost videos. Thanks for sharing them. The only one I have seen before was the Gas Station ghost because it was on the news a few years back. They all seemed to have a good chance of being authentic but the best I thought was the Disneyland ghost. That was fairly up close, and running all over the place. The Gas Station ghost looked a little too good in the way that it moved. Much like ghosts move on tv and in the movies but I can’t see why anyone would want to fake a ghost at a Gas Station.

    • Thanks! Yes, sometimes the more subtle they are the more believable. The last one is suspicious but it’s so cool we just had to post it…

  • Glad you enjoyed! New one on ANCIENT ghosts coming soon…..

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  • Marc (thehauntedman.net)

    here are a couple of my paranormal videos. The park ghost is one that I captured at the time I could not see through the IR camera(passive game camera)



    I have a deep active passion for capturing spirit evidence and interaction. I have my own site http://www.hauntedman.net where I post some of my investigations (some I put a lot of work into)

    • Great stuff, man! We’ll definitely be checking your site out.

  • Sara

    The gas station “ghost” is a bug on the camera lens. Nothing more.

  • Marek

    i just stumbled across this site and it’s so freaking cool, thanx for not putting on the classic ghost shots, and that south American fallen angel video,, jup I am 100% with sara on the blue ghost, but by far most scary thing i so on your page , was Tom Crouise .

  • Well that’s odd. What picture are you referring to?

  • angelina

    Illuminatti shit ?really ?lmao U Very Bad 🙂 Feel for Ya a bit though,,, ;( Hope that works out 4 ya in the long run I know they give ya a shit load,, 2 sell U. good luck;)!!sukkaaa;)

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