The Jonestown Massacre: Listen to a Chilling Recording of a Mass Suicide

7 years, 8 months ago
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(Warning: The content in the following audio is disturbing)

What you are about to listen to is a recording retrieved by the FBI of the final hours of Jim Jones’s cult before they committed mass suicide on Nov. 18, 1978. Up until 9/11, this was the largest mass fatality that the American people had ever witnessed. Over 913 cult members died in Jonestown in a small compound in the heart of Guyana. Jim Jones ordered his congregation and their children to drink cyanide-laced laced Kool-Aide (thus, the phrase ‘drinking the Kool-Aide’). Those who resisted were either shot or injected with cyanide.

This recording begins immediately preceding the initial deaths and continues while the mass suicide is carried out. It is beyond bone chilling. Above the screams of children and the confused chatter of brainwashed adults we hear the drug-addled Jim Jones pleading with his cult members to drink the cyanide-laced juice. What makes the recording even more disturbing is the new-agey type music playing faintly in the background as the suicide is taking place. This makes for one gut-wrenching soundtrack.

Corpses from the Jonestown Massacre of 1978

One of the eeriest moments in the recording is when Jim Jones asks for anyone who objects to his decision for mass suicide to speak out. A women frantically questions the idea, saying that she thinks there’s always hope, and that her children deserve to live. Jim Jones replies: “Without me, life has no meaning.”

We dare you to put this on your iPod and let the madman who convinced close to a thousand people to end their lives into your life for a few minutes. But be warned: you will be listening to the sounds of ritualistic murder and death.

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  • TheMiller

    I had this on vinyl yonks ago. I listened to it once and gave it away. It creeped me out badly. I was depressed for weeks thinking about those poor kids.

    • Jared Salas

      That’s so creepy. What compelled you to purchase the Jonestown suicides on vinyl?

    • Bre Oo O

      What? Vinyl?
      Where the hell did you find that?

  • RealBlackGirl

    That is gospel playing in the background. Jim Jones knew his audience.

    • Amber Thut

      No it isnt. It is music ghosting from a prior recording. There was no music during the deaths here.

  • Liu


  • wow

    “it won’t hurt if you be quiet” wow

  • Wow!

  • joe

    http://www.scarypictures.info for more more creepy pics

  • This ghoulish nightmare is listed as Entertainment??? WTF!

  • Junel Geldore

    ohhh no shit 🙂

  • John Taylor

    It’s amazing to think that anyone could convince so many people to pick up & literally fly across the world to a poverty, disease stricken foreign country to live for good in the middle of the African jungle; but to convince them all to literally kill their babies before killing themselves, is simply unimaginable. That ‘Christine’, she sure tried. I think it’s interesting that the recording has several times when it distorts his voice to sound literally like the devil or a possessed demon. Also, anyone else catch the eerie new distinct undistorted voice that overcomes & pops in seemingly saying two words that sound like, “Peace, Peace” at minute 15:45?? The music playing in the background is so strange, like satanic tribal low ghostly chanting/humming. Telling them, “Cyanide is not a painful death & they are not crying b/c of pain”! Then repeatedly egging them on to go ahead & die, like he can’t wait, and to come on & get it over with! You can tell those screams & cries from the babies & children are b/c they are in true sheer agonizing pain from the poison. Then it eerily goes silent. I just cannot imagine. This is truly so disturbing & so sad; those poor babies & children. The only thing that gives me peace is knowing the children’s souls were saved & Jesus came for them immediately; and they were no longer in pain or scared. …Sure do wish I had not listened to this now.

  • MsMikeDoes

    For mostly all of the tape, I was angry and baffled and disturbed and confused because I can’t understand how he could take advantage of people who were simply trying to exercise faith (albeit a misplaced faith) in an attempt to find peace. How can you as a human being completely take advantage of other human beings in that manner? Just how? However, all those feelings were punctuated by fear and then by pity when I heard the last minute. There was pure silence. That’s when I realized that death was actually caught on tape. Death. And that is something that I’m still trying to process. This man was sick in the head, I pity all the people who followed him and I rejoice somewhat for the children who are with God in Heaven now. This was hard to hear.

  • KHWV

    I have always wondered if the Ryan visit had been better planned, and better preparation taken for potiential defections, how many would have willing walked out?… For example, if Ryan and company would have showed up with enough armed US military personnel to control the almost 1000 people who were obviously hostile toward the visitors… I don’t mean they should have went in there hostile themselves with “guns a blazin'”, just there in case something went down.. Military personnel should have been present to guard the arsenal of weapons, at jonestown, while Ryan was visiting, to insure their safety… after all, he was a United States congressman in a very hostile environment and they had warning of the potiential danger…. Can you imagine the number of defections that would have happened if the US government went in there with some protection for the Ryan visit?……I realize hind sight is 20/20, and we weren’t even using the term fanatical cult until after Jonestown… but damn, wonder what would have happened that day if 80-90% of the members left?

  • david b

    its so fucking creepy how only his voice distorts throughout the whole video. that can not be a coincidence. this many was truly a demon

    • david b


  • Nina Airheart

    Jim Jones’ voice distorting scares the hell out of me.

  • Jin

    fucking fanatics. the only thing I’m mad about is that those kids die. where’s your god now?

  • Jin

    Where’s you god now? letting those kids die.

  • atheia

    I think the numbers don’t matter; 1 or 909, “the man” was about to get ’em. Even by moving half way around the world to some jungle, there’s no escaping “the man.”