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The Creepy Urban Legend of the Black Eyed Kids

8 years, 2 months ago
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For a few years now, a collection of strange stories about black eyed kids has been bouncing around the Internet via paranormal forums and supernatural chat rooms. These stories have a single originating point–a creepy experience reported by journalist Brian Bethel on January 16, 1998. Brian claims he was approached in his car by two children whose eyes were all black, meaning there was no white in their corneas. These children insisted Brian let them into his parked car, claiming they needed a ride to a telephone.

Brian claims he was overcome with a feeling of sheer panic, as though he were being hunted by a sinister predator. The more fearful he became the more insistent the kids became that he let them them in.

This story has since multiplied, reported by dozens of others: a woman who lives alone, who claims two kids knocked on her door at 11 PM demanding she let them in to use her restroom; a soldier alone in a Marines barracks, who found his courage under fire when two BEKs knocked at his door in the middle of the night; a lone camper, who claims he spent all night huddled in his tent terrified after two black eyed children randomly appeared in the woods and insisted he let them inside his tent.

The similarities in all the stories are as follows:

~It’s always two kids at night.
~They always have completely jet black eyes.
~The kids seem unnatural and almost alien in disposition.
~The kids repeatedly ask to be let inside, growing more and more hostile throughout the encounter.

The way we see it, there are three over-arching explanations for this phenomenon: paranormal, hoax, and cult.


The paranormal explanation is the one most often cited. Due to the lack of physical evidence, few paranormal researchers have claimed to believe this story 100%. However, there are many who think the black eyed kid legend has eerie similarities with a variety of traditional paranormal classifications.


Vampires traditionally have black eyes, especially directly prior to a feeding. Vampires also traditionally ask to be let in, a very consistent characteristic of the black eyed kids.
vampire girl


Sure, why not? Make them demons. All of the people who have reported experiences of BEKs recount feeling sheer terror in their presence, irrational terror that would normally not come about due to merely being approached by children.
children of the corn


Perhaps BEKs are the ghosts of deceased children, spirits who have lost their way. They don’t know they’re dead and are thus asking for help, but they’re no longer human and thus appear strange both in appearance and demeanor.
ghost children


All it would take for a couple of kids to keep this myth going is buying some black contact lenses and having the disposition to not crack up laughing during the ruse. The hoax explanation would appear to be the most likely one for people not inclined to believe in the paranormal. However, if this is a copycat hoax, a prank perpetuated by bored teens on a Friday night, it seems strange that there is not one reported incidence of a BEK breaking character and smiling or laughing. Even the teen vampire heartthrobs in the Twilight series aren’t that good at character acting.


With all the buckwild cults out there, it would not surprise us at all if there was one that involved devious kids. In some ways, this is just as terrifying as the demon explanation, and far more likely. There are hundreds of thousands of runaway children and they often get swept up into gangs and illegal activity.

What if it goes further than this? What if there’s a deranged serial killer out there who hypnotizes children, inducting them into his/her ‘family’ and then unleashing them upon the public? One could argue–and, in fact, many are–that the government does this on a daily basis.
What’s to say the black eyed kids aren’t a part of, or symbolic of, an experiment gone wrong, or an occult project cut loose?

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  • KayT8r

    On youtube (I’m aware it’s not the best site to source, but ya know…) there is this girl that goes by hauntedsunshinegirl. She does video’s on the paranormal and recently came out with a movie on her interest on BEK’s. From it I would classify them as Demonic. Please, you should see her videos. They are all in parts of her “Hunt for Black Eyed Kids feature films”.

  • Queso

    Look Up Coast To Coast Black Eyed Children on youtube its a radio broadcast its 2 hours and 37 minutes long ..

  • Kimberly Baughman

    Why do u think there are so many abductions?? I think part alien part children. Think about it. Black eye kids,Beware!! Everyone is @ risk!! Just say NO!!!

  • leslie

    that was kreepy and all but there are real spirets out there that are sckary
    u are A-holes if u dont belive in gost .

  • Timothy Whitcher

    The most obvious explanation is that the original story was completely fabricated as a hoax, and subsequent stories are also simple variations of the original, fabricated as well. There is some personal satisfaction in writing something that truly terrifies. I should know, I’m a horror author!

    • Elizabeth Jane

      I thoroughly agree! I am glad someone said what I always think whenever I read accounts of these BEK’s. It is also what I think about “reptilian” aliens (which are also biologically implausible). It is likely that these accounts are all made up, though I did read one account of a guy in Wal Mart who may have been a manager and in that case I believe it was a true report and that the young man was wearing black contact lenses. Considering that black contact lenses are sold over rhe internet for $99 and that some people must be buying them as fashion wear it is surprising that there are not more such reports, except that in reality people know that these people are not demons, vampires or spirits, but are just people wearing black contact lenses and so don’t bother to report them.

      • Contact lenses and weird kids is a logical conclusion. Possibly THE most logical conclusion. Don’t discount the possibility of cults.

      • tracy

        Biologically implausible? Check ur sources on that one…reptilian humanoids r very plausible ecspecially earths former form..think dinosaurs evolved..not my words..my professors.

    • 3Z3K13L

      I met a black eyed man in his 60s at work when I was 26 and my spirit, not my body was shaking so much I could barely function and I was scared to death as he kept looking at me in the restaurant where I was working. I couldn’t make it to his table for fear. That was in 1990 before I ever heard of such as story.

  • Dorothy Jane

    Anyone seen this?
    I hope it gets it’s funding in time, it’d be a really cool horror movie to add to the collection 🙂


  • pandasRULEtheWORLD

    BECs could be wearing black contact lenses.if they are not contact lenses…..
    i would be so freaked out right now. i hope they don’t live in texas, because tat would be
    really scary if they do. but, i don’t think they do!!!:)

    • formeremployee

      Don’t worry the chupacabra keeps them away from Texas 😉

  • TheHybrid-Intolocatur

    I’ll let you all in on a little secret….

    BLACK EYED KIDS are part alien hybrid, part recently deceased children.

    Where do these kids come from? Well lets just say, when a kid gets killed due to some fascist (thinking in terms of world leaders here) they live on as BLACK EYED CHILDREN….

    Children of the corn in other words. If you do let them in, they won’t kill you, they can’t harm you, they don’t like people and for the most part they exist to enact revenge on the murderers who killed them..

    • GetYooOut

      That actually makes perfect sense to me… O_O

      Hopefully they find their “killers” !!

  • The One1

    I SAW FEW TIMES children with black eyes!!! It was in one country on the Balkans, and not in America! I don’t know what and who they are, but I think humans who saw it, should just run away from it! And science should say something about it and resolve it!

  • RDG

    I’ve actually had something like this happen but it was only one and it was in a mirror. My little cousin said he saw someone that looked like my older brother in the mirror in my bedroom but his eyes were solid black and he had his hand raised towards my cousin like he was wanting him to take it.

  • David Gerards

    i think it is realy creepy, here a nice vid for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRtATuRrGAU

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  • lala

    i am vientnamease and my grandma saw a black eyed child once and it said can you buy some candy my grandma said were is the candy she said just please help me out my grandma said it is a little late why are you up and said sorry i cant by any then it came on a little stronger and said please and started crying, then my grandma caught herself opening the door and good thing she shut it or she might be dead now they say it says to kids can you play with me and the kids come play they turn you into black eyed child they are not children they are demons evil nobody knows what happens to the adults if they say yes and i dont want to know.