The Creepiest Places on Earth

3 years, 6 months ago
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All around the world there are ghost tales, haunted houses, possessions, and unexplainable events that have shown that humanity simply does not have everything figured out quite yet. It is a complex and strange world out there, full of mysteries ready to be explored, but some of these mysteries you may want to experience with a few friends.

Whether it is a story about a shadow in a hotel murdering an innocent young girl, or severed limbs found buried under the porch of an old home, there is no shortage of creepy happenings that are sure to quicken your pulse and send shivers down your spine. Get ready to explore some of the creepiest places on planet Earth.

Peep the Creepiness


Home to Jack the Ripper, and a lot of other creepy, strange, and downright disgusting criminals and happenings, London remains one of the most haunted cities in the world. So why is London such a hotspot for paranormal activity? Well London has a long and dark history. Lots of corruption, scandal, murder, and filth. There was a time when London nearly drowned in their own feces, literally, until proper canals were built London’s population grew so fast they could not shovel out the excrement fast enough and it poured out onto the streets, causing many to die from various diseases.

Mexico, The Island of the Dolls 

A spectacle that is certain to give you chills, the Island of the Dolls literally has dolls strung up all over the island. This is a phenomenon none of the locals can explain. What the locals do see, however, is the dolls moving their hands and whispering to passing boatmen to lure them on to the island.

Japan, Aokigahara 

Known as the suicide forest, this is one of the hottest paranormal spots on the entire planet. It has become a tradition for hundreds of people to commit suicide in this forest, and it seems that some decide to stick around even after they are dead. There is even a sign before entering this forest that says to consult the police before you decide to die. If that isn’t enough to creep you out you may not have a pulse either.

Italy, Craco 

The last humans to habitate this area left over 50 years ago for unknown reasons. Nobody has since returned to this site, as it is believed that it harbors evil entities and spirits that don’t take kindly to trespassers.

Czech Republic, Sedlec Ossuary 

This Ossuary may seem pretty innocuous at first, that is until you realize that all the splendor of the chandeliers and garlands are made from human skeletons and skulls. This creepy interior design choice is enough to put fear and fascination into anyone.

Italy, Poveglia 

This spot was used to dump plague victims, and there are so many human remains that you are likely to sail your boat right through human skeletons, and they also commonly wash up on the shores.

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