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The Best of Spirit Photography

6 years, 9 months ago
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The quest to capture ghosts on film dates back to somewhere around the mid-1800s. Not surprisingly, this type of photography has stirred up much controversy over the years and has been the subject of numerous paranormal debates. Sadly, spirit photography has been so over-saturated with fraud that it has severely damaged the reputation of modern efforts, making it incredibly difficult for many of today’s paranormal experts to be taken seriously.

Strangely, spirit photography seems to provide the most scientific evidence of ghosts. There still exist many ghost photographs that can’t be explained. The following are some of our favorite vintage spirit photographs. Enjoy!

1920s Ectoplasm Photos

Albert Von Schrenck was a German physician who did a great deal of paranormal research in the early 1900s and even published a few notable books on the subject. He’s most famous for claiming to have discovered ectoplasm during the course of his investigations. The following photographs taken by Albert Von Schrenck purportedly demonstrate the emission of ectoplasm.

Take note that he used netting over the subjects to prevent trickery in the form of oral regurgitation. These photos are very eerie to say the least, and modern debunkers still have a tough time explaining these.



Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is a ghost that allegedly haunts Raynham Hall in Norfolk. It became one of the most famous hauntings in England when photographers from Country Life magazine claimed to have captured its image in 1934. This picture is not only one of the most famous ghosts pictures ever… it still cannot be explained.


Unknown Ghost Photo

The following photo was taken by an unknown photographer in 1929. It shows ectoplasm materializing over a man’s face.


The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

The ghost photo of Lincoln was taken by William H. Mumler in the 1860s. Mumler invented spirit photography by accident when he discovered a second person in a photograph he took of himself, which was actually just a double exposure. Seeing there was a market for it, Mumler started taking people’s pictures and adding the negatives of lost loved ones into them for large sums of money. Mumler’s fraud was eventually exposed after he put identifiable living people in the photos as spirits.

Lincoln ghost

Telekinesis Manifestation

The photo below was taken in 1912 and shows Eva Carriere with a light manifestation between her hands and a materialization on her head. Eva C was a prominent spiritualist and psychic in the early 20th century.


William Hope’s Ghost Photos

The picture shown below were unearthed from a mysterious photo album found in a thrift store. They were taken by William Hope, who is one of the most well known spirit photographers of the 20th century. Although these photos are explainable as double exposures, there’s still something incredibly creepy about them.






Unknown Photo of Ectoplasm Manifestation


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