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The 7 Scariest Commercials Ever Made

7 years, 4 months ago
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Since the advent of television we have been bombarded with strange, disturbing and sometimes downright scary forms of video advertisements. The very concept of an advertisement is kind of creepy–a soulless outside entity trying to worm its way into your head and convince you to think a certain way and buy a certain product.

So, in the spirit of bad ad campaigns, let’s examine some of the most unintentionally disturbing commercials of all time:

Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

The Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask really takes the cake for freakiest infomercial ever made. It’s no wonder it was pulled off the market soon after this totally disturbing infomercial was released. Although, you can still pick up one of the remaining five masks on Amazon–chainsaw and machette not included.

Baby Laugh A lot

Before The Exorcist there was Baby Laugh A lot. This commercial is guaranteed to scar any child for life, or anyone coming down off drugs who happens to watch. We just can’t figure out which is scarier…the doll or the kids.

Norton Furniture

‘Weird as hell’ are the perfect words to express what we are feeling after watching this totally bizarre made for local cable commercial. This guy is either the biggest stoner on earth or a serial killer.

Early Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald just passed Pennywise from It as the scariest clown of all time. This is some serious Stephen King noise right here. Show me one parent who would even let their child within 200 yards of this terrifying clown…please just make it stop!

Cursed Japanese Kleenex

We’re pretty sure the director of The Ring took his inspiration from this creepy 1980s spot. In fact, there are quite a few Japanese urban legends surrounding this commercial. It’s been rumored that the main actress was later institutionalized, and that the entire film crew died within a couple years of the shoot. We looked into this and couldn’t find any information to support that claim.

The Meth Project

This is hands down the most disturbing commercial ever made… period!

Creepy Smokey The Bear

The executive who approved this haunting Smokey the Bear ad had to be insane. A cross dressing Smokey the Bear mixed with a lady coming down from heroin…well, now we’ve seen everything.

In our opinion, there’s something just a little creepy about all advertisements. But the ones above are short propaganda masterpieces, likely directed by Satan himself–or at least his marketing team.

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  • frankie09

    that Rejuvenique commercial endorsed by Linda Evans did quite come of
    somewhat freaky where you see women in an array of satin lingerie donning
    the mask where they end up looking like monstrous rejects from Dr Who
    and an creepy gimmick that you wear for Halloween as an cheap serial killer mask
    even the shocking pulses in the mask is enough to give anyone the creeps not advisable
    using it whilst wearing flammable materials like satin just in case and mainly aimed at women
    but the commercial still haunts people today.