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The 5 Best Vampire Movies You’ve Never Seen

5 years, 7 months ago
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Vampire movies are a dime a dozen these days, but only a handful of them are worthy of sinking your teeth into. The following movies are lesser known vampire movies that are all micro-masterpieces in their own right. They are not trying to satisfy anyone’s prefabricated notions of what pop culture says a vampire movie should be. For this reason, I find them fascinating. They were all made because the filmmaker saw certain beautiful and horrible images in their minds and had to put them on screen, using the vampire mythology as a road map. Now I present to you the best indie vampires you’ve never seen!

Bon appetit!

5) Martin


Films like George Romero’s Martin don’t come along too often, especially from Hollywood. Martin is one of the more thought-provoking vampire films out there. The idea of the vampire is completely stripped of all its cinematic romanticism. Martin doesn’t sleep in coffins or have any supernatural powers. Instead, Martin stalks attractive women, drugs them and then drinks their blood. He’s more like a serial killer who fiends for blood. Despite his murderous nature, he is both sympathetic and likable. He’s a human vampire who’s trapped in a nightmarish lifestyle. The atmosphere is both dark and gritty. This is definitely Romero’s best non-zombie film.

4) We Are The Night


There seems to be some hate for this movie on Rotten Tomatoes; I’ve even seen some critics comparing this film to Twilight, which is just blasphemous. In our humble opinion, We Are The Night is the most original addition to the vampire genre since Let The Right One In, period. It’s also filled with slick production, amazing camera work, great music and lots of action – lots of blood, too. It’s thoughtful without being too serious. The acting is strong and consistent and you won’t find a better lesbian vampire movie that’s this action packed out there. Do not see the overdubbed American version either; it’s terrible.

3) Midnight Son


I honestly loved this movie. I’ve been thinking about it for days since seeing it. Midnight Son one of those rare horror films that will stay with you long after it’s been viewed. Midnight Son isn’t so much a horror film in the traditional sense; it’s more of a dark-twisted-psychological horror intertwined with romance. The script is subtle but clever and although a slow burn of a movie, watching it crescendo into flames is truly engrossing. If you’re a fan of subtle but artfully crafted horror films you will love Midnight Son.

2) Kiss Of The Damned


This is one of my favorite vampire movies ever. If you’re into stylized movies like House of the Devil, you will love this oversexed vampire film. Kiss of the Damned is a celebration of what made the 70s Italian horror films of Dario Argento and Mario Bava so thrilling in the first place. The real pleasures of this film don’t come from the story but from its dark erotic mood and beautiful visuals. If you love 1970s vampire sexploitation films, this movie will be a real treat. Plus, there’s just enough dark blood oozing and clever horror elements to keep the horror hounds satisfied. The soundtrack is slick too!

1) Let The Right One In


Ok so you’ve probably heard this Swedish vampire movie was everything that Twilight wanted to be but isn’t–terrifying, beautiful, twisted, dark and rooted in love and relationships. The film raises the bar to new levels as to what a vampire movie can be and how horror movies can affect us emotionally. What we eventually discover in the film is that what’s most terrifying is the haunting adolescent love between the two main characters. Let the Right One In is not only one of the greatest vampire movies ever made, it’s the perfect romantic horror movie. We can guarantee you that when the main character Oskar asks Eli to be his girlfriend and she responds “I’m not a girl”…you will be floored.

How about you? What are some of your favorite vampire films?

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  • Dave Parker

    And…the remake (Let Me In) was as good as this original!

    • over the moon

      As good, except for not being the original. Quarantine is ‘as good’ as Rec but you gotta give the nod to Rec since it was the original. It’s harder to generate an entirely original script and concept than to adapt something to American language….in my opinion.

  • Spam

    Nice. I am obsessed with Vampire films, though as a filmmaker this is often a curse because so many of them are so so horrible. But this is a great list, and though I’ve seen Let the Right One In (one of my all time favourite films ever), I’m certainly going to give the other’s a try. If you can get a copy of it try out “Nadja”, its a bizarre little film, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • Jared Salas

      Awesome! I’m going to have to check out Nadja. I love vampire movies too. It’s crazy that for how many vampire movies are out there…there’s only a handful that are good.

  • scrappybilly

    You couldn’t have selected a better screenshot for Kiss of the Damned.

  • prime21joe

    Afflicted…great movie, original, well acted, and not the typical hollywood glam-vamp. Imo, right on par with Let the right one in, even better. Check it out!

  • aStingRae

    I’d like to add, perhaps as a bonus, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night to this list. It’s kind of like Let The Right One In in the way that there’s a relationship forming but, in my opinion, it isn’t done in a very cliché way. There’s lots of lovely music. And, in fact, when the vampire spends alone time with the protagonist, they’re listening to a song that sets the mood amazingly as well as explains how both of them are feeling. Even though they’re portrayed as adults, they don’t jump right into sex; instead, ___ spends her time listening to his heartbeat like it’s the most fascinating thing in the world. I hope you guys do a review (if you haven’t already).