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The 12 Scariest Dolls Ever Made

7 years, 21 days ago
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There’s nothing quite like a possessed doll to give you nightmares for two consecutive weeks. Let’s face it, dolls are creepy as hell, especially old, raggedy dolls that smell like lighter fluid. Their glassy eyes reflect images and memories of unspeakable horror, yet their faces remain expressionless, content.

Below we present to you the scariest dolls ever. Warning: these images may give you pediophobia, an anxiety disorder associated with the fear of dolls.


This picture is downright bone chilling. We definitely won’t be putting this doll on our Christmas list this year. Run for the hills…


We wish we new the story behind this picture. Whatever’s going on looks beyond horrifying!



‘Deconstruction of the doll’…this could make for a pretentious paper on gender roles or a creepy memory of a sinister little boy who played with dolls–your pick.


“Come play with us…”


Believe it or not, this was actually the first crawling children’s doll, patented in 1871. It’s beyond scary looking. What’s even more disturbing is back then “crawling” was actually called “creeping”, which is where it got its name…”The Creeping Baby Doll”.


This would be great to leave on someone’s doorstep or send to a friend as a gift in the mail. Maybe throw in a few severed fingers so they know you mean business.


Back in the 1920s, they actually used to make dolls with two faces…as if one face on a doll wasn’t creepy enough.


This is the kind of doll someone brings back from a trip to South America, only to realize it is possessed and murdering your neighbors in their sleep.


Mandy is an antique porcelain doll from the 1910s that’s supposedly possessed. She currently resides in the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia, where both staff and guests have reported hearing the sounds of a baby crying at night as well as tiny footsteps on the stairwells.



The person holding this doll makes it one of the scariest dolls of all time.




This is actually a newer doll made by artist Shain Erin. This will go down in doll history as one of the creepiest dolls ever made.




No words can describe how terrifying this doll is. Just imagine waking up with this thing standing on your bedside table…we may never sleep again.


In the 1970s, a doll named Baby Laugh-a-Lot was unleashed unto the world and proceeded to strike terror into the hearts of innocent little girls. Once in her thrall, unspeakable evil comes to all who hear her terrifying cackle. This is hands down the scariest doll of all time. Watch below…

Watch Baby Laugh-a-lot below with low batteries….terrifying.


Robert the Doll — Legendary 100 year old “evil” doll is considered to be one of the most haunted dolls in the world. He was the inspiration for Chucky and has become a fixture of ghost tours in the Key West Florida area. We will probably be cursed just for posting his picture.


You can watch the full story of Robert here:

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  • coolkatspepperment

    i love this soooooooo much!!! i love studying about creppy moveing or possessed dolls! are you excited to see the new Annabelle movie in 2015? i know im just a 8 in a half kid but i love scarry.

  • UFDC

    1. Learn the difference between a doll and a ventriloquist dummy.
    2. That is not Talking Tina, that is a German Shirley Temple. Talking Tina was a plastic doll by Vogue
    3. Mandy is composition, not porcelain.
    4. The picture at 4. is a fake.

    This list is sloppy and lazy- total fail.

    • The Ghost Diaries

      Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day.

      • thevaliant x

        You should be thanking him for fixing your crap of a website.

    • JK

      Wow, you know so much about dolls! Why do I get the feeling you own a massive collection, and have creepy tea parties with them, all alone in your attic?

  • JaceAddams

    I actually have the doll in #4. It’s the EXACT same one 😛

    • The Ghost Diaries

      Sleep with one eye open…

  • Nightmares

    Baby laugh a lot with low batteries. How is that scary? That is the funniest shit i have ever seen in my fucking life! XD

  • Mystical__UFO

    it wasnt tht scary until #2 and #1. i was like AHHHHHHH WTF WTF IS THT! ITS NOT JUST A DOLL!!! ITS LIKE A EVIL LAUGHING PUPPET! no wait it’s actually AN EVIL LAUGHING DOLL! well i wasnt tht scaird and dont judge how i spell

  • vanich

    i have the mandy doll i bought it at the better liveing cernter in athens tn . shes been in my home and things has been happening in my house late at night from crashing boxes to opening doors but im ok with her.shes took good care of but this doll needs someone that is not scared of her presants and thats me i love the supernateral stuff and i love this doll its very nice in my home. haunted dolls need a little tlc if you want them to like you.

  • Hanna

    This is pretty cool

    • Hanna Witbeck


  • Dília Alves Corceiro Teixeira

    Sorry, this list is not complete without Pirulin Pipi by Famosa!

  • Brataley

    Nothing is SO scary about it

  • nikky

    are they real

    • Someone

      The dolls themselves sure are, the ghost stories behind them not so much.

  • Nemm

    #14 is a modern Living Dead Doll photoshopped into an old photo. Her name is Posey.

  • Holly

    Forgot about the creepy dolls when I hit the dashing ventriloquist lol damn.

  • robert the doll

    i <3 dolls

  • Lol

    The laughing doll… ugh. That reminds me, though, a doll I had and loved deeply as a child (because she was sweet and not creepy at all) had to be returned to the store because she was faulty and used up batteries like crazy as a result and whenever they were low, my adorable doll would make these otherworldly horrifying sounds that, according to my sister, were like a dinosaur’s voice.