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Terrifying Real Life Ouija Board Stories Part 1.

4 years, 1 month ago
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The mystifying oracle known as the “Ouija Board” has been a sensation among paranormal enthusiasts and people of all ages up until this day. Originally re-invented as a parlor game by the Fuld brothers in 1898, they decided to cash in on the spiritualism craze and the board became a phenomenon. The Egyptians (before the birth of the board) would use a similar technique to contact their deceased ancestors, which involved a ring suspended by a thread and then they would hold it over a board with symbols on it.

Despite the fact that the board has racked up some pretty bad reputation, people don’t seem to care and still try to make contact with their loved one or they simply use it as s novelty game. But be careful what you do, because the board is like a phone, someone you might not know can answer your call and that is the case with the stories down below.


 I was about 19/20 (I’m 45 now) when a bunch of my buddies and I decided to play with the ouija one boring night at college. we started to ask the typical questions what is your name? how did you die? etc. The board didn’t do much at first so we thought that we were doing something wrong. One of my buddies (highly impatient as usual) started to yell at the board and threw it up against the wall. After that, we told him to chill out and he pulled to the side while the rest of us kept on playing. Suddenly, he starts laughing like a maniac and starts pulling his hair out, we had to hold him down and slap him around a few times to make him come too. I’ve never touched a board again.



I moved into a new apartment where the previous tenant had passed away of natural causes. I invited my friends over for dinner and then we decided to play with it. No one knew the ladies name but me and that’s who we contacted. At first, she seemed to be nice and answered all of our questions, but when my friend asked her (thinking it was me moving the planchette) if she gets “laid” it took a turn for the worse. The lights started to flicker, some items that were on the table next to board flew off and then in a low but powerful growl “Get out”, I freaked out and we never played or talked about that night.


When I was 13 I got really obsessed with the ouija board, I didn’t leave it even when I went to sleep. I used to talk to several spirits but then one day I met Derek, I’ve been talking to him day in and day out, he’s like the best friend I’ve never had. Now I’m 26 and Derek and I are as happy as the first day, he’s my soul mate. I love my husband.

vintage ouija


I played along time ago and talked to a spirit of a guy named Aaron. He was the one that would talk to me the most and told me that he was going to be my protector and not to be afraid of him. One time I was walking down the street and I was about to cross when  suddenly I felt a push that sent me almost to the other side. I felt a pair of cold hands literally on my back when this happened. If I hadn’t been pushed out of the way that day, I would have been hit by a car that came out of nowhere. Until this day ( I don’t play anymore) I still believe that Aaron is with me at all times.


A bunch of us gather at a party one time and of course someone took out the board to play. Well most of us knew how the board worked, you know that whole be respectful, no cell phones say goodbye etc. Well, it turns out to be that the main person who actually bought the board didn’t know so she forgot to say goodbye to the board at the end of the session. After that when the house was almost empty, we started to hear knocking and a baby crying from the basement door. We were all scared but managed to get the courage to go towards the door, when we got there nothing and no one was there. It creeped me out and she learned to say goodbye.



I played one time (one time was enough) I made the mistake of playing with the board alone which people told me it was a big no no but still I didn’t listen. At first, everything was fine and nothing really happens until I contacted the spirit of a little girl named Monica, she seemed sweet so I didn’t mind playing with a 14-year-old. One thing let to another and as I got comfortable she told me that her neighbor had killed her, then things started to turn dark from there. She said that I needed to be careful because my neighbor was going to kill me, it was going to hurt and I was going to suffer and she told me how much she wanted me to suffer like she did. I stopped playing and never talked to Monica again and thank goodness I’m fine. Till this day, I wonder why she said that to me she was so nice.


I was having a private gathering with a few of my friends (we are all adults) but for some reason, some of us were skeptic when someone brought the conversation about ouija boards. As the night progressed and we got into the subject a little more, basically some of them were skeptic and some others weren’t, one of my friends happened to have a board with them so we decided to play and make believers out of the skeptic ones. To make a long story short one of them asked if they were real to possess him, big mistake. My friend after the session started acting weird and started talking about how he wanted to commit suicide. We convince him to stay the night and everything went back to normal. I lost touch with most of them but I did find out that my old friend ended up committing suicide about 2/3 years after.

creepy ouija board


When I was younger (and stupid) I went with my friends one night to the cemetery and we decided to play. We started and immediately we made contact with a pair of siblings a boy named Jason and Kathy. They explained to us that they had died at a young age and that they were very lonely, they asked us if they could come home with us to keep us company. As much as I felt sorry, it crept us out and we left without saying goodbye. Years passed and I forgot all about it until my kids (I have a set of twins) came running one day telling me how they had made new imaginary friends, their name happened to be Jason and Kathy and they told my kids that they knew me, my blood ran cold that day and as much as I try to ignore it, my kids are still playing with them.


Till this day I regret the fact that my friends convinced me to play that faithful night. Something came thru that night and it has been with me ever since. I know it’s something demonic, I cannot explain and people don’t believe me but I see it all the time, in my dreams, in the shower and even when I’m walking around in a crowded place. I see “It’s” face wherever I turn, so if you decide to “play” make sure that’s what you really want because someone can attach themselves to you and never leave.



About 3 years ago I had a dream about a friend passing away, a friend whom I had lost touched with for a while. I ended up finding out that she did, in fact, passed away so I thought it was a sign and I decided to use my personal board ( I don’t use it much, but I have it in storage) to contact her. As I made contact with her she told me a few things and basically what she wanted was to say goodbye to me and for me to let her family know not to worry and that she was ok. As I was about to say goodbye, she told me that that man I was about to marry was no good for me and that was all. I decided to follow her advice and looked into my “fiance” a little deeper. Turns out to be that he was wanted in Canada for multiple crimes. I thank my friend every day for that and now I’m happily married to a wonderful guy, I wouldn’t have met him without her advice.

Do you have a creepy ouija experience of your own? Share it with us in the comment section or feel free to follow me on my social media pages in the meantime remember.. Sweet Screams.

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