Taking Back ‘Paranormal’

7 years, 2 months ago
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The Ghost Diaries was created under a fairly simple driving mantra: 96% of the universe is unknown, and that’s pretty cool. As citizens of the free world, most of us have grown up in a consumer vacuum, brainwashed from birth to think monsters aren’t real and the world is largely understood. The news from the front lines paints a different picture: as sure as TV static is leftover noise from the Big Bang, our little cranny of reality here is absurd, and the world is paranormal.
waking life
‘Paranormal’ is a term that has been appropriated by people and agencies who have an invested interest in categorizing fringe thinkers as crazy, their theories without merit. To that end, ghosts, demons, UFOs and conspiracy theories are all lumped together as the laughable antithesis to rational thought, science, and democracy.

This is unfortunate.

We don’t know if ghosts are real. Paranormal activity, psychic powers and the like have never been scientifically proven in any kind of clinical environment. But the “margins of reality” have widened, and recent studies suggest consciousness CAN affect the physical universe on a quantum level. Extrapolating further, ghosts could be sentient forces, relics of past information patterns, or nothing at all–fictions of our unconscious.

The Ghost Diaries will soon be conducting our own exclusive ghost hunts and will be reporting our findings without hyperbole. In other words, we won’t regale you with anything even closely approximating the unintentionally farcical mainstream ghost hunting videos you’ve grown accustomed to.

We don’t know if demons are real, or mere representations of information. Religious zeal has never been our forte, but neither has knitting–and that’s very real. The Ghost Diaries would like to launch an independent study of demonology and exorcism, to discover if demons really do represent entities from other dimensions. Perhaps demons are merely visions of extraterrestrials. This is a thesis explored most brilliantly in Arthur C. Clark’s Childhood’s End.

And, while we don’t know if UFOs are aliens, we do know they’re real. Something is happening in our skies and it’s complicated, methodical and likely full of dark truths. GD has always been hesitant to classify extraterrestrials as paranormal. If they exist (and we think they almost certainly do) they would be as real as any of us, as opposed to say a ghost, which would represent a different form of existence.
dark matter
The Ghost Diaries disagrees with almost all mainstream uses of the word ‘paranormal’. To our minds, the universe generating itself and expanding exponentially into nothingness or an infinite multiverse–all the while creating a hundred billion galaxies–IS paranormal. Especially when you consider that 96% of this universe is fueled by an undetectable dark matter and energy that has no current explanation, we believe such nebulous mechanisms qualify as paranormal. And if the universe is paranormal, that means everything is paranormal–consciousness, language, society, power…truth.

So the next time you hear the word ‘paranormal’ used in relation to a UFO sighting, or ‘fringe’ used to denounce an alternative explanation to a mainstream theory, remember: the universe itself is a conspiracy theory and our every waking moment is fringe.

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