Staying Scared: 3 Creepy Online Games We Can’t Get Enough Of

4 months, 14 days ago
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Ready for the thrill of a lifetime? These gut-wrenching games are sure to please, tease and make you fall to your knees in horror.

Do you like a good scare? So, do we. There’s nothing better than feeling that shiver run down your spine as you gear up to wreck some monsters on the big screen. But sometimes, everybody needs a little inspiration about what to play. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite ghastly games.

Ramp Up the Terror with Alien: Blackout

Get ready for some bone-chilling adventures because the latest and greatest in a long line of extraterrestrial horrors are here. We’re talking, of course, about the awesomely abominable Alien: Blackout, a game released in January of 2019. The ghoulish gurus down at D3 Go!, a terrifying team of professionals looking to knock your socks off and make you put your nightlight on, developed the game in darkness.

So, what’s the deal? You play Amanda Ripley, a heroine fighting off a new horde of aliens (xenomorphs) on the Mendel space station of Weyland-Yutani. You must guide your stalwart crew of four to safety and outsmart the invaders at the same time, all while racing against the clock to avoid being stuck in a power outage.

The game is a real gut-wrenching experience, as the alien is unpredictable and never makes the same move more than once. That means you must be on your toes as well, able to guess what may happen and plan accordingly. The gameplay focuses on cutting off the creature rather than fighting it outright — you’ll need to avoid it, trap it, cut off the power to its section of the ship and other tactical moves.

Infographic by Horror Freak News – The most recent game still holds true to many features of the movie franchise, with your main weapon being the airlocks to keep the alien away.

Keep in mind that these xenomorphs are based off some of the most frightening movie aliens of all time, so you should get ready for a good scare. What’s even more thrilling is that this game is one of strategical mastery rather than aggression, which is good for those who like a challenge. Those who want to try their hand at battling the alien can purchase the game for €5.49 in the App Store or Google Play.

Want a real idea of the game before you start to play? IGN explains the pros and cons of Alien: Blackout. We’ll give you a spoiler alert: It did quite well.

Stay Awake for Nightmare on Elm Street

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you! If you’re searching for creepy casino fun and excitement, then look no further than the chilling Nightmare on Elm Street slot game. Fashioned from pure horror by the gaming gurus down at 888casino’s Section 8 Studio, this slot delivers an electric mixture of straight terror and engaging gameplay based on everyone’s favorite bedtime villain, Freddy Krueger.

Don’t fall asleep as you spin these five reels along three rows of video slot fun. If you manage to land a winning payline, then you might get to see a clip straight from the movie. These usually revolve around ill-fated characters meeting their doom, but Freddy also makes appearances throughout the game.

Feature image Credit: Max Pixel / CC0

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