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‘Spooky Action’: 3 Mind Blowing Ramifications of Quantum Entanglement

6 years, 8 months ago
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The following is a highly speculative article about possible future uses of quantum entanglement. If overwrought speculation bothers you, we recommend you not read it. On the other hand, if you like imagining the dazzling potentialities of quantum theory, godspeed you black emperor!

Sending Information Through Time

One of the startling conclusions of modern quantum theory is that particles can affect one another even from great distances–a phenomenon known as non-locality. Essentially, what this means is that if a particle breaks into two, these two fragments will effect one another throughout the universe, even if they’re separated by millions of light years. Einstein famously referred to it as “spooky action at a distance”.

Recent discoveries are highly suggestive of non-locality occurring not just over space, but time as well. Incredibly, the implication of this is that future actions may affect past events.

Quantum computing scientists are beginning to imagine the encoding of information into qubits, quantum bits that would exist in a state of superposition, thus in two places at once. By building a quantum computer with trapped ions, scientists would have millions of qubits entangled and in states of superpositions.

This would essentially be an act of teleporting quantum states through space/time and Dr. Richard Low from the University of Bristol thinks it could someday create a kind of paradox-free time travel.

Maybe we have an explanation for all the UFOs after all….

Communication with Aliens and Non-Human Intelligence

Although this is, of course, highly speculative, there are scientists out there who believe that quantum computers will be our link to communicating with not only alien intelligence but artificial intelligence. The reasoning behind this is that quantum entanglement bridges large chunks of space through the non-locality principle. It therefore may be possible for us to communicate with aliens who live further away in the universe, aliens who may be separated from us by billions of light years, living in a galaxy far, far away. Perhaps there are even messages left behind from the ancient history of the universe–left on a kind of cosmic quantum message board–that we could stumble upon.

On the other side of speculation, it is widely believed that quantum computing will not only greatly enhance artificial intelligence, it may be our link to effectively communicating with it. Not only has Google created its own quantum artificial intelligence lab–headed by none other than futurist Ray Kurzweil–the NSA recently dumped $2 billion into the acquisition and development of the D-Wave 512 qubit quantum supercomputer. This computer will be able to perform operations that would take normal computers a million years to complete. The goal is for advanced encryption breaking capabilities, “total information awareness” and the world’s first fully sentient, self-improving AI mind, code-named Vesuvius.

quantum AI

Life After Death

The previous two applications have been based on technological innovation and man-made quantum supercomputing. The third ramification of quantum entanglement involves the universe’s own built-in quantum supercomputer, the most powerful computer in existence.

There is a new conceptualization for life after death forming that has nothing to do with angels but rather microtubules in our brain that basically act as eternal quantum motherboards. The information of our ‘souls’, so to speak, may be retained within the fabric of the universe. It’s a pretty baffling theory:

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