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Signs of Spirits – Why You Haven’t Seen a Sign from Your Deceased Loved One

5 years, 9 months ago
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Many people are dismayed when they don’t receive a sign from their loved one shortly after passing. Much of this might be due to the spirit itself.

According to psychic medium Barbara Williams, it depends on the spirit. “I have contacted spirits as soon as a week, but the conversations haven’t been lengthy since they do not have much energy for a while. It takes at least a few months to a year for them to build up enough energy for a longer visit.”

While the soul is eternal, this doesn’t mean the recently deceased are willing, or even capable of communication, especially if their deaths were difficult or unexpected. It often takes them time to come to terms with what has happened to them. When they’re ready, they will reach out to those they wish to communicate with.

If the death was sudden or traumatic, it might take them even longer to return. According to psychic medium Raymond Richard, “They don’t immediately go to where everyone else goes. Their souls go to a place where they can heal first.” This is especially true for people who took their own lives. They need enough time to mend before they can move on.

If this is the case, the sign might be fleeting in nature. People often miss them because they aren’t what they were expecting them to be. Our logical minds take the information and find a sensible explanation for it, even if it truly doesn’t fit. It’s easier for us to rationalize it, instead of seeing it for what it really is.

Here are a few of the lesser known signs

1. Physical Signs


Sometimes, our loved ones send us a message through a physical sign. In August of 1982, Marion Luoma and several family members drove back from Iowa from her sister Stacy’s wedding. It had been a long drive and they were looking forward to finally getting home.

As they neared Highway 202, her mother who was in the car with her began having massive chest pains. As she pressed her hand to her chest, she knew something had happened. “Something is wrong with the family,” she said.

The chest pains immediately eased up, so they continued on their way home. As they came through the door, the phone was ringing. It was her mother’s sister calling to tell them that Marion’s grandfather had died. He died of an aneurism in his heart at the exact moment when her mother began having the strange chest pains.

2. Random Dreams


If a loved one comes to you in a dream to say goodbye, we often accept this as a sign, but what if the dream feels random? Laura Pelletier hoped for a sign from her mother, but after seven years nothing happened. Then, one night she had a strange dream.

In the dream, she asked her brother where her mother was. He told her that she was at the 99 Restaurant in Methuen, Massachusetts, having a drink with Rich.

Rich had been a close friend of her mothers who had also passed away. It made perfect sense to Laura that her mother would be having a drink with him in her favorite restaurant. While it wasn’t the direct communication she had hoped for, she knew that the message was real. Her mother was safe and happy, having a drink with an old friend in a comfortable location.

3. Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head


Mary Lou Moriarty ‘s father had been gone for nearly a month when she woke up one morning with a song playing through her mind. The song was Papa Can You Hear Me? from the musical Yentyl byBarbara Streisand.

The song made her think of her father. He had always enjoyed singing and even sang in a choir. While she never heard him sing that particular song, it was bittersweet nonetheless. She’s fairly certain he would have known it and would have appreciated her thoughts about him.

As she started her morning, she found herself singing the song aloud. Moments later, a spatula flew up out of a crock filled with utensils and landed on the floor beside her. It was one of the first signs he gave her.

The only problem was in determining if he liked the song or not. Mary-Lou said he had a great sense of humor, so he probably was playing a prank on her.

4. Flickering Lights


Maria DeFatima (pictured above with her late mother) knows that her mother is around her frequently. When her mother grew ill, Maria cared for her until her death in 2013. She has received many signs from her mother over the years.

“I was in my kitchen Saturday and I just knew she was with me. I started singing the song I sang to her while she was passing ‘I believe in angels’ one of the light bulbs kept flickering and I thought nooo but it kept doing it until I finished singing thinking the bulb would go out but it didn’t! I miss her so much and she knows it,” she said.

Our loved ones are around us, sending us signs. We often miss them because they aren’t the type of signs that we expected. For more information about signs loved ones send us, along with dozens of heartwarming stories, please check out my new book. Signs of Spirits – When Loved Ones Visit

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and author from central Massachusetts. When she isn’t investigating or writing, she also teaches a Paranormal 101 class online and in Gardner, MA. To learn more about her, visit her website Jonimayhan.com


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  • Suzanna Natalie Valentine

    I used to believe all of this but i’ve lost a lot of faith in it. My daughter died suddenly aged 33. She wasn’t ill or anything and i know she would have contacted me in the last 18 months if she could. I keep seeing others say they’ve had signs and i’ve had nothing. She died of something she took but it was accidental. She had a traumatic life before that. I’m frightened for her and live with my guilt of not being able to save her every day. There is no joy in life any more and if she could let me know she was ok she would but nothing. I’ve spoken to a couple of online mediums. One said she is with me all the time and another said she hasn’t come yet. They can’t both be right. I’m left with little belief now and am very frightened for my daughter.

    • Terry Hoppa

      Get a referral to a medium who is really good. I had a telephone reading with Mollie Morning Star (www.molliemorningstar.com) and was able to ‘talk’ to my son immediately. It’s expensive but the healing was priceless for me. Plus the session is recorded so you can listen to it at times you are missing her. Love & light to you. Signed, A Bereaved Mother & Former Atheist

      • Suzanna Natalie Valentine

        I’d be interested to know why you’re a ‘former’ atheist just because you believe in the afterlife. Why do you think the two have to go together? Religion hijacked the afterlife concept.

    • Kris Willis Lambourne

      Hi Suzanna, I feel the same. I lost my son tragically. I use to believe there was a better place but since my son’s passing I have had no sign what so ever. I feel so disheartened. I only want my son to be free, free of pain and guilt. I just need to feel all that love he had inside of him instead of aching inside.

      • kevin morra

        Well ladies there’s a difference between the spirit and the soul. The spirit is that part of them that exists within you. Their soul is who they were and is no longer in this universe nor tied to it. You know them well enough to know what they would say in any given situation. That’s the spirit. It’s in you. Their influence is inside of you. You have a piece of them with you. Talk to them in your daydreams. They will answer back because you know what they would say. They are you and you are them. We were created from the dust of this universe, but our essence or soul was not. It’s back from whence it came. No medium can help you because there are none. Just people convinced they are mediums, and they charge a hefty price and give conflicting information because they have no connection to the afterlife. No more connection than you or I. They are part of the dust of this universe just like you and I. Notice how all the supposedly good mediums are “expensive” Your kids are fine. Now you need to make you fine. Move on with the world. Your time will come soon enough and your souls will be in the same place again.

        • Suzanna Natalie Valentine

          hi Kevin. Sorry have only just seen this reply. I have come to the conclusion that there are no real psychics/mediums in the world but that there is still an afterlife. Its very hard even after three years to watch people online say they have signs every day. Leaves me frightened for my daughter. I even had an online medium contact me out of the blue from america who must have seen my fb posts. She said “i’ve had contact from your daughter. She is distressed and afraid and wants to be back on earth”. I have never gotten over that and the cruelty of it removed whatever belief i had left. I was an atheist who believed in the afterlife. Nothing to do with god for me. But more to do with multiple dimensions etc. Whatever the truth i live every single day with guilt, anguish and devastation. It has never eased. Thank you for your reply.

        • Suzanna Natalie Valentine

          i do agree that there are no real mediums or psychics. I’m still desperately hoping for an afterlife so i will see my daughter again and be with her.

          • suzannanatalievalentine gg

      • Suzanna Natalie Valentine

        sorry Kris i’ve only just seen this reply. Yes it’s devastating and all we want is some hope that they are ok and happy and that one day we will all be together again. I don’t believe in all this robins, feathers, pennies etc because that is so easily explained. Millions of birds in the sky, people drop pennies all the time and robins doesn’t even need explaining. I need something more than seeing a feather in a street.

  • Pam Bassett Wanhala

    I’m in the middle of reading your book, Joni. I lost a son to cancer twenty five years ago. I have many … much too many signs to list here. I’d be interested in speaking with you. I do believe if we have an open mind, we will see the signs. Some as subtle as a whisper of the leaves, while others as vivid as the sunlight.

  • Kathy Somers

    the death was sudden or traumatic, it might take them even longer to return. According to psychic medium Raymond Richard, “They don’t immediately go to where everyone else goes. Their souls go to a place where they can heal first.” This is especially true for people who took their own lives. They need enough time to mend before they can move on………how in hell would u know this? I want proof

  • Fida Sakkab

    i lost my husband 5 months ago ihe has not came to me why

  • Kathy (The IronButterfly)

    Looking at some of the comments. Let me just say this. If you don’t believe in God, Heaven or Hell then there is no portal to contact you through. If you don’t believe, then you have the door between here and the ethereal closed. It’s the same as not having a cell phone (don’t believe in them) and then, wondering why no one ever texts you. There’s more to it than that, but this analogy is the shortest way to explain it.

    As for reaching out to others for messages. Not everyone who advertises as or calls themselves a psychic, medium, Tarot reader etc., actually has those gifts. Adding, even if they do, it is an ability that has to be honed and practiced to develop the skill. People’s skills and abilities come in varying degrees regardless of the profession they are in or innate gifts they have been given. Applies across the board from writers to athletes to mediums. Last, but not least, if you are reaching out to a psychic, medium, Tarot reader, even the best of the best cannot be 100% accurate 100% of the time. There is no such certainty when we are dealing with the other side of this plane.

    Sharing the light of love, peace, truth and greater understanding.

  • ivy crossthwaite

    Lost my hubby on the 6th April 2021 buried him on the 20th ,bowel cancer took him , nursed him on my own for 8 months due to the virus , nurse saw a nurse or dotor until 3 week before he died,he was my soulmate ,lover and best friend, I feel him around me and not had a sign or message ,why, all I do is cry all day everydays, I heart broken . its the not knowing if he is pain free,here or somewhere else .