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Are Shapeshifters Among Us?

7 years, 4 months ago
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Let’s be clear: your average eye witness account of a shapeshifter has probably not been verified, just as the phenomenon of shapeshifting hasn’t been proven in any capacity. But most paranormal activity will never be accepted as legitimate by the mainstream, if only because the scientific community as a whole refuses to study it or take it seriously. It’s hard enough convincing the human population of evolution or climate change–much less the reality of a ghost or a shapeshifter.

But remember: absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence. Not only does our conception of reality have gaps, it may very well be that reality itself has gaps. Or it may be that reality has no definitive shape until it is observed; like a quantum enigma unfurling before the baffled physicist, paranormal activity may elude human observation because reality itself may be shifting. Perhaps the physical universe stacks the deck against consciousness as it seeks to unravel the mystery of its own existence. Perhaps some things will never be proven or explained.

Shapeshifting enthusiasts claim that these entities are all around us, extraterrestrial reptilians and other paranormal forces drifting along inter-dimensional planes. They claim we can catch glimpses of them on the news or wherever New World Order henchmen disseminate information to the masses.

In the spring of 2007 we here in the cavernous offices of the The Ghost Diaries had our own first-hand experience with what may have been a shapeshifter. We had gone to Elysian Park in Los Angeles to search for the legendary White Lady, a ghost who is rumored to wander the hills and canyons surrounding Dodger stadium wearing the same white gown she died in.

After a fruitless nighttime search, we were on our way out of the park grounds when a small creature appeared to step out into the path to our right. Its movements and size gave the impression of a crippled or otherwise deformed child that appeared to be dragging something long and white behind it. We were so convinced that this strange creature was real and not a trick of the eye that we called to it.

“It’s okay, come closer,” we said, trembling and full of adrenaline.

The entity continued taking staggered steps towards us, dragging a white fabric from behind it. We moved closer as well, hoping for a clearer view of what it was we were encountering. When we had drawn within a few feet the creature revealed itself as a raccoon. It was the tail, which rose high above the animal’s torso that had given the illusion of staggered movements. And the raccoon’s white stripe had given off the impression of a white gown.

Or had it?


The transition between what we knew we were seeing, which was that of a mutated infant dragging a gown, and its animal exterior had occurred so quickly, so seamlessly that afterwards we were certain some kind of ‘shift’ had taken place. This was before we even knew what shapeshifting was.

In the coming days as we researched the phenomenon we were stunned at how frequently people claim to see shapeshifters. We became convinced that we had observed the instantaneous migration of a spirit into a physical form. We believed some entity had attached itself to the raccoon, or merely used the raccoon as a host, similar to how reptilians are rumored to function behind the layer of normal reality, using the human form as gateway.

You may be asking at this point: if this wasn’t just a raccoon, what spirit were we seeing? The legend of Elysian Park speaks of the White Lady, not a shapeshifting child.

Well, as it turns out, the full story of the White Lady of Elysian park is that before her death she drowned her own infant children. So, was the entity we perceived the undead spirit of one of those children, attaching itself to an animal host, clinging to the white gown of its mother even in death?

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