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Robocop and Hollywood Drone Propaganda

6 years, 8 months ago
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The newest line of Hollywood propaganda is a strange combination of pro-drone military and corporate influence. The most salient examples in recent years include Robocop, Dredd, and World War Z. Major media conglomerates and government agencies have an invested interest in selling the idea of domestic drones and mechanized military police forces. This is big money for the still-growing drone surveillance industry as well as the military industrial complex.

Would it surprise you to know that the MPAA is actively lobbying the government for widespread drone use in Hollywood films? Very convenient request for Big Brother, who would love nothing more than to simultaneously sell the idea of drones and position themselves for even greater domestic surveillance–first rate panopticonic domestic surveillance.

Hollywood is now regularly disseminating films about humans wanting to patrol and monitor ourselves with robotic drones. This coincides with the announcement by DARPA that it has collaborated with the Boston Dynamics corporation to create the new PETMAN military soldiers. The Human Rights Watch has already warned this will lead to mechanized war crimes.

The new Robocop film takes place in 2028, when most of the world is patrolled by Robocop drones. American is the holdout, which is why an OmniCorp representative, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is deployed to the sell the idea of mechanized crime control. Robocop goes on to rebel against the corporatocracy’s robot fascism.

So we have what is essentially man-robot hybrid saving man from robots. The unspoken message is that the human drone enterprise will regulate itself and that mechanized military and police force will ultimately be kept in check….by the mechanized military police force.

There have been a few of these films recently–Hollywood movies pushing the agenda of the corporatocracy, which stand to make trillions and tighten its grip by co-opting the transhumanist movement. Is it any wonder Ray Kurzweil now works for Google? The Googs should go ahead and score its new commercials with Rage Against the Machine.

The director of Robocop, José Padilha, recently said that 9 out of 10 of his ideas were rejected by studio powers. This is a studio film, big money is running this, as it did Iron Man, Captain America, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises and Elysium. Elysium, which some claim is liberal utopian propaganda, strikes us more as transhuman romanticism–dirty technology will eventually help save the world. Sound familiar? Once again, we have drones protecting us from drones.

At least the Singularity will be ironic.

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