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Pope Francis and Catholic Church Are Preparing For Alien Contact

6 years, 17 days ago
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Is there a technologically and intellectually advanced sentient species elsewhere in the galaxy? Pope Francis believes so and may soon announce not only his intention to prepare the human species for contact, but a denouncement the transnational corporate capitalist system that is currently contaminating the planet with toxic consciousness.

According to an inside source who wishes to remain anonymous, Pope Francis wants to avoid the kind of chaos that engulfed the Catholic Church during the time of Galileo when it was revealed Earth is not the center of the Universe. For the next major shift in human consciousness, he wants to position the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order to integrate the reality of alien existence as well as the evolution of a 6th faculty of human consciousness. This 6th faculty will constitute a new form of religion and a new form of contact between humans and advanced telepathic aliens.

The largest order of the largest single religious denomination on Earth is now actively mobilizing for a people’s disclosure of extraterrestrial existence that will usurp national governments.



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  • Kim

    We here at the Romero Institute, where Daniel Sheehan is the Chief Counsel, would like to comment that this article is taken completely out of context and is incorrect. Although Daniel Sheehan was a speaker this past weekend at Contact in the Desert 2015, he did not say or infer that the upcoming papal encyclical will have anything to do with the Catholic Church preparing for Alien Contact. He did assert that the upcoming encyclical will address Climate Change and its inextricable ties to Trans-National Corporate Capitalism. For further information or clarity, please feel free to contact Daniel Sheehan through a private message on his Facebook page or through the Romero Institute Facebook page.

    • over the moon

      He absolutely did say that. I wrote the notes down as they came out of his mouth. But if you would like to clarify his message, please email me at and I will edit article.

    • over the moon

      With all due respect, he said and this is almost an exact quote Francis is “Positioning the Catholic church and Jesuit order to integrate reality of alien existence” and “The largest order of the largest single demonomination is now mobilizing for the people’s disclosure not government” Then he posited June 5th as the day some of these disclosures would begin. The headline is more absolute than perhaps he intended, but that was the messaging that he put out there. I’m 100% confident if you go back listen to the video of the presentation, you will agree that the article is not an inaccurate report of Sheehan’s presentation. That said, if you would like amend or clarify the message please email me at

    • over the moon

      I will message Daniel Sheehan directly.

  • fredsbend

    Sounds like fun. What is your source for this information?

    • over the moon

      It says in the article the source wishes to remain anonymous. Unfortunately….it’s a report, unverified, take it or leave it

    • over the moon

      Evidence that the Vatican is interested in alien life is that it has been exploring the subject of extraterrestrial life for decades.

  • Suzie Emerson

    Is this going to be the Alien card, false flag invasion. Bring the NWO together.?

  • Xavier Ciardelli

    Suzie, OMG how did you know!!! We have been hiding this secret for years! Better get your aluminum foil hats ready!!

    • ebolonono


  • Faqrul Hakim

    CERN is what.

  • flippinecc

    While I’m sure Francis is THE Pope to stick it to the trans-national corporate agenda boys and has his own plans for Disclosure – especially considering his recent admonishing comments to the corrupt and undemocratic European Union – it should be pointed out that this story originally came from a misquoted Vatican source, who was giving a lecture at Joshua Tree. A date early in June was given for the Disclosure announcement, which was rapidly denied by the source, a few days before the given date, when he was made aware of the disinformation being peddled about his lecture. I feel the basic information about the Pope’s inherent distaste for the greed and megalomania of trans-national corporatism is correct however and we should all keep a close eye on forthcoming statements from the Holy See.

  • catholicchristian

    It may surprise everyone, but the Catholic Church has had an official “first contact” policy since the 1950’s.

  • Dorothy

    America is called Babylon for the most part… so it is in the bible