6 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Paranormal


We all know our favorite paranormal films--movies with ghosts, demons, supernatural phenomena, psychic powers, etc. But what are less talked about are popular movies with paranormal elements that slip under the radar, movies that are not considered fantastical in any way and yet feature truly supernatural plot points.

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The 5 Creepiest Unexplained Recordings

Entertainment Unexplained

Haunt your ears with 5 recordings that currently defy rational or scientific explanation--including the infamous WOW! signal from SETI, electromagnetic music from Jupiter, a real-life exorcism, a frequency from a possible alien ship, and more.

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8 Explanations for UFOs

Aliens Unexplained

From lenticular clouds to glitches in the matrix, the Ghost Diaries breaks down the top 8 explanations for the UFO phenomenon.

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