UFO Sightings Near The Moon

Aliens Unexplained

Buzz Aldrin and the crew of Apollo 11 observed a UFO on their way to the moon that they didn't publicly disclose until years later.

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6 Tragically Horrifying Romance Movies

Entertainment Horror Movies

The Ghost Diaries Lists 6 demented romantic horror films that are sure to get your engines revved on Valentine's Day, or any date night for that matter.

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The 7 Scariest Commercials Ever Made

Entertainment Lists

You won't be seeing these ads during the Super Bowl--here are the scariest, freakiest, weirdest, most disturbing commercials ever to grace the idiot box.

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Freakish YouTube Videos You Need To See


Featuring demon possession, a serial killer's confession, Wikileaks UFOs, and eerie found footage, the Ghost Diaries adds more freakish Internet videos to its running catalogue.

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6 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Paranormal


We all know our favorite paranormal films--movies with ghosts, demons, supernatural phenomena, psychic powers, etc. But what are less talked about are popular movies with paranormal elements that slip under the radar, movies that are not considered fantastical in any way and yet feature truly supernatural plot points.

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