UFO Sightings Near The Moon

Aliens Unexplained

Buzz Aldrin and the crew of Apollo 11 observed a UFO on their way to the moon that they didn't publicly disclose until years later.

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6 Tragically Horrifying Romance Movies

Entertainment Horror Movies

The Ghost Diaries Lists 6 demented romantic horror films that are sure to get your engines revved on Valentine's Day, or any date night for that matter.

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The 7 Scariest Commercials Ever Made

Entertainment Lists

You won't be seeing these ads during the Super Bowl--here are the scariest, freakiest, weirdest, most disturbing commercials ever to grace the idiot box.

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Freakish YouTube Videos You Need To See


Featuring demon possession, a serial killer's confession, Wikileaks UFOs, and eerie found footage, the Ghost Diaries adds more freakish Internet videos to its running catalogue.

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