Top Conspiracy Theories of 2013

Conspiracy Lists

From false flag domestic terror to UFOs shooting asteroids out of the sky, it's been a wild year for conspiracy theorists.

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Colossus: The Forbin Project, Another Look At Really Evil AI


Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) is about an artificial intelligence system, Colossus, which was created specifically as a military defense program to protect the United States from the Soviets. It's currently being remade by Ron Howard and Will Smith.

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The Best of Spirit Photography

Entertainment Paranormal

The quest to capture ghosts on film dates back to somewhere around the mid-1800s. Spirit photography, with its strange ectoplasm, seems to provide possible evidence of an unseen world.

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Insidious 2 is a Bank Heist

Horror Movies

The Ghost Diaries were huge fans of the first Insidious film but, unfortunately, last night we discovered that for the sequel the filmmakers decided to take some kind of dissociative psychedelic drug while writing the script.

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The Most Wackadoodle UFO Cults Of All Time

Aliens Entertainment

We had no idea how many UFO religions there were and are in the world. Sure, we've heard of the standards--the eccentric Scientologists, creepy Raëlians, and tragic Heaven's Gate members. But it turns out there is a lineage to the development of UFO religions that dates back to the 40s, when the world was changing dramatically and minds were opening...perhaps a little too wide.

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How to Analyze a Ghost Recording (EVP)

Entertainment Paranormal

If you are very careful to know your equipment and conduct your sessions, the ultimate step of a paranormal investigation is analysis. Many 'hunters' listen back to recordings on site; while this can be useful in directing a session, be sure to go back and analyze later anyway.

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UFO and ET Disclosure at Burning Man 2013

Aliens Entertainment

A document found at the 2013 Burning Man contains the transcript from the Citizens UFO Hearing, in which six former members of US Congress listened to the testimony of 40 military, scientific, and governmental UFO witnesses.

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