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Nostradamus Predictions For 2016

5 years, 4 months ago
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By best-selling paranormal author Gare Allen

Four hundred years after 16th century, French seer Michel Nostradamus recorded thousands of predictions regarding our civilization’s future, our culture remains enthralled with his often foreboding prophecies.

Documented using several languages including French, Latin and Greek, he wrote in a four line prose called a quatrain, divided into centuries, replete with colorful symbolism and cryptic messages.

His complicated writing style has fostered much debate regarding the interpretation of the prose in his 942 quatrains, but some agree that on several occasions, he definitely got some wood on the ball.

Below is a possible scorecard for some of his prophetic messages measured against the events that transpired during the year 2015 along some of his more intriguing, if not dire predictions for the near future.

Predictions for 2015:



In Century 10, Quatrain 74 Nostradamus states that “…the buried dead shall come out of their graves.” Christian scripture warns that hell will one day become full and the dead shall walk the earth. It’s a safe bet that didn’t happen yet.

Those more pop-cultured oriented individuals might immediately envision flesh-craving zombies. Nope, that didn’t happen either.

Many of Nostradamus’s predictions involve great tragedy with regard to global destruction including earthquakes and floods. 2015 certainly experienced its share of torrential downpours that resulted in flooding. In October, South Carolina endured heavy downpours that flooded several cemeteries and sadly, unearthed many coffins of those dearly departed and sent them floating down the streets.

“The buried dead shall come out of their graves.”

Nostradamus also scribed of “the disappearance of language differences”. Granted, we have yet to perfect a universal translator, a la Star Trek, but there are apps and sites containing software that can translate many basic words from one language to another, the conjugating of verbs notwithstanding. Regardless of the current technology’s customer satisfaction rating, the concept was surely alien to a 16th century man as it appeared in his visions. Keep in mind that in 1543, until Copernicus suggested otherwise, the Earth was still thought to be the center of the Universe.

Alternately, everyone has an off day every once in a while. Nostradamus also wrote that by the year 2015, humans would live to be over 200 years old. While many are surpassing the 100 year old mark, the only creature known to survive on land for over 200 years is the slow moving tortoise.

Under my, “I wish it had come true” category is his assertion that humans would learn to communicate with animals with the statement, “The hog will become brother to man.” Taken literally, it’s obviously not a current reality. Personally, I’d like to think that he is referring to a growing understanding of deplorable conditions in which animals are kept before slaughtered for food. There is a push for a cage free and spacious environment with grass fed diets that are free of antibiotics and hormones. Simply put, a respectful treatment prior to the end result. To some, a complete abandonment of the slaughter and consumption of animals is preferred and is also a viable interpretation.

A cynical, “wish it would but it won’t” moment can be attached to his prediction that the western world will abolish “all kinds of taxes.” We’ll likely see the zombies before that happens.

Future predictions:

nostradamus-predictions 2016

Using astrological information, interpreters have deduced that Nostradamus cites the early years of the 21st century as times of great change and a period of significant events that lead to world upheaval.

Having famously predicted the first two of three anti-Christs, Napoleon and Hitler, respectively, Nostradamus speaks of a third in Century 10, Quatrain 72 who is, “worse than the previous two combined” and will reign terror upon the world for a time of “27 years.”

In his writing, Nostradamus used anagrams and other word games to deter backlash from religious opposition. He cleverly used the name, Pax Ney Loron, an anagram of Napolyon Rex (Napoleon the Emperor), Napoleon’s Greek name from the Bible’s book of Revelation, when referring to Napoleon.

When referring to the second anti-Christ, he used, “Hister”, a combination of the words “Hitler” and “Ister”, predicting his name and place of origin. Ister was the Latin name for the Danube River in Austria, Hitler’s birthplace.

The third, evil leader that Nostradamus refers to is named, Mabus. In century 2, Quatrain 62, he wrote,

“Mabus then will soon die, there will come

Of people and beasts a horrible rout:

Then suddenly one will see vengeance

Hundred, hand, thirst, famine, when the comet will run.”

Some speculate that Mabus is a combination of several names to reference a period of time, rather than a specific person, specifically Barack Obama, Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush. The interpretation attached suggests that the death of Bin Laden ignites terrible acts of vengeance. Truly, that can be seen in the increasing frequency of terrorism around the world.

Michel’s words are interpreted to state that global despair will coincide with the streaming of a comet across our sky.

Few stray from a deduction that Mabus is depicted as a precipitator of a massive world war. However, possibly not enough subscribe to the belief that our future is not written and the words of a 16th century seer are, while likely a gift of divination, signposts that alert us to the particular path we, as a human race, currently travel. Thus, his predictions are a warning of a potential unfolding future rather than an inescapable destiny.

Nostradamus goes on to predict a thousand years of peace after a devastating global massacre of one another until the end of the world finally comes sometime in the late 3700’s.

Michel saw dark and bleak events during our times but every century has endured its own wars, natural disasters and maniacal leaders who were blindly intent on conquest and destruction. Personally, I don’t expect to see peace in our lifetime. There will undoubtedly be continued fighting as over 7 billion people try to get along with one another. However, I don’t expect an end to the planet or our race. From an evolutionary standpoint, we are still toddlers. Let’s hope that Michel is simply describing our terrible two’s.

Gare Allen is the best-selling author of The Dead: A True Paranormal Story, 7 Lessons, 7 Short Stories of Reincarnation and Paranormal Experiences and First Impressions: True Tales From The Road.

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