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Newly Discovered Orphan Planet Could Be Nibiru

8 years, 10 months ago
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Astronomers have discovered a new orphan planet, this one just outside our solar system, and some are claiming that it is none other than the legendary Planet X, or Nibiru. This newest “rogue” alien planet, officially labelled CFBDSIR2149, is a gas giant four times larger than Jupiter. It is only 100 light years away from the Earth, which, astronomically speaking, is very close.

An orphan planet is one that does not have a sun; it hurtles through the depths of space unguided by a star system. Scientists have recently stated there could be billions of such orphan planets in the Milky Way alone and that, as far as planetary bodies go, they may in fact be the rule rather than the exception.

While academic scientists debate whether or not this satellite is a planet or perhaps even a Brown Dwarf, other ‘fringe’ scientists and thinkers ponder if perhaps the orphan is the fabled Planet X.
planet x nibiru
Planet X, or Nibiru, was first proffered by ancient astronaut theorist and writer Zecharia Sitchen, author of the bestselling “The 12th Planet”, in which he claims that many of our prehistoric gods, namely pre-Nubian and Sumerian mythological creatures, were actually sentient, technologically advanced beings from a planet that passes near the Earth every 3,600 years.
sumerian evidence of planet x
For years, conspiracists have claimed that Planet X lurks beyond the orbit of Pluto. Its apocryphal presence has been linked to everything from 2012 doomsday scenarios–which feature near contact as the cause for the reversal of the Earth’s poles–to its being the home planet for an alien race, the reptilian Annunaki, or the Nephilim, the “Sons of God”.

More recent and unvetted conspiracies even predict that Planet X will collide with the Earth on November 21st, 2012 and that this has been covered up by NASA. This coverup dates back to 1983, when the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) discovered what appeared to be a planet 4 times larger than Jupiter (sound familiar?) in the outer solar system. This discovery was quickly concealed and explained away as a statistical error.

Is the newly discovered orphan planet actually the fabled Nibiru? Is there a conspiracy to hide Planet X and its alien civilization? Is the recent pop culture Planet X inundation, found in movies and TV shows like Meloncholia, Another Earth, and The Event, an attempt to prepare the masses for a cataclysmic, history-altering cosmic affair?
Meloncholia depicts Planet X

Who knows? At the very least, The Ghost Diaries thinks it’s fascinating to imagine billions of orphan planets soaring through space. While sunless, scientists say, some of them could actually derive energy from pockets of dark matter and heat themselves internally.

Conspiracy theories aside then, there’s no scientific reason why an orphan planet, whether you call it Nibiru or not, couldn’t be the home of an alien species, or perhaps just a pit-stop for a wayward starship.

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