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Mysterious Dreamwalker Sightings Will Creep You Out

6 years, 3 months ago
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By Joni Mayhan

Since 2006, thousands of people from all over the world have reported seeing the same man in their dreams. The first report came in January 2006, when a patient of a well-known psychiatrist drew a picture of a man who frequents her dreams. The psychiatrist didn’t give it much credence until a second patient saw the drawing on his desk and reported that he too dreamt of the same man.

Over the course of the next few years, the psychiatrist learned that thousands of others have dreamt of This Man, as well. Even though the claims come from every corner of the planet, researches fail to find a common link between the dreamers. The only common denominator appears to be the man himself.

What is remarkable is the fact that his appearance is nearly identical in every dream, a bland-looking man with a receding hairline and thick eyebrows. Many describe him as helpful, pointing them in the right direction or assisting them with a decision. Many of the dreamers said the man gave them a message or warning. Could This Man be a Dreamwalker?


Dreamwalkers are people who have mastered the ability of lucid dreaming, allowing them to control the direction of their dreams. In the Shaman realm, Dreamwalkers use dreams to visit other people or eldermen in their nighttime reveries, offering help and assistance. While this doesn’t explain the phenomena completely, it does bear further discussion. Could a live person be responsible for all the strange dreams or could the answer be something far darker? According to Michael Robishaw, who is an empathic medium, spiritual healer and Shaman, it’s unlikely that This Man is a Dreamwalker. He said, “Most Dreamwalkers hide their identity by not showing their face to you directly. They cloud your view of them.”

He believes This Man could be a darker energy. “It might be a lost entity using other people’s dreams to travel between their side to ours.”

How is he doing this?

“He’s probably stealing people’s energies to be able to move between worlds,” Michael added. He recommends that people who dream of This Man should protect themselves, keeping their energy centered and creating a spiritual barrier to keep their energy intact.

The mystery may never be solved, but researchers haven’t given up. If you’ve seen This Man in your dreams, please contact the administrators at www.ThisMan.org.


After digging deeper into this story, it turns out that the story itself was just an internet hoax. Yet, there are people who swear that they have dreamed of the man in the picture. Is it possible that these people materialized the man in their dreams after they saw the image or read the story? This idea, in and of itself, is actually quite interesting and has generated a lot of debate on many reddit forums. Could a hoax spawn the very phenomenon it hoaxed?

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  • “This Man” was created in 2009 by Andrea Natella of Guerriglia Marketing. It’s equal parts art, hoax and viral marketing and unfortunately, completely bogus. Extremely clever idea though isn’t it?

    • over the moon

      I don’t think she created the idea of dreamwalking though. And yea, still clever–and creepy.

      • No, he certainly did not and perhaps the most interesting aspect of “this man” is that even though the story and sketches were fabrications, people do actually report having seen him in their dreams. You could say that he has taken on a life of his own…

        • Jared Salas

          You bring up some really interesting points that bring the strangeness factor of this story to a whole new level.

  • Jarhead

    If this story is a known hoax then why bother posting it?

    • The Ghost Diaries

      Didn’t know it was a hoax prior to posting–post-posting we decided we think it’s a cool idea and so updated it.

  • carveion

    but what if there is other people like him that are trying to stop him but these people are real