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Mind Blowing Examples of Predictive Programming in Cartoons

7 years, 7 months ago
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Kids grow up watching cartoons. It’s a childhood memory for virtually everyone. Saturday morning cartoons, Sunday morning cartoons, we drank them into our little unconscious minds voraciously. What a perfect conduit for brainwashing via predictive programming and social engineering–catch the kids while they’re young and flood subliminal messages into their minds…

It could be coincidence, part of a social experiment, or a sneaky and weird form of covert inter-agency communication. Take a break for a few minutes and check these cartoon clips out. Are these cartoons examples of predictive programming or sensational coincidence?

Watch the whole thing, then at 0:53 your mind will be blown. If this is real, as in not edited, this is one of the weirdest examples of predictive programming we can imagine. The audio seems disjointed to us, suggesting somebody just updated his Final Cut Pro.

It’d probably be a little easier to believe this one if they didn’t misspell Network.

[The above video gets super creepy at 0:40.)

This entire episode of Smurfs was based around them learning to change the weather. Is this predictive programming for HAARP and geo-engineering? We were very doubtful of this one at first, but then around 4:05 there are some chilling moments.

It’s tempting to look at all the 9/11 ones and think ‘well, yes of course there will instances of such a monumental building in New York being represented in weird ways.’ Just coincidence. But it’s the sheer volume of them that is disturbing.

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  • This is my name

    OK i have thought for a long time now that the music industry and the film industry would be an awesome way to communicate around the world with other people of a curtain group to which i maybe belong to. You would have the lower classes who do not belong in the group actually paying for this (ENTERTAINMENT?) so the communications could go forward. Its like the biggest trick ever, having you think that the music and video entertainment is for you. All that money being pumped into these industries getting more and more wealthy over there years to come i think would attract the wrong sorts of people, there was a saying ” where there’s muck there’s money” but also where there’s money there’s MUCK!!(BAD PEOPLE) so to speak taking advantage of the great vasts of money?!?!? don’t you think?? I thought this at a very young age actually (always had different thought to the other children?) and to see these thing going on now gives me a bit of a chill.

    When i was young me and my friends used to watch a lot of Disney movies…(witnesses) which at that time we used to notice strange things in the universally classified movies (U). Things like porno clips of women naked and ready, you know lots and lots and lots more perverted clips that shouldn’t have been there. It is going on and has been going on for as long as i can remember, the movies and music technologies have improved so i guess so have the subliminal messages…so….be careful what you let into your homes and into your heads…..peace out and all the best for the future and don’t forget to laugh its good for you::))

    So maybe its not so much predictive programming but just a means of communication between the groups of people????? What do you think??

    • uhmmm

      There isn’t that much going on in disney movies. It’s like, on the cover of ariel the little mermaid, the castle has a massive dildo, lol. That was drawn by a guy who was pissed off because disney was firing him, it was his last job. People draw dicks and stuff everywhere, it’s kinda human, nothing to get all crazy about.

      • Mike Trainor

        Typical response. When you have subliminal messages of nudity and pornographic material in a program or programming that’s being catered and advertised for kids of 3 and above, yes that’s when it is time to get crazy about it. Why the hell would I want my five year old son watching a DVD and I hear in Alladin “Good teenagers, take off your clothes” or see a penis being drawn on the movie cover of the little mermaid?
        I swear some people are just idiotic at best. Then you actually are trying to reason why such things like that exist?

      • Laquisha

        No, only immature man-children think hand-written dicks are funny. People who have actually matured beyond adolescence do not. Obviously the guy was being fired for good reason.

      • Pookie Bear

        Drawing dicks is quite different than the 911 ones, Boston Bombing, etc. Also, fact is, dicks are intentional other places. Maybe his was being pissed off, but it doesn’t erase the fact that some do it intentionally with perversion in mind.

  • Beyondstars

    I can’t see the videos. The accounts have been terminated by YouTube. Weird huh?

  • JTReader

    Most of these are gone now due to copyright claims…

  • Renatka

    Woow only about 3 of these videos are working… Says it all…