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Memories Are Passed On Through DNA: How Is this Not ‘Paranormal’?

7 years, 3 months ago
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Scientists recently announced the discovery that memories seem to be passed down through the generations through DNA. “The experiences of a parent, before even conceiving offspring, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations.”

At first mention, one may think to oneself: okay, this makes sense, big deal. But actually this conclusion would have been laughed off as spiritual mumbo jumbo as recently as a decade ago. A biological transmission of memory has been known to exist in many species, including elephants who can literally smell out the bones of their ancestors. But before now, we didn’t expect that this occurred in humans, especially with the most subjective of emotions, like fear.

Scientists say the discovery may help explain irrational phobias, as people may experience fear based upon genetic material passed down from generations of ancestors.

Seems to us, with this discovery, separate research that’s going into quantum information being stored in microtubules (possibly allowing human consciousness to persist in some capacity after death), and new technologies that promise powers of telekinesis and other psychic powers, much of what used to be considered paranormal, now dwells in the domains of science and technology.

Does this explain the phenomenon of reincarnated children??

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  • Kat

    I’ve heard from two psychics that the phenomenon of remembering past lives was in fact ancestral memory. It does make sense if this piece of information is considered.

    As to your question, ancestral memory does explain the phenomenon of reincarnated children, especially when children are born saying they are uncle Zach or grandma Gertrude.

    This also explains psychic abilities being passed on from generation to generation, at least in those who from childhood to adulthood are aware of their psychic abilities. (We all have psychic abilities, but not all remember it or are aware of it.) I remember as a child hearing spirits and being into weird stuff like psychic readings and other paranormal phenomena. There was no explanation for it; it was just the way I was and the things that interested me. My grandmother was a psychic who was diagnosed with schizophrenia by the medical establishment because of her psychic abilities – and her sharing this with everyone who’d listen. My mother is somewhat psychic, though she is not as open about it as my grandmother and me.

    Thanks for sharing this!