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4 years, 1 month ago
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Kids tend to say the darn-est things or ask some of the most unusual and silliest questions right? Well, not in this case. When you think kids you think of playful little ones with crayons and not kids that come up with creepy/disturbing sentences, you don’t ever expect to hear.

I’ve looked around and found 15 of the most frightening and sinister sentences kids have ever said to their parents or loved one’s part 2.

1.- My little cousin was sitting at the edge of the stairs in silence looking up towards the ceiling and making funny faces. When I asked her “What’s with the funny faces”, she said to me ” the lady with the braids around her neck is making funny faces.” Thinking nothing of it, I started walking up the stairs again when April said something that stopped me in my tracks. “Her braid is around her neck.” I turned around and asked April to repeat herself.  April pointed upwards, “The lady is hanging by her braid… She’s making funny faces.” Then April started making a face which I then realized was someone gasping for air.”


2.- I was babysitting one time and the eldest kid (about 5 or so) came towards me with a drawing and handed it to me and said “Look, she told me to draw this picture of her, she’s on the ceiling but she told me to tell you she’s coming for you.. Tonight.”

3.- My wife and I were teaching our daughter the importance of being clean in your “private area” she suddenly turns to us and tells us, “Don’t worry, no one is touching me there, they kicked my door down, I resisted and I died that night, now I’m here”.

4.- My friend’s son told her in front of me once “momma, I want to chop your head off so I can carry it with me everywhere I go and see it when I want.”


5.- the first time my daughter carried her newborn baby brother she said to me “So I can’t throw him in the fire yet?”

6.- My son told me one time “My brain tells me to do things I don’t want to do”

7.- My daughter told me that there’s a woman that when she’s getting ready to go to sleep at night comes down from above her ceiling to sit down and watch movies, we checked the roof but no one was there.

8.- My sister (which is pregnant) and I were chatting one day in the dining room area when my 4-year-old son asked her, “There’s a baby in your belly right?” Yes there is my sister said, then he turns around and walks away and tells us “I will be right back, I’m going to get a knife so I can cut him out”


9.- Mom I want to make McDonald’s explode. Why is that baby? I asked her “Because I want to see all the people running and burning”

10.- “I remember I lived another life” my 8 years old said, “I used to live in a big tan building, one time I was up in the roof catching the sun and then suddenly someone pushed me and I splattered on the floor.”

11.- “Mom, I want to be the only kid in your life, if you have any more kids, I will cut them out of you.” Said by a 6-year-old.

12.- One night I was heading to my room down the hall when I passed my daughter’s bedroom, I heard her talking to someone and when I went in and asked her who she was talking to she said ” I’m talking to my friend, the old man with the white beard and the funny leg” before my daughter was born, our next door neighbor passed away. He was an elderly man with a long white beard and he had an amputated leg.

creepy kids

13.- I was cleaning one day and I stopped dead in my tracks because my 4-year-old was talking to himself saying “No, I can’t kill them, they are my only parents”.

creepy kids 2

14.- My kid came running to me one day crying uncontrollably and with a scraped knee and a busted lip, when I held him he was shaking and I asked him what had happened “Anthony made me trip, we were running and got mad when I won the race and pushed me down”. Who’s Anthony, my dear? “My friend that lives under my night table.”

Has your kid ever said anything creepy to you that stopped you dead in your tracks? Please share it with us. Feel free to follow me on my social media pages. In the meantime remember.. Sweet Screams!!

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Sources: www.ciertascosas.com   http://www.reddit.com/

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