Is There Life After Death? Quantum Consciousness and Beyond

8 years, 8 months ago
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The modern worldview does not make it easy to believe in the afterlife. Science leaves little room for a conception of life after death. It’s much simpler, more logical, to view human consciousness as an immaterial interface that arises from neurochemical processes in the brain. Meaning there is no soul, no life after death. The universe is just atoms in the void. Concepts of heaven, hell, soul, and spirit are meaningless–as is the question, ‘where will I go when I die?’–because once we are gone, we lose our identity, our consciousness, forever. There is no life after life.

But that’s not what everyone believes. In fact, that’s not even what every scientist believes. A growing number of quantum physicists are subscribing to, and in fact finding evidence for, a different view of the universe. Dr. Stuart Hameroff, for example, believes in the Orch-OR (orchestrated objective reduction) theory, which holds that our consciousness is comprised of quantum information held in microtubules. When we die, according to this theory, our ‘quantum soul’ is redistributed back to the universe at large.

This theory would help explain the incredibly frequent incidents of near death experience, when people seem to leave their bodies after the heart has stopped beating and then return with a head full of otherworldly images. One of the most recent and noteworthy near death experiences happened to a lifelong atheist, Dr. Eber Alexander. Dr. Alexander’s incredible experience is documented in his book “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife,” which concludes that life does not end after death, that there follows the resurrection of the mind into a different state.

This kind of thinking is not new. In fact, Eastern philosophy has long sought unification of mind and matter as part of one divine, cosmic energy, speculating that consciousness experiences existence as a never-ending cycle of transition and rebirth. This idea is explored quite viscerally in the film Enter the Void, which not only explores similarities between the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the spirit molecule DMT but attempts to depict what a soul’s flight from this world to the next would be like.

Imagine this:

And then something like this:

Meanwhile science continues to pave the way for this reality. In fact, a recent study by Nature even concluded that the universe itself grows like a giant brain and, more, that the same universal laws that dictate the electrical signals in our brains also direct galactic expansion. Curiously, this same study implicates the growth of Internet networks as partaking of these same laws.

Do these studies and theories have any effect on paranormal studies? After all, if consciousness can be said to have a fundamental role in the development of the universe, if we are in fact made of quantum information that cannot be destroyed, what does this say about the afterlife itself? It may mean that those who are no longer living still inhabit the same space-time as us and that we are all returning to the same home someday, a quantum state with no separation between mind and matter. It may mean that death will simply be the discovery that consciousness and the universe are the same thing.

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  • Linda

    I just want to state here that there is “a life after death”….to put it into words used here.
    we do not cease to exist …..we just go on to a different dimension……..

    • Hmmm, interesting. Do you see us retaining our individual memories and personality, or will it kind of be a migration of souls?

      • Leong

        We need to be clear that memory and consciousness are 2 different matters. Memory stored in the brain, but consciousness stays partly in brain. When human has brain death, consciousness releases and memory may be no more. Well, im not sure is it true to say this. Afterall, if we are dreaming, we may be conscious, but sometimes without memory or awareness:)

  • Michelle

    I find this all so fascinating. But when they say quantum information returns to the universe, what does that exactly mean and what does that mean for our consciousness?

    I’ve always interpreted it as we are all connected stemmed from one bigger consciousness (I guess you can say God). and that we are all parts of “God” experiencing different things that we take back with us to the universe if that makes any sense. But it’s all still confusing.

    I’m hoping it’s not reincarnation at all because that depresses the shiz out of me but when I think about it in quantum physics term it doesn’t make sense because there would be no need to keep reincarnation again and again and again since time is not linear, everything is all happening at once, and we are all subparts of a bigger part which is a creation of one to experience.

    • Yeah, it’s crazy to think that there could be a sort of afterlife that doesn’t involve us retaining our personalities (essence) but rather our core quantum info, if there is such thing. Doesn’t seem like even the scientists studying this truly understand what they’re unraveling yet–seems to have something to do with quantum entanglement and how mind and matter are interconnected. Beyond that, we’re in the dark too!

      • Leong

        I felt that our consciousness not only exist in this 3rd dimentional world, but may be extradimension. You might be right to say that we come from one same consciousness. The so call consciousness may be considered as a form of unimaginable energy. This form of energy may exist at extradimension and it is looking for a host in 3rd dimentional world. And our brains are capable of storing such energy through evolution. In fact all organism with brain can store consciousness, but human are smarter than animal because human are more aware than animal. If the form of energy host in ET, then we are ET by the same definition. In that case, if our consciousness as a form of energy continues to look for a host, it is no doubt reincarnation could happen. I dont believe in karma, yet, this whole process could be just part of the phenomenon.

  • Leong

    If above said quantum theory is true, people will argue since when then our consciousness exist? I may have an answer to support quantum theory for consciousness. If consciousness exist beyond our dimension, then the existence should be eternal. Remember that our world is governed by time, but time does not exist (maybe) in those extradimention, and therefore there is no concept of “since when it starts to exist”

  • L. E. Sherrill

    I have copyright, An alternate analysis of death, explains death and develops the relative, and quantum values of what we experience. The particulars are subject to my copyright and no so muddled as your attempt at explanation. You paint with shadows and pretend there is video in those shadows. Wisdom is a thing of long study and a relationship to the truth.
    The fact is there is no death, except of the body. But even that serves a purpose. Past religions or philosophies had nothing like the quantum state or relative values they believed that the soul existed outside of time and space, beyond the laws of this universe. And to suggest otherwise to them was met with the greatest irritation. You muddle the differences into poetic wisdom and pretend to have known all along.
    You are almost as guilty as today’s scientific dogmas who have short memories. When a thing believed by few in the past is verified today the subject is treated as if the believers in the past were never treated badly. And the great emotional arguments that occurred are ignored and what is printed is that science was right after all. The members of the public who knew a thing before science are not qualified to have authored anything so the discovery is given to one of their own. How is this different from the dogma of religion.
    My copyright is two years old for this. I have others that are from 1998 and 2002 which cover my writings, before quantum was a word in today’s science. My writings come from personal experiences and not book knowledge. They are like religion, declare a person a witch and you do not need to defeat their truth. Where is their wisdom???
    Scientists who take positions different from main stream science must put their own name on things or they risk nothing.

  • Zachary Zarr

    I agree. However, brainwaves are the source of our infinetly growing quantum entanglement. When we die our consciousness will be slung up to the universal level from the point of last conscious moment supported and propelled by photons and receptors aka planets. The universe is like an atom a colossal in motion , proton, smashed into a colossal still, this was followed by the fall, and our activity holds things to evolve, including ourselves. Enevtually, hopefully, there will be other colossals out there for us to grow into and paints are we brush. That being said it is most prudent we make as ridiculous complex patterns as we can while we are young and insignificant, no?

  • Mat50

    does this then explain how the ghost of a mercenary assassin inserted stories in my head and compelled me to write a couple of romance novels about things I had no knowledge about or interest in? Uh oh! Maybe I’d better get to that 3rd story!