Is DMT a Gateway to Extra-Dimensional Alien Contact?

6 years, 5 months ago
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You’ve probably heard quite a bit about the drug DMT. It was popularized in a pioneering book called DMT: The Spirit Molecule and a documentary of the same name. DMT is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family that resembles the basic structure of neurotransmitters and causes powerful hallucinations. It is popularly known for producing the same chemical reaction that is said to happen when you die and in smaller amounts while you dream. The hallucinations that result are markedly different than those produced by any other drug. Namely, a shockingly large percentage of DMT users, including many scientists, have reported experiencing or communicating with aliens or extra-dimensional entities while on the drug.

The author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Rick Strassman, reported that nearly half of the DMT users he studied observed themselves in realms inhabited by intelligent “beings”, “entities”, “aliens”, “guides”, and “helpers”. These entities appeared in different ways for different people, but most often as “clowns, reptiles, mantises, bees, spiders, cacti, and stick figures.” Legendary ethnobotanist Terrence McKenna described the entities as “self-transforming machine elves.” There are no other psychedelic drugs that produce such a consistent presence of external sentient beings.

In an interview, Strassman describes the different experiences of the ‘beings’:

“Sometimes they were humanoid, sometimes they were insectoid, sometimes they were reptilian, and sometimes plant-like. They were more or less aware of the volunteers. Oftentimes they seemed to be expecting the volunteers and were glad to see them, and then began interacting with them. Other times they seemed surprised and angry that the volunteers’ consciousness, at the very least, had intruded upon the sphere of activity of that particular being. Sometimes the volunteers were treated or experimented on. Sometimes they experienced some type of sexual intercourse with the beings. Some were told scenarios of the future. Others were marked somehow or another for
future reference in a way. Others showered light and love onto them. Others were guides to lead them to some other place, like through a tunnel leading to a typical near death or mystical experience.

Some of the motifs were pretty classical science fiction – kind of flying toward a space station or a space ship, or automatons or robots were busily doing their business. Sometimes they would see very hard to describe hybrid entities – machine/animal, even furniture kinds of conglomerates of beings.

Even though I’m no expert on quantum physics or any of the more far-out psychedelic views of cosmology, I did learn a little bit of this phenomena that is known as dark matter, which is
non-visible matter that neither generates light nor reflects light, but still makes up 95% or more of the mass of the universe. It seemed to me that if it makes up that much mass of the universe, it could very well be inhabited, and it would just be a question of changing the receiving characteristics of consciousness through chemical changes that occurred with DMT to be able to perceive things that were normally not perceivable.

It could be that DMT is the matrix through which we can maybe communicate with other beings.”

We’ve written about the theory that there is a connection between advanced alien technology and dark matter. We were stunned to find Strassman openly declaring that he believes DMT may be the gateway to communicating with alien beings that inhabit other levels of reality composed of dark matter and other dimensions of existence in the universe. In the film Enter the Void, DMT is associated with the Tibetan Buddhist cosmological teachings on the Six Realms of the Book of the Dead; it is the portal to the afterlife and reincarnation.

What do you think? Have you taken DMT and communicated with any sort of sentient being? If so, share your story….

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  • Lisa Fredberg

    The second time I had DMT a beautiful ‘being’ danced up to me and engaged with me. Very alien like head shape and he/she was made up of light and colours and was very 3 dimensional in shape but you could see through it. I have not experienced any more contact with any beings since that one encounter ( have tried many many times!). It was an amazing experience that I have been trying to figure out since. I have one very loose theory that perhaps it is a form of consciousness. We are all connected on this planet. If we continue to push the boundaries of technology and technology gained control, what would it evolve itself into? How would it look? Will we all evolve into one consciousness through evolving technology? Sounds a bit whacko I know!

  • Daniel Dubois

    Youve been following the wrong Bible..

    If you want to know all the answer youve been looking for read this book, the original Bible.. Jesus was not a capitalist or a warrior, youve been fed lies..

    Preferably get the thick pre 1932 version of this book on Ebay or some other bookstore, if not you can read it for free on this here

    Peace be up on Jehovih’s creations

  • MrMan

    SWIM did dmt a long time ago and experienced the godhead, very similar to the picture used (almost exactly). Took him so long to get anything useful out of it due to how absurd the experience was and how young he was (16). Now he knows that he is not merely his body/mind. He is everything there is, was, and ever will be. He is experiencing himself an unlimited number of ways at every second… Dont fret, this is all just a dance, and he is dancing it for himself. The world is your stage, let go and find the music.