How To Make Money With Psychic Powers

6 years, 7 days ago
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ESP skeptics often ask: if there are people out there who have psychic abilities, why don’t they use those powers to make money at casinos or on the stock market, or to win the lottery? There are several problems with this question. One, it is assuming that financial gain would necessarily be the top priority for someone who possesses this power, as opposed to, say, shielding and nurturing an incredibly unique gift.

That said, there ARE psychics who use their powers for financial gain. They just don’t usually advertise it for fear of sanctions and ridicule. Others do advertise it, and get stinking rich teaching the skill to aspiring psychics.

Here’s a brief overview of the research that’s out there:

How To Make Money With Psychic Powers In The Casino

roll the dice
Using psychic abilities to win in Las Vegas and other casino cities has been a topic of conversation among avante garde gamblers for a while. As early as the 1950s studies were already underway. Parapsychologist J.B. Rhine of Duke University, for example, conducted an experiment which found that a person’s intentions could influence the dice.

The idea that a person’s intentions can influence external phenomena has been studied a lot more thoroughly in recent years by ESP researchers, yielding significant data in support of ESP.
craps in Las Vegas
Perhaps because of the sense of anarchy that is intrinsic to the game–as well as the fact that the house has the least odds–craps frequently comes up as a casino game that can be manipulated by players who have active psychokinesis, or PK. Dr. Robert E. Graves, in his book The Art of Psychic Dice, argues that by controlling your intention and coupling it with positive emotion, a player can reverse the house advantage of 0.61% against him and make it 0.99% in his favor. Over time, this could hypothetically create 38% more profit.

In his book The Conscious Universe, Dean Radin discusses two other factors that could influence casino winnings: the earth’s geomagnetic field (GMF) and lunar cycles. Because GMF frequencies affect human behavior all the way down to the cellular level, Radin hypothesized that perceptual ESP–and casino payout–would increase as GMF fluctuations decreased. His and previous studies have supported this theory.

Radin’s studies have also provided anectodal proof that over long periods of time, gamblers may increase their payouts by 2% when gambling on or near days of a full moon cycle.

So, get positive, wait for a perfect storm of low GMF fluctuations and a full moon, and hit the casinos.
swingers in Las Vegas

Using Psychic Powers To Win The Lottery

For years, most people have scoffed at the idea of using psychic powers to predict lottery numbers. Oddly, this hasn’t prevented billions of people from religiously playing. Diehard lottery players usually have a system by which they pick numbers. That system invariably fails them. Currently, the odds of winning a Powerball jackpot is 1 in 175,223,510. This is 8 times higher than the average person’s odds of being in a terrorist attack.

Even so, multiple winners of the lottery claim their psychic abilities allowed them to foresee the right numbers. Psychic Barbara Rhodan is one such winner; she has even developed a system she calls “pendulum dowsing” for how the everyday lotto player can use their latent abilities to get rich quick.

Other lottery winners have claimed to hear voices reading off the winning numbers prior to buying a lotto ticket. Still others have reported dreams containing clear visions of the right numbers.

It is worth noting that many in the psychic community frown upon the idea of using these abilities for financial gain, claiming the universe doesn’t like it.

Using Psychic Powers To Predict the stock market

Another possible arena for using psychic abilities to make money is the stock market. The futures exchange, no pun intended, is often claimed to be a dense information hub that can be infiltrated by certain minds.

The most commonly cited way to do this is through something called Associative Remote Viewing (ARV), a form of clairvoyance. Remote viewing is one of the most respected forms of ESP, and has been utilized extensively by the government. Though it is notoriously difficult to glean words or numbers through remote viewing, trained psychics can visualize scenes from hundreds of miles away. Associative Remote Viewing involves the viewer describing this scene and then associating it with future stock market trend.
remote viewing
Successful ARV requires a peak emotional experience at the moment of “feedback” in order for the correct information to be transmitted from the future. For instance, Russell Targ and Keith Harary, formerly of Stanford, have used this technique to successfully predict prices of silver futures.
Other psychics have claimed to use kinesiology in order to more precisely gauge future stock movements. Still others insist that merely giving–that is, donating selflessly to charity–results in financial gain, as giving signifies prosperity and allows the universe to associate you with fortune.

The psychic debate will rage on, especially when it comes to whether or not there is money to be made by wielding psi powers. All in all, there’s probably a reason that multinational corporations, government agencies and police departments all utilize psychics on a regular basis. Somewhere someone is seeing something that hasn’t happened yet. And there’s money riding on it.

UPDATE: Dr. Robert E Graves, author of the The Art of Psychic Dice, was arrested in the spring for murder. More on the case here

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    I read at your website about psychic power lottery no but i really don’t understood and how does it work? Is any video that i can watch? And here is Malaysia, ours country lottery are 3 counters such as 6/52, 6/55 and 6/58

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    This is the first time coming to your website, am in Ghana, is there a way you can help me win lottery through your psychic powers. There is lottery from monday to saturday which all 5/90