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Haunted Stories from Australia That Will Make You Think Twice About Visiting

3 years, 10 months ago
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by Paul Gordon

(CREEPYGHOSTSTORIES) Australia is the largest island in the world, a country with a rich history, a diverse range of landscapes and human settlements of all sizes and types. It isn’t surprising then that it also has a rich history of paranormal incidents, hauntings and strange happenings.  Here we look at the most haunted places in Australia.

Monte Cristo Homestead

Top of any list of haunted locations in Australia is always the Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee.  The house has a reputation for both hauntings and for tragedy including a pregnant maid being pushed down the stairs, a baby girl thrown down the stairs and a stable boy burned to death in his sleep.

The place has countless pictures taken to back up its ‘most haunted’ status including a figure lurking by a carriage, disembodied hands in photos and a white shadow in one of the bedrooms.  Other stories include strange presences, lights and a general feeling of something paranormal being present.


Redbank Range Tunnel

The Redbank Range Tunnel is outside the town of Picton, itself a ghost-laden town that used to have its own ghost tour.

The tunnel is 592 feet in length and has been carved into the hills to allow trains to travel from Melbourne.

It fell out of use in the 1920s and since then, seems to attract spirits.  It was the site of a number of deaths and suicides before the line closed and there are reports of apparitions, strange gusts of wind, shadows and lights within the tunnel.

The ghost of a girl who hung herself at the tunnel entrance is seen as is another who was murdered in the tunnel, though she appears only occasionally.


image via psychicreporter.com

Port Arthur

You can tell when a place has a real reputation for the paranormal when they have an ‘Unusual Occurrences Form’ for guests to complete.  Such is the case at Port Arthur, a former convict colony and small town.

Hundreds died when the settlement was first founded and as many as 2000 apparitions have been reported over the last twenty years.  There is also a Lady in Blue, a weeping female ghost who is believed to have died in childbirth.


Studley Park House

Studley Park House is a former grammar school in New South Wales that is haunted by not one young boy but by two.

Ray Blackstone was fourteen when he drowned in the dam near the building, despite schoolmate’s efforts to save him.  His body was laid out in the cellar until he was buried.  Another boy, Noel William Gregory, was thirteen when he died from appendicitis in the school.

The two boys are now seen together around the building, ghostly friends for all time.


National Film and Sound Archive

This grand Art Deco style building in Canberra is an archive for everything relating to film and sound but until 1984 it was the Australian Institute of Anatomy.

Perhaps this former use is the reason that the building seems to have its fair share of hauntings – lost souls following their remains to its halls.

There is a corridor that once housed human skulls that has reports of a rash of poltergeist activity including a contractor who was pinned to a wall by an unseen force.

Fremantle Arts Centre

Another place with a dark history is the Fremantle Arts Centre, a former insane asylum with a reputation for a series of hauntings.

The building is around 150 years old and has reports of cold spots, apparitions, unexplained lights, ghostly touches and a generally spooky feel to the place.  There have been a number of investigations by ghost hunters and recordings of voices include those saying that ‘those are chains’ – obviously dating back to the asylum days.


Quarantine Station

Another spot located with the dark side of Australia’s history is Sydney’s Quarantine Station.  Built on a site used by the indigenous Australians for healing and burial rituals, the building was used to quarantine new arrivals thought to have diseases.

For over 150 years, people died in the building, so a few ghosts aren’t a surprise.

One medium placed the number of spirits in the building at over 50 including in the dining halls, the shower block and, of course, the morgue.  Ghost tours around the building note people being pushed and shoved by unseen forces.


Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are the oldest in the world that are still open for the public to visit and receive more than a quarter of a million visitors each year.

The long history is bound to attract a few spirits and there are reports of gates rattling for no reason, lights turning on and off and also apparitions.  It is also home to the ghost of the third caretaker of the attraction, James Wiburd, who remains at his post even after his death.


Boggo Road

Boggo Road was, until 1913, the place where the worst of the worst were sent to prison in Australia, the toughest prison in the country.

One of the ghosts at the jail includes a Victorian era child killer called Ernest Austin, the last inmate to be hanged at the prison.  He haunts the A Wing area of the jail and would appear through walls, walk the corridors and even throttle other prisoners.

Now closed as a prison, the jail has its own ghost tours.


Oakabella Homestead

The Oakabella Homestead in Western Australia is near the towns of Northampton and Geraldton and was built in 1851.

It was the site of a number of confrontations between local tribes and the pioneers who built it including the deaths of children.  The homestead has numerous stories of the paranormal surrounding it including strange smells, lights and temperature changes.

There are presences felt around the building and even talk that it is a spiritual portal, due to the sacred nature of the ground for the local peoples.  It also has a history of the people living there suffering from accidents and sickness, bad luck and even murder.  So perhaps what draws the spirits also has a negative effect on the residents of the house.


[This article was originally published on www.CreepyGhostStories.com and was used with permission.]

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